Transfer Talk – GW21 (Wildcard Special!)

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It was a while coming, but for good reason. Go and grab some popcorn because this will be huge! This is my second favourite time of year, besides early August. A new wildcard has become available to us, and boy isn’t it well timed. Most of our teams have been struck by injuries, and some of our hands have been forced! I’ll be doing a wildcard special this week, so sit back and relax! There’s plenty to get through…

The hot buys and quick sales will be structured a little differently this week, with the focus off past performance and more concentrated on the weeks ahead! Forget what your players have done so far, this is a new start.


Defense –

  • Koscielny – Arsenal’s backline has been on fire of late, and 5.5 is a bargain for a stalwart in the leagues tightest defence. He gets plenty of attention from the bonus point system and is amazing value. Sagna is an alternative option at the same price. Mertesacker is also available, however at 6.5 I think his value is being stretched.
  • Coleman – Make no bones about it, if you couldn’t fit him in yet it’s time to wildcard. He has to be there! By far the Premier League’s best RB this season and looks like he will finish the competitions highest scoring defender. Who needs Baines?!
  • Nastasic – Players coming back from injury around this time of year are absolute gold. Managers squads are getting ever thinner and their value will have dropped significantly. Nastasic is City’s preferred starting CB alongside Kompany and he will cost you just 5.1. What else do you want? Some better injury luck to be honest, let’s hope he can stay fit!
  • Chester – If you’re after a fresh fifth defender then look no further. This is the beauty of a wildcard, and it can free up the necessary cash elsewhere. Hull are incredibly solid at home (6 goals conceded in 10 games with 6 clean sheets) and he will set you back just 3.9. Bargain.
  • Bardsley – An interesting option, and one I am considering very strongly short term. Sunderland have turned it around at the back, however these runs don’t usually last for long. They do have fantastic fixtures ahead and I think he is a great little short term option, just be wary of own goals!
  • Szczesny – Howard’s red card ended up being a very timely one for me, getting on the Szczesny bandwagon early. You can do no wrong at 5.9, I prefer to select a lock in keeper and he is certainly that! Arsenal have a kind run of fixtures with their next 4 fixtures featuring 2 bottom 5 clubs at home and the struggling Southampton and Villa. Lock and load! Cech is another great keeping option, hopefully Chelsea will remain water tight at the back.
  • Clyne – He will have been forgotten after Southampton’s tough run of fixtures, however he is fit again and will provide great value at 4.5 with the Saints kind run for the next 6 games. West Brom, Sunderland, Arsenal, Fulham, Stoke, Hull and West Ham to be precise. Mid season is the perfect time to re-unite friendships with the early season bolters!
  • Zabaleta – He has returned from injury and is fit to reclaim his RB position in City’s starting XI. He is great value at just 6.0 in one of the League’s best defences. Don’t let the tough fixtures put you off, 5 assists in 17 games and clean sheets on the horizon make him a great target. Kompany is also a great alternative is you have the cash in the bank. Much safer option compared to the injury prone Nastasic.
  • Azpilicueta – Finally a riskier proposition, but one that should be firmly on our radars. Azpilicueta has re-claimed his starting position in Chelsea’s first XI, filling in at LB funnily enough with Cole left out high and dry! Ivanovic’s injury will see him move back to RB and his versatility will only bring him more game time. Just be wary for any signings Chelsea make in defence. I’m looking at bringing in either him or Nastasic at this stage, both are great value options.

