Dream Team – GW20

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Firstly, I hope you all kept out of trouble over New Years! Secondly, thank you all for making this such a great site to write for and for all your support. After a stupidly hectic couple of weeks we have a chance to take a breather while the FA Cup takes over. This weeks gems are…

Foster (4.7m) – That was an unexpected clean sheet against the relatively free scoring Newcastle side… This was West Brom’s first cleanie in 2 months so I don’t think we should be looking too closely at them just right now. Foster scored 9 points from the cleanie, a few saves and a couple of BPs.

Agger (5.7m) – I’ve gone on record in saying that I don’t rate Liverpool’s defence and a clean sheet against Hull at home is not going to change that. Agger profited from that cleanie, as well as scoring a goal and receiving full BPs for an impressive 15 points. He doesn’t play anywhere near enough as well so don’t think about him again after this full stop.

Baines (7.4m) – It didn’t take long for Baines to get back into the swing of things after coming back from injury. He did score the bulk of his 11 points from a penalty however, plus full BPs, so I don’t think it’s great business to trade him into your teams at this price. Everton still have a good run of games, but the problem is they haven’t kept a clean sheet in 6 games during an easier run. You could put that down to some new personnel in defence due to injury and suspension. For all of us Coleman owners we’d be hoping they can settle it down and turn this around soon, a home game against Norwich is as good a time as any.

Sagna (5.5m) – My one trade this week turned out perfectly! Arsenal have tightened up again over the past couple of weeks and with a great run of games coming up we should be looking at spending some money on them immediately. Sagna added an assist to his clean sheet and BPs to score 10 points.

Kolarov (5.3m) – It’s a shame Kolarov doesn’t play more regularly otherwise he could nearly come into consideration. The fact he is at high risk of rotation with Clichy makes it too hard. He scored his first goal of the season (cracker!) and picked up a couple of BPs on his way to 9 points.

Oscar (8.7m) – This was possibly the highest scoring 38 minute spell of the season! Oscar came off the bench to score 1 (could have been 2) and assist 2 more for 14 points, which included for BPs. His game time has been all over the place in recent weeks but with Mata’s Chelsea career basically over that could change. Put him high up on your watchlist.

Eriksen (7.1m) – One of the first things Sherwood did when he took over Spurs, apart from bringing Adebayor back in from the cold, was to give Eriksen a regular spot in the team and he’s repaid his gaffer in style. At this price he needs to come into consideration, with Spurs’ attacking style he will be a chance to score points every week. This week was 13 points with a goal, an assist and full BPs. Great POD.

Walcott (9.6m) – Another big performance from Theo with another goal and full BPs for 11 points. If you don’t have him yet he probably needs to be high up on your list of potential trades. It is hard though with so many midfielders around this price who are scoring well…

Puncheon (4.9m) – Jonjo Shelvey Award. Puncheon scored Palace’s goal versus Norwich on his was to 10 points including full BPs.

Johnson (4.4m) – And Johnson scored Norwich’s goal versus Palace, for 9 points with only a couple of BPs. Neither will give you much joy going forward.

Bony (7.3m) – Come on Winfried… Don’t mess us around. It hasn’t been a particularly good couple of months for Bony but he finished his first game for some time and scored a couple of goals against Man City for 13 points, including full BPs. Keep an eye on him…

Koscielny also scored an 8 pointer, Villa got a well overdue clean sheet and all their defence profited from that, Torres was Chelsea’s striker this GW and scored a goal on his way to 8 points, Adebayor scored again (but got injured so keep an eye out). Assaidi put his hand up for a decent cheapie with 9 points from his 3rd goal in the past 6 games. Berba continued his recent resurgence, well when he plays, with another 8 points. And that’s about it.

For those unaware, the new wildcard is available now so if you’ve been hanging out for it  you’ve got a couple of weeks to plan you next move. One bit of advice is not to play around with your team online too much. I got in a bit of strife last season by trading out a player, changing my mind and not being able to afford to get him back in!

89 comments on “Dream Team – GW20

  1. kingcolesy

    Nice, and very nice advice at the end. I screwed myself last year by playing around with my wildcard team then not knowing it would take my profits away when I sold and rebought, so I couldn’t afford my original team back. Nice article!

