Transfer Talk – GW16

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There was only one player last weekend, how could we doubt him! However it will be the way we fix Aguero’s injury that will matter most, hopefully creating some new PODs. Let’s get into it!


  • Flanagan – I’ve had my eye on him for a few weeks, but Liverpool’s lack of ability to keep a clean sheet held me back. Of course they then go and keep their second clean sheet in 14 games against Spurs after I trade out Mignolet, and Flanagan rubs salt into the wounds with a great goal. Don’t expect that from him every week, but he could be a decent budget option. Aside from 2 tough away fixtures, Liverpool have a fantastic run of home games with Cardiff, Hull and Aston Villa visiting Anfield, with an away trip to Stoke in between. Definitely consider him.
  • Coleman – Don’t just consider this guy, he is a must for your teams. He’s been in mine since GW1 and I don’t intend to change that. Hopefully everyone brought him back in! Will be a top 3 scoring, if not the highest scoring defender this year.
  • Walcott – I just couldn’t resist to take the hit in bringing this guy in. I mean, under 5% ownership?! What a POD to have! Looked extremely dangerous against City, loves having Ozil in the side and will be a lock in Arsenal’s first XI, aside from the occasional rotation. I can see him hitting very similar, if not better form than last season so don’t hesitate in jumping aboard!
  • Silva – Speaking of PODs, Silva is currently owned by just 4.2% of players. I know a lot of guys are hesitating after being burnt twice, and that’s ok. I’ll happily take advantage of your weaknesses! He should be incredible, 9.1 is as cheap as you’ll ever get him. City are just too deadly! Did I mention he has Fulham followed by 2 more home games? Great option.
  • Toure – I have been on this guys case for 3 years now, and I’m not about to give in to the temptation. However with Aguero out, he is on penalty duties, 2 of which he has scored this season. Regardless of the fact that he’s only scored from open play once all season, he is a safe bet to take. You need at least 2 City attackers in my opinion.
  • Negredo – Here’s another Man City option which should be strongly considered with Aguero now out. Negredo has scored or assisted in every home game he has started, scoring 50 points on those 7 occasions at over 7 points per game. His away form has a bit to be desired, then again so does City’s. He will be leading the line over the next month and should start almost every game, possible being partnered with Dzeko on occasions. He is only getting better with every game he plays and should capitalise on City’s domination. A good option to stall with while Kun misses out, I know I’ve got him in!
  • Rooney – I think it’s simple. If you don’t have Rooney already, then you’ve found your replacement for Aguero. He proved his capabilities with 5 double figure hauls in just 6 gameweeks, and will only benefit from RVP’s injury. Lock and load him for the Christmas period.
  • Cabaye – Here is another good option to consider. Players coming back from injury/suspension are often forgotten and Cabaye will have lost most of the attention he was getting a couple of weeks ago. If you’re after a midpriced midfield option you could do a whole lot worse. He has averaged almost 5 points per game when he’s started, and has scored or assisted in over 50% of his games played. That’s a very consistent record for a midpricer and should be strongly considered. I’m watching him like a hawk! Strong fixtures make a good case to bring him in this week if you’re in need.


  • Aguero – He has been ruled out for a month for those who didn’t know, and must be traded. Get him out now before he loses too much value! The aforementioned options in Negredo and Rooney serve as great replacements short term. He will return! I think to think it’s as much about having a plan to get him out, as it is having a plan to get him back in. Think wildcard. Save wildcard. Repeat.
  • Terry – Chelsea’s defence has been pitiful, and conceding to Chamakh should be the final straw. There is no value in Terry at the moment and he should be replaced ASAP! Everton are a good source of replacements.
  • Lampard – A few people contemplated getting him in. Just saves yourselves the pain and don’t. Please. Rotation will be his middle name for the next few weeks, look elsewhere!
  • Oscar – Hazard has taken the limelight recently, and Mata is getting a few more starts. Oscar will have his days, but way too inconsistent for mine.
  • Brady – Ever since his hernia operation he has struggled big time, now hardly fitting into Hull’s starting XI! Morrison, Bannan, Shelvey and Whittingham will make decent replacements. Sterling won’t keep up his form so I’d avoid.
  • Zabaleta – Unfortunately the midweek injuries have struck again. Zabaleta is out with a hammy and will need to be traded as soon as possible. Aside from Coleman and Jagielka I don’t much like the value in defence, so if it helps your teams structure don’t be afraid to downgrade.
  • Koscielny – Finally, with a heavy heart, I must call for Koscielny’s axe. He has a nasty knee injury and will be out for most, if not all of the Christmas period. Dawson and Distin are both good replacements


Suarez – Maybe we should just call this segment, “How many did Suarez score last week.” He now has 17 goals in 11 games. Yes that’s not a typo, keep in mind Ronaldo is on an equal goal tally and he started 5 weeks ahead! It is a goal scoring streak of the kind never witnessed in the epl before, not even in the Ronaldo era! If he keeps up this pace he’s looking at over 50 goals for the season and around 400 fantasy points. I’m going to need to stop there before climaxing. 2 words. Permanent. Captain. He just has to be! For now anyway… Enjoy the ride!

