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You have to feel for those FPL managers who put the captain armband on Sergio Aguero… He was taken off injured just before Man City really filled their boots and scored another 3 goals. You’d have to think if he remained on the pitch he was on his way to scoring a couple more! Suarez showed us that he is The Man however, and at risk of stealing Matt’s thunder too much, there will have to be some pretty good arguments for me not to captain him every game left this season.

Jaaskelainen (5.5m) – Let’s be clear here… West Ham’s defence is pretty darn good. What makes it hard is that you’re never really too sure when they’ll keep that clean sheet. They’ve kept 8 of those point scoring gold mines, but half of them have been at home and half away. When looking at trends you’re looking at a much higher ability at home than away so if you’re working on a rotation policy I’d feel like I was always pulling my hair out trying to figure them out… A large part of that has to be credited to Jussi Jaaskelainen who has been outstanding for Big Sam’s team. He turned in another shift of the highest quality to deny Sunderland with a heap of saves and full BPs, to go with the clean sheet, to score 11 points. It’s not likely to happen again for at least 2 GWs with a “resurgent” Man Utd (a) and a “tiring” Arsenal (h) to come. But they might, I have no idea. It will be interesting to see how this team goes when Carroll finally gets back on the pitch as they’ve shown they can keep it tight but don’t quite have that spark up front. This team was built for him, can he be the saviour?

Flanagan (4.5m) – Another high scoring game by Liverpool meant some very high scoring players! Young Joe Flanagan got himself a goal and profited from the clean sheet to rake in a 13 point haul. Risky job security in a historically poor defence has all the red lights flashing.

Coleman (6.1m) – Booooooooo… A very dodgy penalty call prevented a lot of us pocketing some big clean sheet points from this contest. Coleman had another sensational game scoring a goal and getting a couple of BPs for 10 points. It’s not too late to get Coleman if you don’t have him, he’ll end the season as the top scoring defender. You can take that to the bank.

Turner (4.2m) – I don’t think we should be looking too closely at Cardiff’s defence. This result was so appalling that West Brom’s gaffer lost his job over it. They also have the early game away to Liverpool next GW, which could turn into a cricket score (an Australian cricket score, not an English one… At time of writing). If you look at the next 7 week block of games, not only have they got a trip to Anfield but also to Man Utd, Man City and Arsenal which makes for a seriously tough run. Ben Turner got amongst it this week scoring 9 points from the cleanie and full BPs. I guess he was good job security if that’s what gets you going?

Fernandinho (7.3m) – A couple of exquisitely taken goals by Fernandinho, and a couple of BPs, helped him up to a massive 15 point haul. I’m not reading too much into this as Arsenal’s midfield did look pretty tired for large parts of the game and there wasn’t much tracking back so Fernandinho was allowed much more space then he should have to run amok in.

Henderson (5.9m) – The sometimes / often maligned Jordan Henderson is not really someone we should be looking at which is a shame because he’d be a great trade down target at 5.9m. He just doesn’t get involved in attacking points enough to be worthwhile. He does get himself the Jonjo Shelvey Award this week however for his 13 points from a goal, an assist and a couple BPs.

Walcott (9.1m) – There it is, Wally is back… Now we have some decisions. Making the assumption a lot of us are currently running with a couple of Gunner mids, do we trade one of our Arsenal midfielders for him? Or do we roll with 3? Are there better options out there like Silva? There’s still a very slight possibility of rotation but with Arsenal’s midfield made to look pretty pedestrian by Man City, he might bring the right amount of speed and directness with him. He scored 13 points from 2 goals. For me, it will be a toss of the coin between him and Silva. I’m secretly hoping the coin falls on Walcott as I doubt I can psychologically cope with another injury to Silva.

Osman (6.2m) – The Scouse Xavi turned it on when his team needed it the most against Fulham. He came in for the suspended McCarthy and showed that Everton do have a decent amount of depth, something they’ve struggled with for 11 years. He opened the scoring with a well composed finish and then assisted another for 13 points, including full BPs. At this stage of his career and with the talent around him, he’ll struggle to get as many starts as in previous seasons which makes 6.2m a bit much. A no from me.

