In Round Discussion – GW16

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With one of the biggest games of the season ahead of us, strap yourselves in! Discuss all your thoughts throughout the gameweek right here!

22 comments on “In Round Discussion – GW16

  1. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Aguero injury disastrous. Predicted the goal romp correctly, he starts well… subbed at 2-1 in the second half. Misses a pen, and the party! Shame… Can’t do anything about it though

  2. kingcolesy

    Good game that(ars v mci), do we think that Walcott will be better than Ozil, also silva for that matter? Loving the upcoming fixtures after Chelsea. I can get Walcott in now, or I can get Ozil in in two weeks, either way, I got to get rid of Gerrard fast. I think Walcott is the way to go. Bandwagon inc? Weird that as it stands, that there is more silva transfer ins. Also, us yaya owners got kissed on it again this gw 😉

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I’m scrambling to get both Walcott and Silva, depending on the fitness of Aguero… Might be taking a big hit, naughty! Walcott>Ozil i think, just. Toure owners are unbelievable… Luckiest bastards ever! Aguero would have gone huge if he was on the field 🙁

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Man City were dangerous all day, and Arsenal are lucky they weren’t beaten by 7 like Norwich, a few near misses, Man City are just unstoppable at home!
        As for Walcott, I think he gets the gig over Silva? Already done just because of the fear of the bandwagon. Glad to have the useless piece of poo Terry out of the side, 3.9m Baker will take his spot nicely given his beautiful list of fixtures on the horizon!
        Man City vs Arsenal = CRACKER!
        Can’t wait for the Liverpool game… Aguero vs Suarez, two goal scoring machines and their goal scoring company teams, CANT WAIT!

  3. kingcolesy

    How was that Fulham dick that jumped into Barry in the Everton game. Cost me ten points, and I’m sure a lot of us similar.

  4. Dan

    Have pulled the trigger early**….
    Aguero> Lukaku, Morrison>Walcott. Calf injury you’d think to be a min of 2 wks meaning he could miss 3/4 games.. Use Jan WC to get him back.

    ** may have been drunk at the time of trading 🙂

    • Dan

      Haha yep what the hell were we all thinking taking the captaincy off him anyway?? 😉

      Week of missed points for me, Morrison and Dawson played over Whittingham and Ward and Rooney Captain over Suarez. 30 points down the drain!

      • kingcolesy

        Oh, I bet 75% of people are feeling like sad sobs, so many missed out on the Suarez captain, people who got it are laughing all the way up the ranks. I got my first red arrow in 9 weeks!

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