The Captains – GW17

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Welcome back to another edition of the captains. Those who backed Aguero were desperately unlucky last week, however it was Suarez that announced himself as everyone’s number 1 option, only more so with Aguero’s absence. However strange things happen in football, so there must be alternatives! Let’s take a look at the options…

The Contenders:

Remy – I like Remy for at least a goal this week. He has gone a few games without a goal now and was desperately unlucky last week with an effort cleared off the line. However Crystal Palace have become a tighter defence since Pulis took over the reins, so I wouldn’t be gain enough to captain him.

Rooney – Rooney at full fitness would be locked in at number 2. However his groin problem is causing us headaches and to be honest, my gut feeling is that he won’t play. You can’t captain a man in doubt, so unfortunately he misses out this week.

Silva – Man City will only continue to thrive with the return of Silva, regardless of Aguero’s absence. A substitution is almost certainly on the cards for Silva, but he will still have time to deal the damage. I think they’ll put their away demons behind them this week and crush Fulham, so don’t write him off.

Ozil – Usually a consistent, safe option and can only get better with the return of Walcott. However he is struggling to take games by the scruff of the neck and isn’t putting in hugely dominating performances. Chelsea will be sure to cut off his supply and make sure every one of his passes are under pressure. Not for me.

Lukaku – I’ve been trying to preach this for ages now, and hopefully last week was the nail in the midprice captain coffin. Lukaku won’t put in continuous dominating performances like premiums will, that’s why they’re cheaper!!! You risk too much in my opinion captaining guys like Lukaku, so I’d be avoiding the armband altogether. Lukaku also tends to shine in tougher games, and has struggled to break down the weaker teams on paper. They just lock down on him! He does enjoy the fight and should be great for your squad this weekend.

Coutinho – I think Cout’s is due some luck after coming close on a number of occasions once again last week, only to have the crossbar deny him. Liverpool will surely open up Cardiff thanks to the genius of our number 1 pick, and it should only open more space for the likes of Coutinho to thrive. I think he could be great this week, but not the best!

Top 3:

1. Suarez – Who else? Seriously, the man is a genius. 61 points in the last 3 gameweeks at over 20 points per game. Ummmm… 17 goals in 11 games, 9 assists to go along with them, meaning he creates over 2 goals a game! Ridiculous. He is averaging over 12 points per game this season, is on track for 50 goals and over 400 fpl points come the end of the season. Those figures even outshine the days of Ronaldo. You would think he’ll surely slow down, but how can you see that at the moment? I agree with those that say his run must come to an end soon, but can you really see him being held back by Cardiff? Any defence for that matter? I saw a stat the other day, showing that after missing 9 Premier League games in 2013, he has 25 more shots on target than anyone else. Incredible. His stats are unmatched and he really should be everyone’s captain this week. It would be stupidity not to, but I guess miracles do happen! Suarez not scoring would be one of them.

2. Walcott – If you’re still reading, then Walcott could be a great captaincy option from now on if you’re after a differential. There’s no doubt it’s risky, however his ability to make runs and penetrate in behind opposition defences is rarely matched. He seems to have polished off his finishing after missing what seemed like 20 one on ones in the first few rounds, and if he can capitalise on the opportunities he is sure to be given, I can see him being a massive scorer this season. Very risky, but worth a shot for those who live on the wild side.

3. Negredo – I have heard quite a few shouts for Negredo captain this week, and I can’t agree. However he does show enough promise to sneak in at number 3. He hasn’t been a massive scorer this season, failing to score more than 1 in any single game. Not exactly captain material. However as I mentioned in Transfer Talk earlier in the week, he should benefit from Aguero’s absence in leading the City frontline. Not a bad job to have! City should comfortably account for Fulham and Negredo is likely to find himself on the scoresheet once again, although he only has 1 away goal all season. Stats are there to be changed!

The Punt:

Hazard – You never know what Hazard you will get, however he has put in some astonishing performances this season. He has the most successful dribbles of any player this year, and racks up key passes while he’s at it. There’s no doubting he has the ability to shred Arsenal’s weakened defence to pieces, but it’s a risky pick at the same time. The absence of Gibbs and Koscielny concerns me, making Hazard a great punt this week if you’re willing to take the risk. Then again did I mention Suarez plays Cardiff?

So that’s it from me this week. As much as there are some interesting options elsewhere, there is only one man you should be captaining this week. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see domination like this for a long time! Good luck to everyone for this week, cheers.

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  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Not sure if intended pun or not.. Hmmmm….
    “You never know which Hazard you will get”, interesting though hahaha.
    I knew from the moment I saw the fixture list this week and saw (CAR-H) it was permanent lock.
    Cheers for the read anyways Matt

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