Whittingham (5.1m) – Pete Whittingham came an agonisingly close second for the Jonjo Shelvey Award this week with an 11 points from a goal and full BPs but missed out due to the belief he actually has points in him. He’s always going to be a good shout for your last midfield spot, but not much more than that.

Suarez (12.9m) – Yeah, so that happened… Again. Suarez ruled the game last night having a hand in all 5 goals, scoring 2 and assisting 3, on his way to a monumental 22 points which obviously included full BPs. Two words… Permanent. Captain.

Welbeck (7.0m) – Welbeck put his hand up for some sort of thought last night by scoring a brace and getting full BPs for 12 points. Man Utd desperately need another goal scoring outlet because Rooney, although being a fine player looking at a new contract soon, can’t do it all on his own every week. Also with RVP looking a shell of the player he was last season and struggling with injury, #MoyesOut needs someone like Welbeck to pull his finger out. At this price he does come into consideration if he can do it again.

Ramires and Cleverly were both stiff to miss out scoring 10 points each, but neither are going to be high on our radars anyway. Gouffran and Hooper both got on the score sheet again, and 9 points, to put their hands up for shortlisting. Outside of that, a heap of players scored just below that with some relevance in Silva, maybe Sterling… Mirallas with Deulofeu out for a while perhaps?

We’ve got a chance for a little breather this week, but after this GW the games will be coming quite quickly so make sure you all stay tuned here and we’ll do our very best to help you out!

Lastly, what are we all doing with Aguero?!?!

20 comments on “Dream Team – GW16

  1. Louie K

    Great to have Whittingham step up off the bench for Cabaye. Racked up a career- high 102 points. Every player fired!!!!!

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Apparently RVP handed in an transfer request?? That’s whatI am hearing anyway… Haha.
    Anyways great article as always Baysie.
    Also, that Bull Shit pen for Fulham cost me at least 12 points, if not more for my 2 defenders and Howard! As well as me being stupid and under estimating Suarez’s prowess didn’t captain him and missed out on a further 17.
    Could have climbed the rankings some more had that happned, 96 would have been the final score 🙁

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Yeah I heard that too… He’s no spring chicken anymore and a big money move for one last pay day might be attractive?

      I guess that’s the risk we take on when we have an abundance of players from one team 🙂

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        I hate risks 🙁 always turn out bad for me… FPL like FIFA :'(

        Also, I did two trades after Walcott scored his first on the weekend and of course Aguero goes on and gets injured somewhere around 20 mins later (the second trade was Terry to Baker for the coin). Do you think it’s worth it to take -8 point hit to get Negredo/Lukaku??
        Cos my other cover is Morrison (vs Man U), Rosenior (vs WBA-has limited game time as well) & Whittingham (vs ‘Pool), so not much… So is it worth it you recon? If so which one of Negredo or Lukaku?

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Ooooouuuuch… Promise me, never do that again. You’ve just taken the biggest risk you could do by trading during a GW! And now potentially the second biggest risk by taking a double hit… I’d have to say no but I’m a tight arse when it comes to hits. But next week get Negredo over Lukaku 8 days a week.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Just after I said I didn’t like taking risks any more 🙁 ohh well, I’ll wait till next week and bring him in.
            I’ll try my best I just wanted to avoid the band wagoners and the price rise!
            Thanks baysie

          • baysietoff Post Author

            To be fair… I have no idea how I resisted the temptation to trade in Walcott after his second. I had the trade there ready to go…………. It was one click away haha

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Lucky you! Still hating myself for doing that, Arsenal won’t score many against Chelsea, while Man City should easily put away 5 against Fulham? If so I basically missed a Negredo double pointer?!

  3. CeG

    Aguero out for Negredo. Guy’s a stalwhart and will surely be first pick for the foreseeable future. Also wondering why Sterling’s not in there. Surely at £4.9m and the fact he’s playing off the in-form player in the league, it’s not too shabby a prospect.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Sterling is the 56th last word in the article 🙂 Remember this is the best performers of the last GW.

      Yeah I’ve gone Negredo too… He looked like he was getting in good areas and should be the main man now Aguero is gone for a spell.

      • kingcolesy

        Rooney for me just because he was on our watchlist for the big SARL combo. Negredo a good shout but I got enough money to splash.

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