In Round Discussion – GW17

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Liverpool v Cardiff

It is getting truly ridiculous now. Another 2 goals and an assist and I could be coming back to update more! 19 goals already this season, more than anyone in Europe after missing the first 5. 10 goals in December (4 games), the first time any player has ever scored double figures in a single month in the epl. He has 2 more games to come. 77 fpl points in 4 games. Did anyone actually not make him captain? Suicide. Discuss everything you need right here!

21 comments on “In Round Discussion – GW17

  1. Richey

    Made the mistake of not captaining Suarez last week… never again! 26pts with the armband! Bonus points to come too I’m sure. Good lad!

  2. Richey

    And I have Jagielka but I need 2 more defenders, any suggestions? Already have Lukaku and Howard so cant bring in Coleman…

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Whittingham again with the attacking returns… but guess who is last on my bench?
    I left Rooney on field in hope that he would play, play he did and assist he did, I am pretty sure he is Suarez’s son, Mr Consistent but diesnt bang them double figures out conaistently.
    Lets also hope new recruit Bqker can get the cleanie.

    • kingcolesy

      Should have a good chance next week with crystal palace at home, waiting on vlaars health myself.
      Just found myself switching capt for next week to lukaku and rooney Vc. I was seriously feeling I was doing something wrong.

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Yeah, they played pretty well first half I recon, second half… not so good hahaha.
        Sunderland have tightened up at the back recently and shouldnt concede too much I recon so captaining Lukaku with his current form is very ballsy but Rooney VC 8s a definite.
        However Man City are very very leaky, so if they can conced 2 to Fulham away and 3 to Arsenal at home, imagine what Suarez will do to them, especially minus Aguero!
        So I am probably expecting something like 3-3 or even 4-4.

  4. Louie K

    Rooney was always going to play. Moyes did the same thing with Evra a few weeks back.

    It was amazing watching Suarez last night. He’s on top of his game.

  5. Liam Bednarski

    Yaya Toure up to his non open play again, get on Silva people save 0.5 and a massive differential, not to mention sustainable

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Happy with the night. Scored a total of 44 points from Rooney, Baker & Suarez (C of course). With 8 left to go and the fixtures looking alright for them, I am hoping fir at least 70? Dont wanna be too confident haha.

  7. CommanderX

    Best cheapie rotation defense pairs till Jan end other than CPL / CAR ?

    (Want some differentials as teams r getting too similar. )

  8. nburk53

    How the hell does Coleman not get ANY bonus points? What an absolute joke of a system. Tiendalli gets a dodgy goal, that wasn’t credited to him. And then Williams gets a bonus point, bloody ridiculous.

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