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It’s that time of week again where the crucial captaincy decision rolls around. This is going to be an interesting week, as not one pick truly convinces me. I’m not sure it’s going to be a high scoring gameweek, but I’ve been wrong before. Let’s take a look at the options!

The Contenders:

Ozil – Straight back from injury and straight back into the team. Arsenal will look to him more than ever with Walcott going down, and I can sense solid performance this week even with Theo out. In what is sure to be a tough game Ozil could be the difference between the two sides and is a good option, but not for captaincy just yet.

Coleman – A defender has made his way back into the captains, my god. However he has deserved every last accolade this season, he’s been amazing. If Everton had been more solid at the back then I would be seriously considering him, however their lack of recent clean sheets (1 goal conceded every game in the past 6) has me shying away. Surely he can’t score again!

Eriksen – A solid option to bring into midfield, but don’t consider captaining him. Just be glad with the points he hopefully returns you, without the burden of an armband!

Rooney – I just don’t know what’s going on with Rooney’s fitness. There is no doubt he’s still carrying that groin injury and when RVP returns he may just have to be rested for a couple of weeks. Hopefully he will push on this weekend and in different circumstances, a home game against Swansea would have him in the top 2. Unfortunately he is too risky at the moment, even though if I had to guess I’d say he will play. Don’t roll these dice.

Toure – Toure has been extremely consistent this season, but that’s it. He hasn’t scored or assisted more than once in a game apart from when he took that 93rd minute penalty against West Brom. A no for me, City’s away form is too volatile. The same goes for Silva and of course, hat-trick hero Negredo. At home, surprise surprise.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – I am going to be playing it safe this week, as none of the other options really convince me at all. You’ll see what I mean at number 3. Yes Stoke are usually solid at home, but if you look at their history with top opposition it makes for completely different reading. Anyone for that matter this season. There has actually been 37 goals in Stoke’s last 12 games, more than over half the League. A 3-2 win over Chelsea, a 3-2 loss to Manchester United, a 4-0 loss to Everton and a 3-1 loss to Arsenal show that clashes against the top teams are mostly entertaining affairs. Suarez has the ability and class to return some kind of attacking points, and you just wouldn’t want to be the one who misses out on another one of his 20’s, of which I reckon there are more to come. Don’t write him off, you do so at your own peril.

2. Hazard – His unbelievable form recently warrants his place in the top 3 every week at the moment. However Hull’s home defensive record is so outstanding that it makes it hard to contemplate captaining him. Chelsea is not exactly on fire at the moment and they will find it tough against a solid Hull side. Having said that they usually have the quality to break through any defence, and Hazard is often at the forefront. If you don’t want to go Suarez, then this may be your next best bet.

3. Adebayor – Ok, I’ve completely lost my mind. However the lack of options sticking out this week is alarming. He is a man in form, and also a man playing for a new contract. Sherwood has changed the mood around Spurs and I can see them cashing in on a solid victory this week, even against Pulis’ well-structured outfit. Tottenham need a convincing win and surely Adebayor can get on the score sheet against Palace. By no means am I recommending you rush into captaining him, hence the safe number 1 pick. However if you want to be different then this is probably up there with the best options, as far as potential goes anyway.

The Punt:

Lukaku – He is a more viable pick this week than ever before, thus making it into the top picks for the first time in a while. Norwich are struggling at the back, Everton are in need of a convincing win and he has been short of goals lately. With a world cup coming up he will still be hungry for goals and this could be his week. He is still a massive risk however and I wouldn’t be one to take the punt, but if you’re going to go with him then this is probably the week to do it!

So that’s it from me this week. Thanks for all the great feedback on the wildcard article, it’s great to hear it helps people out! Good luck to everyone this weekend, and may it be one of high scoring! Cheers.

4 comments on “The Captains – GW21

  1. James

    Sky Sports reporting Shrek won’t play v Swansea. Sent to warm weather recuperation!! NO ROONEY this week folks!!

  2. nburk53

    Great stuff Matty! No love for Welbeck this week? 5 goals in 5 games in the Premier League! Even if he did start both the Cup games last week you’d think he will still play with Rooney and RVP out?

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