That’s it from me today, good luck with this weeks transfers! I’ll be back later this week with another captains article, I wonder who I’ll be going with… Cheers.

62 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW16

  1. Viper086

    I got caught up in the Shelvey hype so should i hold him for one more week and see how he goes or ship him off. Already traded Aguero to Rooney so i would be taking a hit but i have cash in the bank so could get a midfielder for 8.1. Was looking at Navas and maybe Cabaye now after reading that article. Thoughts?

      • nburk53

        Big Boy McEvoy! Haha love it. Who have you downgraded Aguero to? I’m liking the look of Negredo but he never seems to go big, always consistently scores 1 but haven’t seem him have the capacity to score a brace or higher. Reckon this will change with him being the number one man now?

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          Negredo for me. To be honest I’m happy for him to keep consistently contributing, but I feel a big one is just around the corner. He always goes so close to a second and I think he’ll fire big at some time in the next month or two!

  2. Rakshit

    BUMMER! Just traded in Zabaleta after taking a hit this Monday only to find out that he is most likely to be out for the rest of the year!! My cover on the bench is an injured Clyne and a soon to be ravaged Turner (Cardiff). Wondering what to do.

  3. juramentado

    Worth taking a hit for Terry>Coleman or hits Terry>Ward & Shelvey>Walcott?
    MY TEAM:
    Distin, Evra, Terry
    Silva, Shelvey, Hazard, Ramsey
    Lukaku, Rooney, Suárez
    (Chester, Baker, Brady)

  4. Richey

    Already took a hit with Aguero and now Zab is fooked… my bench is pathetic so I went for Shawcross. Hope it pays off!

  5. Måns

    I read somewhere that Koscielny should be back before the game against West Ham next week. So I think he will only miss one game.

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    I hate that word ‘hammy’ Dream Team has done me with that… Never want to see that word again, hopefully until next season though 🙁 Apart from that great article Matt hahahaha!

    Surprised Villa defenders didn’t get a mention? Surely they can do better than Chelsea with their fixtures?! Especially Baker at that price!

  7. Dan

    The Rooney injury just sounds like an excuse just to rest him against Stoke last night to me (Im hoping)


    ” Rooney was ruled out of Wednesday’s Capital One Cup quarter-final victory against Stoke with a groin strain.

    When asked whether Rooney would feature against West Ham, manager David Moyes replied: “He has got a chance, yes.” “

    • nburk53

      Yeah I heard that originally it was an excuse to rest him for the game against Stoke but Moyes also said “We hope so” when asked whether he would be back over the Christmas period. Could be an attempt at mind games, guess we’ll know more tomorrow.!

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      No Ramsey is a keeper, DONT DO IT! Maybe one of your other mid primers but Ramsey has been nothing but consistent and has been there every week basically. Even showed against City, he can get amongst the goals/assists even when Walcott, Cazorla & Ozil are there attacking as well.
      JUST DONT!!!!!

        • brandonpietie

          I feel that Walcott would be a perfect replacement. And Negredo just fills the rest. Team would be:
          Jääskeläinen (Boruc)
          Coleman, Whittaker, Walker (Collins, Clyne)
          Walcott, Hazard, Silva, Redmond (Shelvey)
          Remy, Suárez, Negredo.

          Need to catchup points on my leagues, and all people have Ramsey or Ozil. But the kicker is going to be the captain. Thinking about Negredo… But then have to hope King Suarez doesnt do it again!!! He surely is due for a rest sometime?

          • baysietoff

            I agree, the only thing holding me back this week is that Jose has said that he is talking about a more defensive game plan which might stymie Arsenal’s game plan enough for there to be only a goal or two scored. Or it could be mind games…

          • brandonpietie

            It could be mind games… but if that is the case, then Arsenal will try and draw Chelsea out and then try and play on the break. Which they have done before. But will take that risk. I already have 1 player from each side, so hopefully it will pay off?

  8. Jared Koch

    I was thinking of trading Aguero to Negredo and then Lallana (I don’t know why i still have him) to Silva/Walcott (probably Silva), but then my forward would only be Lukaku,Negredo,Suarez. If Rooney does play is it worth going Aguero to Rooney and keeping Lallana?

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