Midfield –

  • Ozil – He will be the most popular transfer in this week by default. It just makes sense. His value has dropped to 9.9, Walcott has gone down and Ozil has returned from injury. I’ll be locking him in that’s for sure, there isn’t really an abundance of great alternatives either. It probably comes down to him and Toure, and I’ll be backing Ozil every day of the week. Stubbornness? Maybe!
  • Eriksen – Will definitely be the popular midprice pick for the week, and for good reason. Spurs are under a new manager and Sherwood has brought Eriksen right back into the thick of things. He has scored 27 in his 4 games since returning with 2 goals and an assist. His role in the hole is very fpl friendly and he looks to be fantastic value at 7.2. You really can’t go wrong with a midpricer at the moment as there is so many great replacements. Ramsey is the same price and about to return if things go array. Looks like I’ll be jumping on board with Cabaye doubtful.
  • Hazard – If you have missed out recently I feel for you. There have been a number of opportunities to jump on board and I truly feel he is a must have in midfield. He’s as sure a thing as you can get and the lack of premium options only helps his case. Lock and load.
  • Toure – It will take a lot to force me to buy Yaya, however those who have continued to back him in are continuing to reap the rewards. He is only going from strength to strength and those free kicks are getting even better. They might as well be a penalty for him! Consistency personified, a safe option going forward.
  • Silva – Personally I will be sticking with Silva. He plays in a much more advanced role and relies less on dead ball situations. When fit he is a top 3 midfielder in fpl and at 9.3 selected by 5.2%, I think he is the perfect inclusion for those looking for a Walcott replacement (who don’t have him already of course). Will be amazing if he can stay fit.
  • Gnabry – One option not many will consider, but a perfect little purchase as your 5th midfielder. Priced at 4.2 he is a bargain for the potential he possesses. He was incredible in the FA Cup against Spurs and will get a great run in the first team with Walcott out injured. I suspect Oxlade-Chamberlain is still a few weeks away from a first team start, so he will get enough of a run to make an impact. I’m bringing him in! The Ox is another to look out for when he returns from injury, as he looks to build up match fitness. He could be a great midfield option at just 6.8, look at the opportunities just one injury creates!
  • Ramsey – Whatever you do, don’t leave Ramsey out of your wildcard planning. I think he’ll return to the bench as early as this weekend, with a first team comeback just one GW away. Now priced at just 7.2, he will be a great option to watch once fit. Just beware of the Fellaini syndrome, players in a breakout season don’t always keep up such incredible form after an injury lay off. Perhaps wait to see him get back on the scoresheet first.
  • Lallana – Another midpricer to keep on the watchlist. He does not look like slowing up and looks on a mission to be named in England’s world cup squad. He is enjoying a career best season and 7.3 is not bad value. Yet another replacement option if you decide to take the gamble on Eriksen.
  • Gerrard – Finally I have an option that everyone should have their eyes on. Gerrard has returned from injury and will start this weekend against Stoke. He is priced at just 8.7 and is by far the best midfield option after Silva, Yaya, Hazard and Ozil. Perhaps he is even an alternative to Ozil! He notched 1 goal and 5 assists in the 5 games before his injury, and Liverpool should start banging the goals in with both him and Sturridge returning. As a differential, they don’t come much better.

Forward –

  • Suarez – There is no way forward without him, so whatever you do, make sure he is in your team post wildcard.
  • Sturridge – I think Sturridge will make his first team return as early as this weekends clash against Stoke. Whilst it will almost certainly be from the bench, you can almost lock him in against Villa at home. At 9.1 he represents incredible value and I will certainly be re-uniting the SAS partnership upfront. Since Aguero has gone down the third striker has been a big problem. Worry no more! Don’t leave him out of your plans.
  • Rodriguez – The form cheap striker of the EPL at the moment, he has been banging in goals for fun. However I always get concerned after a mid pricer has such a great run, as they rarely keep it up for much longer.He didn’t score for the first 6 games of the season, and a return to that kind of form cannot be ruled out of the question. A very risky pick, but a differential that could pay off handsomely if it succeeds. If it helps your team structure then don’t be afraid to pull the trigger.
  • Adebayor – I’m afraid I must admit a sin. I am not only seriously considering him, he is in my starting XI for the next gameweek. Adebayor has returned from the wilderness and sent sparks flying, re-igniting Spurs long lost hunger for goals. I am leaving the cash in the bank to move him on to Sturridge next week, risky I know, but I just couldn’t resist a home game against Palace. Long term he is still a great alternative to someone like Lukaku if you want to change things up, however he doesn’t fit into my teams structure. Don’t change your structure around him whatever you do.
  • Welbeck – Another great cheap forward option, although I’m not sure of his value long term. He is relishing the chance to lead the line for United and has scored 5 goals in his last 5 games. Bear in mind that he has started and played 2 full games in the FA Cup and Capital One Cup in the past week and RVP is on the verge of a return. Too risky for my liking.
  • Bony – There is no doubt that Bony is finally starting to hit his straps. 2 goals in an extremely impressive performance against Man City, followed up by the winner last weekend in an FA Cup tie against United. If the past week is anything to go by then fixtures aren’t his biggest concern, and if he can keep this form up he looks unbelievable value at 7.3. We all know of his goal scoring ability after his goal a game season last year, so the last piece of the puzzle is finding some consistent form. He does however have a tough couple of fixtures coming up, so it may be best to hold off and see if he can keep it up. Definitely one to watchlist.
  • Benteke – Finally you can’t write off the big Belgium. We have moved into a world cup year after all, and he will be hungrier than ever. He has returned to full fitness and should return to all of our radars. Forget the fact that he hasn’t scored since September, the time is now. Don’t bring him in until he shows some signs of life, however once he starts banging them in I get the feeling they will flow. Keep an eye on him at just 8.7, an in form Benteke is worth much more.


