The Captains – GW16

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After a few straight forward captain choices, this week proved to be a much more challenging choice. Let’s check out the options!

The Contenders:

Silva – I am really concerned for Arsenal this weekend. Man City played their second XI on Tuesday (And beat Bayern Munich’s first team away just quietly). Arsenal had key players such as Ozil and Giroud play 90 minutes on Wednesday in a grueling loss. For some stupid reason this game is being played early on a Saturday at 12:45, so the rest will be crucial. Man City’s home form is becoming world renowned, averaging more than 4 goals a game in front of their home fans. While I hope things don’t get that bad, I think City could crack Arsenal’s defence at least a couple of times. Their key instigators are all good shouts and Silva should be at the centre of everything! Having said that the risk of rotation has him down the captain pecking orders.

Ozil – 3 double figure hauls in a row is great to see, but not a captain option away to Man City.

Jagielka – A defender! I must have lost my mind. If you don’t feel comfortable with your attackers fixtures, this could be a safe bet. Jagielka has the equal most bonus points of anyone in the league. Yes, you heard me right. The same as Suarez and more than Aguero. Everton should be good for a clean sheet and Jagielka will surely pick up bonus, however there is one thing to remember. There’s no such thing as a safe bet! The reward is also less with defenders so be careful.

Remy – A home game against Southampton may look tasty, however it will be anything but easy for Newcastle. Not for me.

Van Persie – Surely no one has him, however if you’re after a punt tomorrow (not necessarily fpl) then I reckon Vanners is a good shout. Could return to the headlines with a bang.

Hazard – At the start of the week he was right in captaincy calculations for me, and still is. However a full 90 minutes on Wednesday, what should be a comfortable home game against Crystal Palace and a plethora of substitute options… I can see a bench appearance for Hazard this weekend. I could be completely wrong and he goes big, but my gut is telling me to avoid.

Top 3:

1. Aguero – As I said earlier, I like the prospects for Man City this weekend. This is their first big chance to make a claim at the title. In big games it is usually the best that stand up, and Aguero is certainly up there with the best. His home form is incredible, scoring 7 goals and 68 points in just 7 home games this season. I can’t see Arsenal stopping him this weekend so I think Kun is a great bet, he’s got my armband at the moment!

2. Rooney – I really like Man United this weekend, surely it’s time for them to step up and show their true form. Everyone will forget about Rooney as an option this week, simply because he was suspended against Newcastle. Surely it will only spur him on? I can’t see any way of him not scoring to be honest, and if I was ever going to get cold feet tomorrow I’d be looking straight towards Rooney. A great captaincy option this week!

3. Suarez – I wouldn’t exactly recommend him this week, as Spurs will be no easy away trip. However a scoreline like 2-2 would not surprise me at all, add to the fact that Tottenham haven’t kept a clean sheet for 5 weeks. Will they be able to contain the in-form player of the Premier League? I just can’t see it, always a solid captain option!

The Punt:

Lukaku – He will be a very popular option this week, and you can certainly see why. He hasn’t gone a game without scoring or assisting for a month. A home game against Fulham should surely bring goals… However he is still a much riskier option than the 3 premiums mentioned in the top 3. As Benteke is proving, young players will find it almost impossible to maintain their form for long periods. Lukaku is due a quiet game and whilst he may go huge, I wouldn’t be giving him the armband personally. I will always say it, keep the armband with the premiums! However if ever there was a week to take a punt, it’s this week. So the decision is up to you!

Some tough calls, but I’ll back them! This will be a very interesting poll with a number of good options, none of them really standing out. Good luck to everyone this weekend with plenty more to come from our brilliant writers! Cheers.

12 comments on “The Captains – GW16

  1. Rakshit

    Im gonna go with Rooney this week! I have this strong gut feeling that he will explode on Sunday against Villa. A lot of bottled up energy inside him! Go Wazzzzza!!

  2. baysietoff

    Gonna stick with Suarez. I don’t like that Chiriches is being rushed back in the team after whatever surgery or blood replacement procedure he had during the week. It screams of dodgy to me. And if doesn’t play, Capoue will get smashed if he plays there again… Curveball?

  3. nburk53

    Awesome stuff Matt! Really want to captain Hazard but the fact that he has played 270 minutes in the past week is really worrying me. Might have to play it safe and captain Aguero!

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