  2. Who?

    Cheers Baysie!

    Here’s my team. I don’t know if I should use the wildcard yet…

    Howard (Mannone)
    Coleman, Distin, Dawson, Evans (Bardsley)
    Hazard, Silva, Walcott, Cabaye (Mutch)
    Suarez, Rooney (Chamakh)

    If I were to use it, I might do these transfers (leaving me with nothing remaining):
    Distin > Sagna
    Bardsley > Chester
    Cabaye > Oscar
    Rooney > Lukaku
    Chamakh > Rodriguez


    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate. I like what you’re doing with getting some more depth up front, but not sold on whether your team is going to be better enough after all the trades to spend the wildcard on… Oscar still has question marks, and Rooney is still one of the best around.

      I would hold, and start changing your defence / keeper with the free transfers…

  3. Måns

    Went out of the cup today against a guy who hadn’t made a trade in the last 10 weeks. He had Oscar and for some reason he had captained Baines. Some people are just lucky aren’t they?

      • Måns

        Yeah i know! It’s so frustrating haha.
        I was thinking about trading rooney and alex pozuelo out for adebayor and eriksen/lallana/cabaye for a -4 point hit. What do you think about those trades?

  4. screech

    i am looking at trading out debuchy this week and am considering alcaraz….only have 5.1, couldn’t afford any arsenal defenders. i can use alcaraz for this week vs norwich at home and next week vs west brom, after which i can activate my wc…..thoughts?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Yeah nice one. Alcaraz is looking good! Put some thought into Heitinga if he does go to West Ham… They’ve got a good defence when they have one! 4.6m and will free up some cash.

      • screech

        yeah i went ahead with that trade…is heitinga going to west ham or newcastle? without debuchy and also collocini he would be quite beneficial there…

          • screech

            yeah thats understandable, i would give the finger to west ham too, lol! id consider him at newcastle…debuchy was servicable for a while but the red card was sorta timely….

      • supajeff

        Please explain how Alcatraz is “looking good”. With Distin likely to return, isn’t this 2 game wonder likely to be back on the bench?

        No Winston Reid = No West Ham defence. Very basic equation.

  5. Aussie

    Updated baysie:

    Migs (Mannone)
    Cole Coleman Koscielny (Dawson Chester)
    Walcott Hazard Silva Sterling (Mutch)
    Remy Suarez Hooper

    • baysietoff Post Author

      ?’s over Mignolet and Dawson still. Liverpool and Spurs aren’t great on the clean sheets. And whether Hooper can keep up this form.

      It’s hard isn’t it haha

      • Aussie

        mmmm yeah wasn’t sure on Dawson but who else is there that has a better chance of keeping cleanies his price range and cheaper?

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Maybe put it on ice for a few days? Someone might get injured in the cup which might open up some more possibilities. Depending on how Gibbs is out for might give Monreal more games?

  6. kingcolesy

    Well I just stuffed up my trades this week, and have to wait 8 days. Ugh. Just realised I woulda wanted eriksen(cry / nor) over cabaye(mci / whm) for the next two game weeks yes? Doh

  7. Shakes

    This my 1st season of FPL, its been all trial and error for. Didn’t had a clue what I was doing. But thx to this site I got my act together and my ranking went frm being right at bottom to within the late 600000’s. Pls rate this team guys;

    Lloris (Mannone)
    Cahill, Dawson, Per, Shaw (Luna)
    Walcott, Hazard, Cabaye, Januzaj (El-Ahmadi)
    Suarez, Negredo, Lukaku
    Got 0.4 in bank

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Happy to help mate 🙂

      Pretty good team but I would jump off Lloris and Dawson. The Spurs defence hasn’t been great for some time.

      Who’s Per?

      • Shakes

        Per Mertesacker. Spurs got CPalace (H) and Swans (A). Should I offload either Lloris / Dawson then or now?

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Haha of course Per!

          This will be flip of the coin stuff but it doesn’t seem to matter who they play. I would get rid of one of them now…

          $5 says they’ll get 2 clean sheets now!

        • Shikhar

          I’ll get rid of lloris if I were you.. I’m somehow never convinced on his decision making (pretty evident in the last match).. I think a straight swap to szczesny should be fine but since you already have per, you should consider cech!