Defense –

  • Dawson – AVB had the Spurs defence sorted at the start of the season, however it wasn’t the brand of football they wanted. The clean sheet against Stoke was their first in 9 games, and Sherwood doesn’t look like shutting up shop. Hold him for this weeks game against palace, but I’d be looking elsewhere for value defensive options. Nastasic, Azpilicueta and Koscielny for a start.
  • Distin – He has been ruled out for a couple of weeks, and with that news comes the end of Everton’s easy fixtures. Little did that matter, as Everton managed to concede 1 goal in every game for the past 6 gameweeks, even against the League’s lowest scoring oppositions at home. I give up. Thanks for your services Distin, but it’s time to go. See the aforementioned transfer targets above.
  • Howard – If you have held him for whatever reason, this should probably be his last week in your team. Szczesny looks a very viable replacement.
  • Debuchy – A lot of people decided to trade him in over the past month, for reasons I must have missed. His red card means he will miss this weekends clash against Man City, not the worst thing to have happened. However missing yet another game after that means he has to be traded. I don’t really rate Newcastle’s defence anyway, and I think he should be traded in the long run either way. Williamson is just 4.4!
  • Johnson – Unfortunately Glen Johnson didn’t turn out to be the value option he potentially could have been. He still hasn’t scored this season (which is a surprise) and Liverpool’s defence remains shaky. He just doesn’t hold the value that Zabaleta does at a similar price, with 5 assists compared to just 1. A calf complaint could be the perfect time to move him on. (If he moves to Arsenal scratch everything, he’s back on the radar)
  • Lovren – For anyone stuck with those expensive Southampton centre backs from the start of the season, you can finally be free! Lovren and Fonte no longer hold any value at all and can be shipped on for a nice profit. Plenty of replacements at his price.
  • Terry – At 6.6 I just can’t give you any valid reason to keep Terry. Yes he scores the occasional goal, if you had to guess, how many do you reckon he has scored this year? I know I would of thought more than 2. Just 2. Kompany has done exactly the same in a handful of games at a cheaper price! Azpilicueta looks the best way into Chelsea’s defence, while you can grab Cech if you want a stalwart. Ivanovic continues to start but I feel he could get the boot at any time if Chelsea buy a LB.

