In Round Discussion – GW21

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I hope everyone is travelling well, come on Suarez! Feel free to discuss your thoughts on the weekends action below…

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  1. screech

    52* w/ Suarez (C), Ozil and Koscielny to come. If Yaya Toure’s injury is serious, I might have to trade him to Lallana. The following week get Aguero? Ohh man I need another WC already

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Speculation about an injury, but nobody really knows. Perhaps Demichellis is ahead of him but strange he wasn’t even on the bench. Azpilicueta could be the go

  2. tigervicas

    73 with mertersacker to play – happy with this condidering i had 5 players flagged injured or doubtful, made 2 subs bringing in erikkson for walcott and adabayor for rooney – leaves me plenty of cash for aguero if fit this weekend

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Aguero will be interesting, hoping he will start but perhaps a bench appearance is more likely. Then again I took the risk with Sturridge this week so possibly worth it

  3. Louie K

    On 65 with Ozil to play but should have 71. After using WC, had Clyne in my side all week until I bought in Nastasic in last minute. No idea why he didn’t play???

    Anyway, I need to decide whether to keep him or trade out? He’s a prime candiadte to be rotated with Dechemelis.

  4. MattyZach

    74 with Ozil and Szczeny to come still. Pretty happy with my side after my WC. Only disappointment so far was picking Silva over Gerrad.
    Nastasic not playing has thrown me a curve ball, so my original plan to go Lukaku to Sturridge with my FT this week is suddenly shaky!

  5. JKO4177

    86 with Szczesny to come. Great week for me everyone at least 5 points except for Yaya Toure. Cant wait to get Sturridge again next week.

      • kingcolesy

        yep, for me, 68 and holding rank fine with Mert to go. Honestly thought there would be higher scores than mine with alot of easy CS’s this week, and some mids like lallana/Gerrard/Eriksen firing. Im hoping for a Ozil and Giroud blank!

      • Liam

        Yeah still got it banked, going to save right til the end, got two free transfers this week as well.

        Hopefully Rooney can come up fresh for the Chelsea game, any indication on that one Matt?

        Found some interesting information on Yaya if anyone is interested:

        10 goals from 14 shots on target with a historical conversion rate of 30% he is currently going at 71+% which is highly unsustainable ( side note: the league average conversion rate is 14% so 30% is quite impressive anyways).

        Averages 0.75 shots on target per game and spends a lot of time at CDM but lets not forget he has penalties and free kicks in his locker.

        Sure players can perform above the underlying stats but it generally only lasts so long, for example Michu in the first half of last season. This is a different beast though but it still feels highly unsustainable.

        To conclude football is not statistics and magic moments and purple patches (like Toure’s laser free kicks, love watching them) but with an injury, aguero to come back soon and the likelihood of sustainable returns the second half of the season could be much quieter for Yaya.

        Original Source:

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          I’m sure Rooney will play. Penalties are about to leave his locker. This has been my problem with him all year. Still never recommended him over Silva!

  6. Dan

    67 with Ozil and Koscielny to go. Not bad, but coulda been alot better though compared to others WC scores.

    Was planning on holding my FT this week, but City with Cardiff this wk, im considering Kolarov. Looks a secure starter now in league games. Also with Nasri and Dzeko injured, Navas looks a viable option and apparently is Aguero back fit too(chance to start vs Cardiff?)

    Need another WC already!

  7. Steed

    Hi Guys;

    My first year playing and current lineup of:

    Mignolet, Harper
    Coleman, Turner, Mertesacker, Gabbidon, Jagielka
    Yaya, Ramsey, Colback, Lallana, Hazard
    Lukaku, Rodriguez, Suarez ©

    Getting me decent points week-to-week (68 so far with Mertesacker and Ramsey (?)) still to play. But I think it could be better maybe?

    I’ve only got 0.3 in the bank additional and 2FT plus a wildcard.

    Any advice on trades, wildcard usage would be awesome.

    Thanks heaps


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