The Captains – GW18

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You guys thought I had forgotten? Fair enough, it’s not an easy selection this week. However on a busy Boxing Day afternoon there is always time for a brief captains overview! Let’s get straight into it…

The Contenders:

Lukaku – I’m not going to mess around. He could be a worthy punt at home to Sunderland, but he has shown his inconsistencies in recent times. A very risky captain option.

Ozil – He just hasn’t shown enough for me in the past few games to be warranting captaincy, however I think Arsenal could bounce back big time today and he could certainly be amongst it. Could easily be the punt this week, however that honour goes to his team mate.

Toure – He has been very consistent, but rarely scored big enough to warrant captaincy. A pass for me.

Henderson – Just kidding.

Rooney – No doubt an option, however he has been playing very deep in recent weeks. Certainly an option and very unlucky to miss the top 4, however Hull have been very strong at home and I can see United struggling. Definitely consider.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – This wasn’t as easy as it looks. There’s one big reason why I’m sticking with him. Well a few. Firstly he is the in-form player in Europe, scoring 19 goals and averaging almost 13 points per game. Not bad. Secondly he has failed to score just twice ALL SEASON, averaging over 19 during this month. Can you really afford to bet against him? Finally City, although they should be feared tremendously at home, their defense has struggled. No recognised right back at the moment doesn’t help their cause, conceding 8 goals in their last 4 games, all without a clean sheet. Liverpool are probably the second best team going forward in the league and I can see goals galore in this game. City have reached the point where they don’t even need to defend clean sheets such is their attacking power, and Suarez should take advantage of that. He will be my captain and I can’t see it changing, not with the lack of trustworthy alternatives.

2. Negredo – The only problem with Man City at the moment, from an fpl perspective, is how well they share around the goals. I am very confident Negredo can get on the scoresheet, considering he has scored in 6 of his 7 home starts. If I was to go an alternative to Suarez, then Negredo would be it.

3. Hazard – If you do want to take a risk, then this is probably the week to do it. Just like we said 2 weeks ago. Hazard is certainly a risk, as rotation is always a possibility. Especially considering they had a game just 3 days ago. However Hazard was subbed early and I’m almost sure he will start in a must win for the blues. Let’s hope for a big one, I can definitely see him firing this week.

The Punt:

Walcott – Theo is the perfect definition of a punt. On his day he can tear apart any team, and West Ham could be on the receiving end of an Arsenal backlash. This seems like the perfect opportunity to take a risk on a guy like Walcott as the possible rewards are so great. I really like it this week.

Sorry it was so brief, but I had to get something out! Good luck to everyone for tonight and let’s hope for a big scoring gameweek! Cheers.

19 comments on “The Captains – GW18

  1. kingcolesy

    Thought you weren’t going to post it! Should of done it earlier. Even tho that, I’ve gone for the roondog. Goal and assist is great at half time

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    You probably just said what I would’ve said, just 100 times better, 100 times more convincing and 100 times more thorough! Good article as usual!

    Roonstar saving the Red Devil booty once again, and to think Moues started playing him at CM from around the 60th 65thish minute or so, Man Utd lost it all after that, basically dominated part from that OG.
    Things looking grim yet again, Howard off and Sunderland ruining Everton CS and therefore, at least 18 points for me 🙁 Walcott should have a goal and Ramsey and assist, but poor finishing yet again from Theo. Ramsey and Ozil should have more but Giroud is probably worse than Heskey at this moment in time…
    And what about three red cards already tonight (two for Stoke) and I am sure everyone knows the other 🙁

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        He scored two more, what are you complaining about!
        I picked Negredo over him for Aguero… Not looking good for Negredo’s chance to impress me.

        I would also like to say a nice and polite F*** you to to Gayle for scoring a wondrous 92nd minute goal and ruining Bakers clean sheet and extra points 🙁

        Also believe it or not, I was wondering whether or not I should put Gazzaniga on for Howard just in case, but then I thought the only way for my three Everton defenders to lose I combined total of 12 points (minus BP), that keeper decision alone lost me 8 points 🙁 It’s probably a bit harder for you to pull together seeing as you are a Tofee yourself?!

        • baysietoff

          I wouldn’t mind Remy to have scored the penalty. Would’ve been pretty handy if I’m honest…

          As a Toffee… I’m doing my best, but what do you expect? It’s the first home game we’ve lost at home all year so I reckon we’ve done alright. All things considered like…

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Penalties aren’t the easiest but they aren’t the hardest if you know what I mean, a lot of pressure but you have a whole goal and a load of choices to place it with only a person in your way…

            Ohh well, shame it had to be to the Black Cats, would have been nice to have done it against one of the top clubs.

            While I say this, Raheem Sterling is on FIRE! Assist, he should have had a goal, it was called offiside but was clearly miles on, could be an option at £5mil??

            And Negredo should have slotted home 🙁

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Scratch that, BRILLIANT! Two absolutely stunning balls and then Negredo takes advantage of a massive howler by Mignolet (gosh I feel like Martin Tyler :D)

  3. kingcolesy

    At my grandaddies just watching his Tottenham game. Shocked at this Howard red card stuff. He’s been nothing but a disappointment. On the plus side, at least all the gw games get played today. Emergency action on Howard replacement finds me not able to buy any sub keeper, except Harper looks good for one week for hull vs Fulham IF mcgregors confirmed out.

  4. kingcolesy

    How many trades have you guys hit to only be outdone by doing nothing? I can think of so many…for a start by holding vlaar over mert I’d have an extra 5 this week from ward.

  5. Louie K

    Suarez was mighty unlucky not to get two assists. The first was clearly onside from Sterling and the second the latter should have just tapped in. Should have followed gut and gone Rooney instead.

  6. kingcolesy

    So what you guys doing about Ramsey? Cabaye in with bad fixtures? I could probably wait out the 3weeks out suggested with Morrison with 3 good fixtures. I wonder about jaskeleins fitness, might go with him for Howard this week. Such big issues this week but maybe doing nothing is best?!

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