Midfield –

  • Cabaye – An achilles complaint is never good news. Pardew has said that he is doubtful for this weekend, notice how he didn’t say he was hopeful. Cabaye isn’t expected to return to training until friday, so how the hell is he meant to play? Whether he will return fully fit after this weekend is doubtful anyway, achilles usually don’t just disappear into thin air. I’m looking to move him on, however if you can cover him this week it might be worth holding him. Might.
  • Nasri – With Silva’s return came the end of Nasri’s relevance. At 8.4 there is just so much better value in the midprice range, or just 0.3 up to Gerrard that he simply must be traded. If Silva goes down, we still have back up!
  • Morrison – He has struggled with injuries and is no longer locked in West ham’s best XI after a few poor weeks. At 4.7 you almost might as well hold, however Bannan still holds good value at 4.4. Gnabry is also a great one to consider, as previously mentioned.
  • Navas – He will be in and out of City’s starting XI with the return of Aguero and Jovetic almost ready to return. If you trialed him then good on you for trying, however he has to go immediately.
  • Shelvey – If you got stuck with Voldy then I feel for you. He has dropped off and just can’t find that finishing touch at the moment. You might as well trade him to a value option and save the cash.
  • Henderson – He was a great option for a couple of weeks, but surprisingly (not) it didn’t last long. Gerrard is now back and I can see Henderson dropping into his customary deeper role. Whilst he may perform better than before, he won’t maintain the value of the other midprice options. 6.4 is an awkward price.
  • Sterling – Another Liverpool player who benefited from his team mates injury will soon be in trouble once again. Sterling has been admittedly brilliant in Sturridge’s absence, but with his first team return imminent, it’s time to drop Raheem after this week. I can’t see him kicking out Coutinho, Sturridge or Suarez…
  • Oviedo – For those still stuck with the unlucky Brian, it’s time to swap him over. Baines is back and that’s the last we will see of him unless Leighton leaves or gets injured once again. I can’t see either happening.

Forward –

  • Negredo – His away form. Need I say anymore? When you are paying 9.8 for a striker, the least you want is consistency. At home you will get just that, with Negredo scoring in his last 6 consecutive home starts. However his away form is deplorable, with just 1 goal and 1 assist coming in 9 away appearances for the Spanish striker. Whilst there is merit in holding him for City’s home clash against Cardiff, Aguero’s return will signal the end of his fpl relevance. Start planning a way to get him out, Aguero seems a pretty good place to start.
  • Dzeko – If you picked him up for this period then you would be fairly happy with his output, however it’s best to look to trade him out. Rodriguez, Bony and Adebayor all hold value in a similar price range. Don’t let him overstay his welcome.
  • Giroud – Injury, illness. Whatever he is missing with, it’s hurting his fpl prospects. Arsenal are almost certain to sign a striker during the transfer window, and whilst they will probably just be back up to Giroud, you need to be very wary. I’d hold off this trade for as long as possible. I expect Giroud to return this week anyway.
  • Lukaku – He hasn’t exactly been consistent this season, to say the least. 1 goal in the past 7 weeks is not enough of a return for someone priced at 8.7. If he is valued at only 8.0 for you then I advise holding, however if you have picked him up recently he might as well be shifted out. Having said that I have no doubt he will have at least one more burst before the season is out, so keep an eye on his form.
  • Podolski – Unfortunately this risk didn’t quite pay off. He was given a start up front against Cardiff which is all we could hope for, however he didn’t grasp his opportunity. In fact he looked confused at times. This really hurt and I could see him remaining stranded on Arsenal’s bench, even though I would love to see him start left wing on a regular basis. Keep an eye on his playing time, but trade for now.


Walcott – Ok, so after all that we come to the conundrum of the week. I have done most of the dirty work already, so here it is simply. Walcott is out for 6 months and must be traded immediately. What you do with him depends on your wildcard situation, something I will touch on very soon. However the simple straight swap is to Ozil. Is just makes sense. Though there are quite a few alternatives. I would highly recommend you trade him to another premium and not someone like Eriksen, as there is no point in going backwards. Gerrard and Silva are both brilliant alternatives if you can’t reach Ozil. In fact I recommend Silva if you don’t have him anyway. Coutinho is a riskier prospect and one that I would shy away from, however the potential is there. Personally I have gone straight to Ozil, you can’t really go wrong there.


The big question of the week is what to do with our January wildcard available to us for a limited amount of time. I reckon there is 2 options. Use it this week and patch up your injuries. This is what I am doing, and whilst it is certainly risky, a well taken wildcard early can have massive advantages. I used mine perfectly in GW2 and it has set me up brilliantly, while some people who waited got stuck on the wrong bandwagons. The advantage of taking it early is that your team has 2 extra weeks of perfection to catch up to those who wait patiently. Personally I had 3 guys who were going to miss this weekend and another in doubt, and an 8 point hit was on the cards. What the hell is the point of taking a big hit when you have a wildcard available to you? Personally I was reasonably happy with my team anyway and it was just a patch job.