          • Shakes

            Szcs it is by virtue of next 4 fixtures than. Does Negredo looks decent, seeing he lacks ooomph without Aguero next to him?

          • Shakes

            I’ll hold onto him than.
            Quick question, if I don’t use the free weekly transfer, does it carry over to the next? Not that I had that problem, but just when I feel my team is settled

          • Shaun Curnow

            Sure does mate, but you can only ever have max 2 in a GW, so the following week make sure you use at least 1.

          • Shakes

            Thx a lot. I didnt even knew bout that, I thought its use or lose. But reading thru comments made me question that

          • Shaun Curnow

            I traded him, so much rotation and resting even with main guys out! Much better options out there.

  8. Shikhar

    Great stuff baysie as usual :P.. ! And a very happy new year to fellow fpl addicts..
    Doesn’t it feel great when a player repays the faith you show in him.. What a cameo that was from oscar.. Had a great week because of him!

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Cheers for the read Baysie, top quality as always! The unknown Ghost Ship of Fletchy Babes is still driving on through the FPL Cup… Beat me last round by 6 points due to absolute BS all over the board, and the kid hasn’t even made a single trade for like… EVER! He won this week against a fellow ghost ship, master of the ghost ships he is!

    Also, really stuck on whether to trade out Ozil or not, he is amazing and has pretty decent fixtures when he comes back… That’s the big one though, WHEN he comes back, there is a chance he will come back this GameWeek, does anyone rate it??
    I could make better trades this week as well Negredo -> FWD (7.7>/Berbatov/Adebayor/Welbeck/Hooper mainly) and Hooper -> Szczesny/Cech… Those would be the trades I would make…

    • baysietoff Post Author

      They should have a Ghost Ship Cup, and let us proper players get down to business!

      I don’t think Ozil is a serious injury, and he’s got another week to get it together.

      Good trades. I’m looking at similar and hoping Adebayor gets up. He looked awesome. There’s a strong rumour of Berba to Arsenal which may / or may not hamper his game time. Did you mean Harper coz that’s a great trade if you do it.

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Wenger on Ozil, “it is an inflamed shoulder. It should be maybe one more week, maybe less. I don’t know, but not a long time.” That was 29th December.

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          Even though I am really pissed about it, it’s kinda funny and that FPL Cup should be enforced for all ghost ships! Hahaha.

          Adebayor’s is looking great, and seeing as he is able to score from open play, while Soldado is not, maybe he who’ll be the go-to striker in open play? Maybe even penalties considering his form? Eriksen plays a part in his rise to power, his form, Sherwood’s decisions to play Adebayor and Eriksen and play Eriksen further up the pitch, it’s looking good if he can return in time! After reading a few articles (reliable) about his injury, he is only seen as a ‘doubt’ against Arsenal, he most likely won’t play, but he should be fit for the BPL next round… Looking good!

          Also, I’ve just done a bit of research (reliable sites/articles) and Ozil is only supposed to miss three games (Newcastle-done & missed, Cardiff-done & missed and Spurs-to be played on the 4th), so it’s looking bright for him to return, so I am more than likely going to keep him!

          Yeah I did mean Harper, I haven’t had a keeper for two weeks which is EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING! But these trades should let me get Szczesny

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Crackin intel! Might need to get Adebayor in for the Palace game then… Which then might precipitate a wildcard coz it will leave me 3m to spend haha.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            I think I might keep him for a bit longer, see how long his form can last, against the mediocre and the decent sides
            That’s when I was contemplating pulling the trigger on my wild card, let’s me sought out my terrible DEF and GK’s, and maybe try and get Aguero back in to restore the triple threat?? Rooney, Suarez & Aguero back together should be wondrous!
            Don’t think I have ever had 3mil to spare this whole year! Not even 2mil lol!

  10. nburk53

    Awesome stuff as per Baysie! Somewhat looking forward to the break for a bit, been far too hectic and rotation-friendly for my liking!

    Whats everyone’s plans with their wildcard???

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      I recon I will ‘try’ and hold until Aguero comes back, then he has an easy route back, or unless I convince myself/get convinced I recon I will stick with Suarez, Rooney & Adebayor (if not injured)!

      What about yourself??

