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Frustrated yet? Don’t worry, I don’t think many of us were left completely unaffected by the injuries/rotations/suspensions/cold weather that have historically occurred this time of year. It is a great time of year to gain ground on others however by getting a little luck and making the right trades. The absence of some of the top players has opened the door for some new Dream Team inductees, unfortunately most of which won’t be on many of our radars.

De Gea (5.8m) – I hinted in DT18 that Man Utd might clean up their act and they did it in the best way possible, with a 1-0 win. De Gea played a big part in that cleanie by notching up a heap of saves on his way to 7 points. He’s relatively well priced in a defence that will get better now that Vidic is back, but they have some tricky games coming up in Spurs, Swansea and Chelsea. You could do worse.

Cafu (6.5m) – Sorry, Coleman. How good is he? Everton have a great run of fixtures with Stoke, Norwich and West Brom on the horizon so he should rack up some more points. The only issue could be that their captain and defensive rock Jagielka is probably going to be out for these games, but Alcaraz will be a more than able deputy. Seamus posted another 10 points without the need for a clean sheet by scoring as well as getting a couple of BPs. He’s scored 74 points in the past 11 games…

Skrtel (5.4m) – Liverpool were never going to keep their nose clean over the Christmas period with the quality of opposition they were pitted against. Plus, they’ve only kept 2 clean sheets in the past 16 GWs. It’s like a good party, everyone is scoring. Skrtel got himself on the end of a Suarez “assist” to knock in a goal last night to score 10 points, which included full BPs. Liverpool do have good fixtures but, no.

Evans (5.0m) – See De Gea. I see Jonny as great value. He may have put in some dodgy performances in the past but he has taken Rio’s spot in the team now and is flourishing under #moyesout. Could be a great option for anyone with Jagielka? He received full BPs and with the cleanie, scored 9 points.

Huddlestone (4.8m) – Thank god for that! He scored a goal, 2 assists, full BPs and Jonjo Shelvey Awarded his way to a huge 17 points. To be fair, I could’ve scored against Fulham… He’s got to shave his head now as opposed to just getting a “haircut”, surely?

Koren (4.5m) – Top performance here by Koren, he just doesn’t do it as much as we’d hoped at the start of the season. 2 goals and a couple of BPs scored him 15 points.  He nearly doubled his score in one game so not worth looking into any further.

Nolan (6.5m) – Old man Nolan showed he still has it on the weekend with 2 assists, a goal and 13 points. If West Ham are going to stay up they can’t wait for Carroll to come back, they need to get it done now. West Ham will see the next games against Fulham and Cardiff as must wins and may loosen up and attack a bit more? If they do, it opens up Nolan to get amongst it. It’s too risky though so it’s a no from me.

Mutch (4.5m) – Mutch has gotten a few attacking returns this season, but Cardiff have some horror fixtures coming up and it must be hard to concentrate with the turmoil surrounding the club so we’ll move on. This week he scored a goal, an assist and full BPs for 12 points.

Anelka (5.1m) – Quite a few of us had Anelka in our teams preseason but he hasn’t done anything of note up until now, and most of us have been able to stack our forward lines since then. He scored his first couple of goals for West Brom, and full BPs for 13 points. He might be facing a stint on the sidelines however after a potentially stupid goal celebration. Do these guys ever learn?

Soldado (8.5m) – Another penalty… If Soldado started scoring proper goals I reckon he would be in more discussions around here, but until then it’s tough to rely on usually infrequent penalties. He did get an assist as well as full BPs for 12 points whish is pretty good.

Maiga (5.0m) – Maiga came on at half time an absolutely run amok! Well, relative to past performances. I won’t lie I was quite impressed but you have to wonder where this version of him has been? Hopefully for West Ham’s sake he can turn this into a good run of games. Too risky for us to consider however.

Outside of those; Hazard picked up where he left off last GW with another 10 points, the Arsenal defence all scored with Mertesacker leading the way on 9, as did Man Utd’s, Lukaku and Dzeko both got back into the goals and 9 points…

We’ve got the last game of the run to come on New Years Day before we have a rest for a week. Hang in there!

33 comments on “Dream Team – GW19

  1. Richey

    A grand total of 28pts this GW 🙁 .Injuries as far as the eye can see! Amorebieta subbed on for Jagielka, which gave me a lovely -1…

    Jagielka (Doubtful)
    Silva (Suspended)
    Özil (Doubtful)
    Rooney (Doubtful)

    Gonna have to take a big hit to replace all these fellas. And of course the new wildcard will be available right after I change up half my team!

    • kingcolesy

      Jagielka is the only one that has to go. He’s likely out for a while. Silva and Ozil are probably just 1gw out. Rooney should hopefully be back. Get a ars def or Coleman in, don’t go mad on hits. Take another look at Ozil next week unless it really needs to be done(probably be able to get away with it I’m guessing).

  2. thokash

    Got to get rid of Jagielka unfortunately, only good news is I got on him late so he is worth 6.0

    Thinking of a straight swap to either Zabaleta or Cole (Che), which of those would be better?

    Already have Coleman/Merte, other 2 defs are Dawson and Williams (Swa). 0.2 in bank

    • kingcolesy

      Maybe think about finding a 4m defender or under, that’s a hell of a lot of cash in def, and won’t be able to afford an awesome mid/fwd. people seem to be trading in zabaleta more than cole if that helps 🙂

      • thokash

        Agree, wouldn’t mind a reliable 3rd defender though – Tottenham are leakier than a sieve, and Williams will probably be traded to Clyne next week.

        For reference though rest of the team is
        Mignolet (Gazziniga)
        Hazard, Walcott, Lallana, Cabaye, Janujaz
        Suarez, Rooney, Negredo (traded in last week for Lukaku which worked out well!)

        • kingcolesy

          Cole seems like he would have the potential to turn into a Walcott like prospect being with such low ownership who soon everyone will jump on but haven’t. I’m still not sure on anything tho, your team looks like a good 11. But both players won’t price rise by next gw. Oh by the way, I did notice a cpl player this week would rotate well, then Dawson next week. Might work but a premium player could be added like you say.

  3. Aussie

    Have two FT’s for this week so thinking of going:
    Ozil > Nolan
    Morrison > Cabaye
    Williams > Koscielny

    With all 3 having favourable fixtures to maximise points for this GW before using wildcard next week

    Team for reference:

    Guzan (Mignolet)
    Distin Coleman Clyne (Rat, Williams)
    Silva Redmond Ozil Barkley (Morrison)
    Roonpig Suarez Remy

    1.4 in bank. Any suggestions appreciated 😀

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