The obvious risks involved with an early wildcard is missing out on what happens during the transfer window. It can be a massive advantage to take your wildcard before GW24, so you can construct your team around any new players that have joined the Premier League. However you can also miss out on a few price changes, and if there are no big changes made then you are really losing out. The next 2 or 3 gameweeks are huge. For someone like me who has taken the wildcard early, I need to pray for no injuries. The hectic festive period is over and any more injuries now will just cause me more pain and I will have to take hits to patch them up anyway. However if we have a couple of good weeks, you sit ahead of the bunch who wildcarded late. It’s a simple risk reward system.

My most simple advice is this. If you are looking at anything like an 8 point hit or more, I reckon you might as well wildcard. Injuries are hitting hard and if you don’t like your team you are better off taking it. However if your squad has escaped most of the carnage and you are happy where you sit, definitely hold! Your wildcard should be used as a last resort and if it can be held, it only brings you advantages. Just don’t hold off in the anticipation of any massive signings, I can really see this being a slightly dull transfer window, with most of Europe’s big targets off the agenda until Summer. Then again what do I know!


Finally I thought I should give you an update on my team, how I am travelling and what changes I have implemented with my wildcard. Here goes:

fpl jan wildcardranking

gameweek scores

Who says you can’t do well making hits?! Ok I admit, it’s not something I am proud of. However it’s how I like to play the game, if I really want a player I will chase him. That’s the fun of fpl. Besides, I can’t really complain with an overall ranking of 5k halfway through the season! Imagine what I could of done with those 64 points back! Anyway, I have focused on my teams structure most with my wildcard. I got my structure right at the start of the season with a cheap defense, so that saved me a lot of hassles while others scrambled after a poor wildcard. As you can see between GW’s 3 and 7, just after my wildcard, is where I gained most of my ground. This is a great lesson to learn, and why wildcards are the most important aspect of your fpl season.

I am once again going with a cheap defence, looking for those players who hold the most value. Szczesny is a lock in goals, whilst my bench keeper is as cheap as possible. Don’t waste value there. Coleman, Dawson, Nastasic, Clyne, and Chester will hold down my defence. Chester is by far the best 5th defender option, with Hull’s incredible home record. I am confident Southampton can return to their tight defensive ways, while Spurs and Man City defenders can’t do much wrong. Coleman is obviously a lock every week with his goal scoring prowess.

My midfield gained an upgrade when Aguero went down, and boy was I lucky. Hazard has been a brilliant addition and he will sit there every week besides Ozil, Silva and Eriksen. As I said earlier there are so many alternatives to Eriksen it’s not funny, so there isn’t much risk there compared to the upside. Finally Gnabry sits safely on the pine, however I get the feeling he will come off the bench for me next week.

Finally in my forward line, this is where I will be looking for most of my points this season. What you can’t see is that I have 2.0 in the bank, so Adebayor will go straight to Sturridge next week, before Rooney eventually becomes Aguero. It is important to leave room in your budget for future transfers, as you don’t want to be taking big hits to change your structure later on. Decide on your structure the week you use your wildcard, and stick to it. However don’t plan too far ahead, because unexpected events will hit hard, and hits will have to be taken. Whether I end up going with Adebayor over Sturridge this week is up for debate.

It is done! I hope I haven’t bored you to death, that was massive. Truly a wildcard special! Good luck with your trades this week and make that wildcard decision with care. Feel free to ask any queries in the comments and I’ll try and get back to them. Cheers!



69 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW21 (Wildcard Special!)

  1. baysietoff

    Sensational Matt!

    I’m going to hold my WC I reckon. I’ve missed most of the injury woes and just have Cabaye as a pain. I do have Howard but am going to give him one more week against Norwich at home, I still have Chiriches but they have Palace at home and for some reason Evans is still warming my bench hoping beyond hope that Man Utd get their act together!


