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I’m playing catch up over the hectic festive period with plenty happening, however the captains will of course go ahead. Unfortunately Suarez couldn’t re-produce the goods last week, but I’m not about to panic. What was perhaps 8 points lost can easily be regained, and I was quite happy watching him go about his business with the armband. Having said that the rest of The Top 3, The Punt (Walcott) and Rooney all chimed in so there’s plenty of alternatives! Let’s get into it…

Firstly I must send out a warning for this weekend, it seems like the perfect chance for managers to rest their key players if given a relatively simple fixture. I would only recommend captaining a someone with great job security, and they are not easy to find. The last thing you want is a sub appearance by your captain!

The Contenders:

I have only 2 contenders to the top 3 this weekend, and it’s only partly laziness! Firstly rotation could be a big issue, so there is a higher risk on captaining a POD. Secondly the usual differentials have tough fixtures! If there’s anyone you want me to query just ask away in the comments.

Silva – Rotation is obviously the biggest concern with Silva, and he has also let down people with the armband in the past. However he was at the heart of almost every City attack on Thursday, creating 8 chances for the game. Eight! He has also been subbed off in his past few starts and somebody like Nasri is more likely to be rested. Hopefully. If he starts he should pull Crystal Palace apart and could be a fantastic differential. Just too risky for me…

Dzeko – If you have him as a differential, then he should be a brilliant option if you want to take a real punt. He is almost certain to start after a bench appearance on Boxing Day and will be fed plenty of chances. However he has let people down before! Should be a great option for this week, but still has the potential to go horribly wrong.

Top 3:

1. Rooney – Ok so here it is. Rooney takes the number 1 spot for the first time this season! He is the perfect option during these tough Christmas periods, as he has almost everything going for him. His form is brilliant, scoring double figures in the past 2 weeks. Fixtures, Norwich have been anything but solid in recent times and a resurgent United will be out to continue their goal scoring form. Finally his role. Forget that he is dropping deeper, he is still pulling the strings in every United attack and is even more likely to score bonus points. Vitally he is crucial to United’s form, so there is no chance he will be rested. They should be safe points, which during these tough games we will happily bank!

2. Negredo – I don’t think we can let ourselves get too paranoid over rotation, however it is great to have that security of a start. Crystal Palace at home should be the perfect opportunity for Pellegrini to rotate his massive squad, a huge concern. What we do know is that at least one of Negredo and Dzeko will start, and Dzeko should be a lock. The positive is that Pellgrini has gone for a 4-4-2 against weaker opposition at home, and boy has it succeeded. Negredo was subbed off on Boxing Day and should be ready to continue on his incredible home form. Should. It is a massive risk but I’m willing to back him in. 9 goals in 9 home games speak for itself. A very solid option, but not the security of Rooney.

3. Suarez – He has to be here still. You wouldn’t be one to deny him at least an assist, especially after what he created against City. However Chelsea and Mourinho have had a nasty habit of playing bore fest football in the big games. They are not going for style, they are going for results. Who would want to be a Chelsea fan? *Drop, roll and run* I can’t see Liverpool scoring more than 2, if they are lucky. However they’re looking great and Suarez is always going to be dangerous, so definitely don’t write him off.

The Punt:

Walcott – He turned out to be a fantastic punt last week! I was seriously so close to captaining him, but shame on me for not pulling the trigger. No point in being close! Anyone who played last year will remember the new asshole he tore Newcastle, so he will be confident in causing some damage. He is crucial to Arsenal’s hopes at the moment and will be as dangerous as ever. Just quietly, Podolski looks a fantastic option at the moment. Providing he can stay fit he is a bargain, and is firmly on my watchlist to come in next week. He has scored 13 and 10 in his last 2 games, and I like him this week as well.

So that’s it from me. I’ll be back soon with yet another edition on New year’s day! Until then, enjoy the gift of football. Cheers.

32 comments on “The Captains – GW19

  1. Louie K

    Pellegrini rested five blokes. Rooney misses with groin. Tough round so far. Suarez with the VC for me. He’ll be amongst it vs Chelsea! I hope anyway….

    • Louie K

      By the way, I gave into temptation and traded in Silva for the third time this season. Now he’ll miss through suspension. He’s killing me!!!

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Guys, just wanted to know (for all us cheapies HAHAHA!), I cant really find a good live streaming site and wanted to know if anyone on here has found a decent one that actually WORKS, if so that would be great if you could share 🙂 Thanks

    • kingcolesy

      Tonight they’re a bit off for me, on an iPhone I use which I assume you can do on a computer too, but if I’m on a computer I go to vipbox sports

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Cheers mate, I’ve locked vipbox sports away in the favourites, but I realised that my Ethernet cable was not in properly and hence all the lag/glitching.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Sooo… In the FPL Cup I need a clean sheet from Spurs and Dawson to help me beat someone ranked 1.5 millionth, completely outrageous! Ozil and Rooney have completely f***ed me over??? Rooney surely would have scored/assisted, so I would have had it in the bag.
    Hopefully Dawson and his men park the bus and get the cleanse and a couple of BP just to seal the deal. (Fuming cos I have got Rosenior 3rd sub!

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    So I now need a keeper that will actually play, after both my keepers didn’t (hence why I lost to someone placed 1.5 millionth which absolute bull shit!), I think I might have to take an 8 point hit.
    This only because. I want Hazard, but I could possibly hold that tree until next week.
    Whittingham -> Mutch and Harper -> Mannone (with decent enough fixtures) & Ozil -> Hazard, is it worth it?? Keeping in mind that I have also got Silva suspended and Rooney in doubt… Thanks 🙂

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Gazzaniga is my other one, Ozil to Hazard and Harper to Mannone would be preferred but I would 0.3mil short…
        Just realised it was pretty stupid of me to have those to keepers, but I thought at the time that Gazzaniga was the preferred choice over Davis while Boruc was out

        • baysietoff

          If you think Sunderland are going to keep a clean sheet then do it, but if they don’t you’re going to lose points. It might actually be worth rolling out a donut and fixing it with a wildcard, get in someone decent.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            I’m trying to keep the wildcard for when Aguero gets back so Ic an easily fit him and get everything else balanced.
            They have kept a cleanie against harder opposition (Man City & a 10-Man Everton), plus they are at home, so I recon they will.
            So should I??
            Also Hazard should score/assist against Soton… Considering those things is it worth the -8 point hit or should I just find an alternative route for cash?? (Also, Matt, why Whittingham, yes he has scored & assisted in his last three, but other than that he has been absolutely terrible!).

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