Dream Team – GW18

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I hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa brought some good stuff with him!

Just a quick Dream Team today…

Mannone (4.3m) – This is a pretty good run of form for firstly, Mannone but secondly Sunderland’s defence. 3 clean sheets in a row, 4 from 5 games and 5 from 8! They won’t be able to keep this up for too much longer, even though their upcoming fixtures look very good. If you’re going to move on a Sunderland defensive player I would do it now, or just leave them alone. Mannone smashed out another 10 points from their cleanie, a heap of saves and a couple of BPs.

Cole (6.om) – Ash Cole was welcomed back into the Chelsea team in style! 12 points from the clean sheet, an assist and full BPs. A couple of weeks ago Jose came out and stated that he wanted his team to tighten up and put a bit more effort into defence, or words to that effect. Cue 2 clean sheets. I would hasten to say that the Chelsea we’ve been waiting for has arrived, so get aboard… They do have some difficult games coming up but I don’t think that is going to matter too much. At 6.0m Cole is decent value if he can keep his spot, and with the World Cup quickly approaching he’ll want to be putting in some good performances.

Smalling (5.1m) – Man Utd really don’t like defending do they? 4 clean sheets all season does not make for good reading, which is bizarre as Moyes was known to be a little more dour in a previous life. If they keep letting in as many goals as they are they can kiss any Top 4 aspirations they may have goodbye. Which is why I think they will clean up their act, I just can’t pick when… Games against Norwich (a), Spurs and Swans (h) are going to be as good a chance as any… Oh yeah, Smalling scored a goal and was handed a couple of BPs for 9 points.

Kompany (6.2m) – Similar to Man Utd, City don’t do defending very well. The difference is City have more potential to score themselves so is probably not as crucial to their chances as it is for United. I don’t see City being real flash for the rest of the season so I’m not going to advise you spend too much time on them, particularly at these prices. Kompany scored his 8 points largely from his goal.

Walcott (9.3m) – We’ve waited patiently for Theo to get back to full fitness and there’ll be some happy FPL Managers if they took the plunge.  He scored another haul of points with 15 to go with the 13 from a couple of GWs ago. This 15 was on the back of a couple of goals and full BPs. The style Arsenal play coupled with the creative talent they have means that Walcott will always be a chance of scoring points, so if you don’t have him yet you really need to strongly consider him.

Parker (4.4m) – Jonjo Shelvey Award. 13 points, goal, assist, full BPs. That’s all.

Ki (4.8m) – Jonjo Shelvey Award runner-up. 11 points, goal and full BPs. Moving on.

Hazard (10.0m) – This is better… Hazard seems to be Chelsea’s main attacking outlet at the moment and is free from the shackles of rotation. After a lean few games he pumped out 10 points from his goal and a couple of BPs. With Chelsea’s new defensive game plan, coupled with the not so new lack of strikers that score goals someone is going to need to pick up the slack.

Rodriguez (6.0m) – 16 points from 2 goals, an assist and full BPs is a huge performance. This guy has actually been scoring alright during the past couple of months, just not quite enough to get himself on many radars. If you were going to do some sort of Moneyball type scenario based on points per 1.0m or something like that, Rodriguez might be quite valuable at this price. It’s too hard to recommend with the amount of strikers doings so well however…

Remy (8.1m) – This could have been epic… Scored 2, missed a penalty then was passed over for another penalty opportunity later in the game. He also got full BPs for just an awesome 11 points. Remy has been on a not too surprising lean spell over recent weeks but his owners are hoping that this is the start of another goal scoring run. Newcastle can score against anyone but Arsenal and Man City make the trip to St James’ Park SportsDirect Arena (or whatever) in coming weeks which aren’t going to be easy games, but could be full of goals.

Lambert (7.0m) – Lambert has had a very much up and down season so far and is really hard to pick. He scored 11 points this week from a goal, an assist and a couple of BPs. If you’re not too concerned with your own sanity then he might be worthy of consideration.

Who else have we got… Rooney did it again with 11 points! Podolski started his fight to full fitness and a spot in the team with 10 points and Negredo got his standard goal at home for 9 points.

That’ll do me for today. We’ve got yet another GW tomorrow so get your teams finalised!

Now, what do we do with Ramsey???

5 comments on “Dream Team – GW18

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks for the read Baysie 🙂
    I think I benefited slightly from Ramsey’s injury, although he was looking extremely dangerous (he should’ve had an assist but thanks to Walcott’s finishing), his injury allows me to bring in Silva who is on a top run of form and has some tasty fixtures coming up.
    My midfield now loos like this: Walcott, Ozil, Silva and Cabaye (thanks for your 8 points on debut :)).
    Howard made way for Harper so I could get the coin! but Gazzaniga can replace Harper as number 1 after Hull’s Fulham game

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Cheers mate.

      Yeah, Ramsey was on my chopping block anyway so it just made the decision easier. Similar mids to me except I have Hazard in place of Walcott.

  2. baysietoff Post Author

    ALSO… The FPL Cup started this GW. For those interested… It’s on the right of your team screen under the “Global Leagues” bit. Won my 1st round versus “The Kop” haha…

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