  2. Måns

    Wow… This was amazing!

    I have also played my wild card because of a lot of injuries. My squad looks coincidentally very similar to yours. I have question though, which pairing do you think is the better option Lallana and Ramsey or Özil and Mutch?

    My 8 attackers are:

    Hazard / Silva / Eriksen / (Özil and Mutch) / (Ramsey and Lallana)

    JRod / Suarez / Aguero

  3. Shikhar

    Whoa Matt.. This article was something.. Brilliant stuff!
    And, that’s one hell of a team you have out there.. However the thing that surprised me was that there was not even a single mention of santi cazorla as the differential.. I think he has really come to form off late and will start racking up big points.. Also oscar couldn’t have timed his form better.. Hoping these 2 along with yaya will carry my midfield.. Keeping just enough money in the bank to upgrade rooney to aguero next week.. Hopefully this wildcard will set my team up nicely.. Cheers !

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Cheers mate. I thought about him, however he plays second fiddle to ozil and always gets pushed out wide. With Podolski fit I don’t know if I’d recommend him over Ozil, even as a differential

  4. ozgunners

    Matt, once again you have outdone yourself. Excellent article mate!!
    I am also playing my wildcard this week, am looking at least 4 players out.
    I was planning to hold my wildcard but injuries forced my hand.

  5. screech

    i have exactly enough to go roonpig>aguero, lukaku>studge and oscar>eriksen without a cent left….lets hope oscar can make a bit of cash in order for me to fund these trades and lukaku doesn’t lose any…wc has been enacted.

    everyone jumped on debuchy by the way because he was attacking up the wings a lot and combining with cabaye well. without those two this week i dont even reckon newcastle will score. thought hey do have good depth with goofballs and remy upfront

  6. boges11

    Great article Matt, worth the wait.
    I just don’t understand 1 thing…..why bother with Gnabry?
    1) He takes one of your 3 precious Arsenal spots ( mine are Ozil, Koscielny and Szczney)
    2) What are you going to do when Ramsey comes back? You will need 4mil to upgrade or -4pts to get him in.
    3) You suggested Ox when he comes back, that’s another 3.5mil you need to come up with.
    4) I had a few more points but can’t remember them now. lol.
    I just don’t get it, but then again who am I to question someone at 5k.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks mate, fair questions. Obviously if you have already taken up 3 Arsenal spots then don’t bother.

      I’m looking at bringing in Gnabry for just a few weeks and hope he makes an impact, before offloading him to someone else cheap (possibly Bannan).

      Ox and Ramsey will become options a few weeks down the track, and I wouldn’t trade them in directly for Gnabry. Maybe a straight swap for a guy like Eriksen.

      Sorry for the confusion 🙂

  7. Dan

    Sensational read, very helpful especially since I crumbled today and pushed the WC button.

    Can’t argue with that ranking of yours (nice work on that) but I personally disagree about Terry (though Ive had him all yr so he’s value is 6.3 to me). I’d prefer Terry and cheap rotating keepers over Cech and a cheaper def. Terry loves thes BPs when Chelsea get cleanies, which looks to be happening more and more reguarly. But thats just me and like I said, can’t argue with that ranking!

    • kingcolesy

      I agree, but I was thinking of scraping him to Cole for some coin if I had to. Azi seems to be the go tho.. but how the hell did Cole get 1BP in a 3-0 win last GW! I think the Azi/Cole decision can only be decided once Ivanovic is back and last GW in January has been played 🙁

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks Dan 😀 Yep at 6.3 he does ok, personally I’m against expensive defenders but that could definitely work for you. Let’s hope for more bonus points!

  8. kingcolesy

    Massive read, good stuff. Holding my wildcard, sadly did a dull trade early in the week. Walcott to Silva for me with my other FT, but on second thoughts trading in Oscar for some $$ to make the structure more sound might of been a better tactic, with activating a wildcard at end of January. Especially if I could add Ramsey without a hit next week Oh well, hindsight. Hope Silva does well to counter it.
    In regards to cheap mid, Im looking at Noone as a new prospect to slot in there, cheaper than Bannan at 4.3 🙂 Check out his stats from this previous thread Pretty impressive!!