      • nburk53

        That was my plan as well… Up until I started fiddling around with my bloody team. Ended up coming up with a very nice team and pulled the wildcard trigger. In hindsight I’m a little disappointed but I’ve managed to switch my formation to a 3-5-2 with Suarez and Rooney up front with cash to go to Aguero when he returns.

    • Dan

      Holding for as long as possible here too…with the likes of Aguero, RVP and Ramsey to come back plus all the potential transfers I reckon its sensible to wait as long as you have a half decent team currently.

    • kingcolesy

      I was thinking about clicking it on 18th for gw23. I tinkered up a team where I would have only sun/Cardiff/hull/cpl def and gkrs so I could just fit in a 7 premo mid(silva toure hazard Walcott) fwd(SAR), I just don’t know if it will be worth it, or to continue with this “template” team that seems to be getting the job done. Anyone got any thoughts on that? I do want 3 mci players from gw25 onwards I think.

  11. Rakshit

    Had an up and down week. Had Walcott, Yaya and ERIKSSEN! However my defence let me down. Marc Wilson’s Stoke conceded a late 92nd minute penalty which was soooo pissing off! Robbed me of 4 + potential bonus points! Happy with a 51 though.

    I need to replace one out of Lukas Podolski or Ross Barkley. Which one do i replace and if so, by whom? Im thinking Podolski–> Berbatov or Remy. Any other better options??

  12. N1qQ45 4R3 k1nG5

    Adenauer starts! But none for Ozil unfortunately… Anyway I recon Ill go forward and make my trades today!

  13. kingcolesy

    Hey, genuine question, say you got two premium defenders, do you always play them or do you rotate with the lower tier players. I’ve seemed to always rotate them, mostly reliant on a ‘feel’. Don’t know if I’m doing it wrong as some people seem to stick em on the field with bad fixtures and get away with it.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I’ve rotated home “cheaper” defenders up to now with decent success, but will be upgrading to a Chelsea and another Arsenal and playing them through. This is the business end of the season where the cream rises to the top! That’s the plan anyway haha

  14. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    With all these injuries/fitness issues (Cabaye, Distin, Rooney, Baker and the big one Walcott for me), when do we make our transfers, Walcott obviously has to go, Baker wasn’t gonna be on the field for me this week anyway, and on Newcastles site it says Cabaye is available? That only leaves Poney and Distin (any news?? That would be great! If someone had some legit info?!)
    So when do we make our transfers?? Wait until last day or just do it now and avoid more price changes?

  15. screech

    wc activated with walcott out and still uncertainty over cabaye’s fitness:

    kelvin davis (mannone)
    alcaraz, koscielny, coleman (chester, faye)
    ozil[vc], oscar, yaya toure, hazard (ward-prowse)
    rooney, lukaku, suarez[c]

    team value was over 110, now dropped down to 109-something…..

  16. rosco72

    WC used, too many doubts. Got rid of Walcott ,Rooney, Cabaye, and Yaya(don’t know why but I get the feeling his scoring days are over).
    Still tossing up which 2 to pick out of
    Rodriguez Adebayor and lukaku. Have kept enough money to trade Aguero back in when fit , let’s hope he doesn’t do a Benteke on us. Good work guys let’s hope for a cracking 2 half.

  17. Måns

    I have played my WC and am wondering if Baker, Clyne and Gibbs will play this weekend? Otherwise i’m going to need to make some changes….

  18. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Haven’t actually played my wildcard as of yet, but with all these injuries and uncertainties, I am thinking about it, so I am planning for short notice!
    Here is my current team:
    Gazzaniga (Harper)
    Coleman, Dawson, Distin (Baker, Rosenior)
    Ozil, Cabaye, Walcott, Hazard (Kasami)
    Negredo, Suarez, Rooney
    0m in the kitty

    Here is the team I was planning on making:
    Szczsney (Mannone)
    Coleman, Alcaraz, Cahill, Sagna (Baker/Vlaar)
    Ozil, Yaya Toure, Hazard, Eriksen (Sterling)
    Adebayor, Welbeck, Suarez
    0/0.4m in the kitty.

    It may be a bit heavy at the back, and maybe a bit risky that I don’t have enough funds to get Rooney/Aguero back?
    But with Rooney being maybe a month or a week… Who knows!?

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