    • Dan

      Was just about to mention Noone myself. Played all but 20mins in the last 5 games…gets into some really attacking positions in the games I’ve seen. And with OGS now in charge perhaps Cardiff could become slightly more attack minded?
      Plus that name allows for sooo many puns…

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Congrats on holding Colsey! Yeah there are plenty of cheap mid options out there, making it easy to trade between them. He can hold down that 5th mid fine!

  9. rosco72

    Great write up Matt!!
    I’ve gone with Oscar over Ozil as I like Sagna Koscielny and Szczesny at the back. I’ve also gone Adebeyor for this week and kept enough cash to upgrade him down the line. Kept lukaku in over Rodriguez,you would expect him to score at home against Norwich

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  11. Louie K

    An outstanding analytical piece!

    My initial plan was to hold onto my WC, but injuries to Walcott, Cabaye and Rooney have changed things. Plus there’s a fitness doubt on Navas as well.

    I might pull the trigger now…

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks mate. Navas is a real doubt, perhaps wait for team news on Friday, unless you can’t afford the 1 or 2 price changes that will happen before then

  12. Dan

    My WC at the moment…apologies if this isnt the place for a RMT

    Terry Coleman Koscielny
    Hazard Ozil Silva Gerard
    Suarez Adebayor Rodriguez

    Mannone Noone Ward Chester

    2.3m left to help get Ade to Aguero when fit (one of the mids down to a Ramsay/Erikson)

  13. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    This is IMMENSE! Matt is admirable the amount of work and intel you put into this (hopefully not as much as Uni hahaha)! This helped me so much! With Rooney, Distinct, Cabaye, Walcott & Baker, I had to use the WC this week probably 🙁
    Also, what’s the news with Rooney (heard he could be out for up to a month??)

    Here is the team I plann using… Hopefully:
    Szczsney (Davis)
    Coleman, Nastasic/Azpilicueta, Dawson (Chester, Clyne)
    Ozil, Hazard, Eriksen, Ramsey (Noone)
    Rooney, Suarez, Sturridge
    0/0.2m in the kitty.

    It changed drastically from the one I posted on the last thread (sorry for the two long posts), but I have three worries, Rooney, Sturridge & Ramsey, if they are all looking likely Ill keep them, if not I can replace at least one, maybe 2, thoughts or news??

    Thanks again Matt, saved me loads of time!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks mate!!! What’s a uni? 😉 I’m not the best to ask for injuries, so go check out physio room’s twitter for better info. However groins are a big problem so I wouldn’t be surprised. Team looks solid, however don’t think Ramsey will start this week. Might be worth giving him a go anyway hard to tell yet. Press conferences tomorrow are big

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Yeah hahaha… Unis pfft
        I’ve read too many things it’s hard to decide but I do have Nastasic against Newcastle and No one against West Ham on the bench.
        I think Ill keep Lallana, he could be real good value if as he said he is really striving for that WC spot.
        Also just realised my team is too similar to yours! Don’t wanna be copying you, so I am off to change a few things! 🙁

  14. HeavyMen

    Great article Matt – thanks

    I’m ranked 9,371 & taken a 4 pt hit coming GW to shift Cabaye & Walcott to Ozil & Wilshere to be

    Fonte Mertesracker Coleman
    Ozil Wilshere Hazard Eriksen
    Suarez Lukaku Negredo

    McGregor Oviedo Rat Vlaar with 0.8 in the bank

    Thinking I will hold off the WC until the last week – unless injuries strike

    Merts can go & need Ramsey/Silva for Wiltshere & Aguero + best I can get for the two inconsistent forwards. Any other suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


  15. hoggyzalegend

    I decided to use my wildcard early.

    Here is what i have so far:

    Coleman, Clyne, Koscielny
    Eriksen, Silva, Hazard, Ozil
    Adebayor, Rodriguez, Suarez

    Davis, Parker, Chester, Ward

    Bank: $4.2mil to upgrade one of Adebayor or Rodriguez to Aguero once he’s back.


  16. kingcolesy

    WC after kick off on GW22 sound good? Get 10 days over (is it 4 the following?). Its looking like Ramsey and Aguero will be back for GW23 too it seems?

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Yeah I was the exact same, Sturridge would have been back and add Aguero and Ramsey, and RVP (affect on Rooney’s scoring) hopefully anyway, but then I got struck down with Cabaye, Walcott, Distin, Baker & Rooney, so I was basically forced to add to that two non-playing keepers (stupid decisions on my half :()… Cruel world!
        I know you probably get nothing but praise but… 474th!! WTF! DT you’re impeccable now this?!!!!

  17. pawan

    Used my wildcard early and my team currently looks like this
    K Davies(McGregor)
    Sagna Coleman Kolarov Azpilicueta Chester
    Eriksen Hazard Ozil Silva Lallana
    Adebayor Rodriguez Suarez
    In bank (0.5)

    Any suggestions for the team , better alternatives for Kolarov and any midfield tweaks to upgrade other areas?

    • rosco72

      Unless you are planning to play all 5 mids I would downgrade 1 to Noone and bank some cash. Koscielny would be a good alternative to Kolarov

      • Dan

        Agree with Rosco..gonna have a tough time deciding who to bench every wk with that front 8, just an unwanted headache imo.
        Use the cash to upgrade a keeper perhaps.

  18. screech

    hey baysie, you’re a toff, whats the deal on jags and distin now being assessed? have they been training? not sure about alcaraz now, he gonna play this week?

  19. rosco72

    Going with

    Szczesny (kelvin Davis)
    Sagna Koscielny Coleman (Ward Chester)
    Oscar Hazard Silva Eriksen (canas)
    Adebayor Suarez Lukaku
    2 million in the bank

    • kingcolesy

      Had a thought, why not get colback for that last mid slot at 4.2, seems pretty nailed on if I’m not mistaken and can get 3points in upcoming fixtures a bit where his team has home clean sheets. Definitely achieves budget price.

  20. Dram

    Fantastic stuff! Great read.

    I’m on a wildcard and have a defence of Coleman/Mert/Terry/Ward/Chester. In order to raise funds to get Aguero back I’m considering one or both the following trades;

    Mert to Koscielny; netts 0.5
    Terry to Cole; netts 0.4 (or even to Clyne which netts 1.9)

    Thoughts on this idea?

    Another I was considering is Yaya to Silva (may be forced to now anyway) which gives me 0.5.

    • kingcolesy

      Mert to kos is good, Im sure lots of people will be doing that, also Terry to Cole is good but theres an extra .7m to be gained from going Terry to Azpilicueta which seems to be the smarter move. Since you got Toure fairly late I think I’d do the Silva trade too! All very good money saving ideas! go all 3

  21. Rakshit

    Stunning stuff Matt! I didnt mind going through the long post as it was pure gold! And I can say this for all your readers Im sure!

    Getting to my team. I was planning to hold on till GW 23 as everyone else. But as of now I have Barkley, Rooney, Yaya and Distin on my injury list. The conundrum is that all 4 have late fitness tests and Im not sure whether I should use my wcard this week or hold on!

    Distin is all right as I have Zabaleta as cover for him. But the other three… not so. Pls advise.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks a lot… Rakshit? Haha. Not the worst injury list you could have, maybe not wildcard worthy. Toure to Silva could potentially be a good move? That or Barkley to another cheap midfielder

  22. darnette

    When using my WC I always 2nd guess myself;
    Here is my team

    Mignolet (McGregor)
    Dawson Koscielny Coleman Clyne Chester
    Yaya Toure Hazard Eriksen Ramsey Jedinak
    Adebayor Suarez Rodrigiez

    Bank 2.9 m. Any Suggestion would be great

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Ramsey won’t play this week so I’d swap him to Lallana. Also bear Aguero in mind, unless you want to push forward without him. Toure can go down to Silva depending on his value. Jedinak to Gnabry?

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