Round Review – GW21

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Last gameweek marked the return of SAS, and boy did they do it in style. Let us know how you did in the following format!

Rank (Overall):

Other Comments:

Score: 86
Rank (Overall): 2,325
Lords: Suarez, Sturridge, Eriksen, Hazard, Dawson, Clyne
Losers: Ozil
Captain: Suarez
Trades: Adebayor -> Aguero
Vent/Brag: Successful wildcard once again, massively important and well set-up for the second half of the season.
Other Comments: Fairly successful round for those who wildcard, with injuries minimal.

Hopefully you all fared just as well!

56 comments on “Round Review – GW21

  1. screech

    Score: 82
    Rank (Overall): 8k
    Lords: Boruc, Azpi, Coleman (CS) & Eriksen, Hazard, Wellbeck (G) & Suarez captain
    Losers: Ozil, Koscielny
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Adebayor> Sturridge
    Vent/Brag: Got into the top 10k for the first time this season
    Other Comments: Still have Welbeck as my 3rd FWD at this stage….still have enough stashed to get Aguero for him next week….but what about Benteke?

  2. Viper086

    Score: 66
    Rank (Overall): 2440
    Lords: Suarez, Hazard, Lukaku, Coleman, Clyne
    Losers: Whittingham, Metersacker, Kasami, Yaya
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: WC this week, getting rid of Whittingham, Kasami, Distin, Vlaar.
    Vent/Brag: Pretty happy overall with where i sit. Lost a bit of traction by not playing my WC but still only fell a couple of hundred spots.
    Other Comments: Do I hold Rooney if he misses again this week.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Score: 79
    Rank (Overall): 190k :((
    Lords: Capt. Suarez, Hazard, Lallana, Eriksen, Clyne, Coleman, Adebayor
    Losers: Ozil, Sagna
    Captain: Suarez πŸ™‚
    Trades: Adebayor > Sturridge MAYBE
    Vent/Brag: Moved up 70k in the rankings which is good, but. I gotta keep it going!
    Other Comments: Cazorla! I hate you! You played pretty well all game, and then you make a stupid decision/pass, 4 seconds later… It’s in the back if the net!!!!! Thanks mate!!!

    Also, WC worked out pretty well, would’ve been stuffed full of injuries still had I not played it, and. I think I am gonna only go with the two expensive forwards (Suarez already locked in) and let Sturridge/Adebayor fill the other void.

  4. The Johnsonator

    Score: 97
    Rank (Overall): 56,774
    Lords: 3. Suarez, 2. Chiriches, 1. Lallana
    Losers: Yaya Toure, Szczesny
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Lukaku –> Sturridge
    Vent/Brag: Made two trades: Rooney –> Welbeck & Nasri –> Lallana
    Other Comments: Have got 5.2mil to spend

  5. kingcolesy

    Score: 70
    Rank (Overall): 330
    Lords: Hazard
    Losers: Cabaye Huddlestone lol!
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Terry > Kosc. silly but meh, caught a price rise for WC team
    Other Comments: Losing points for holding Rooney.. but Im sticking with him. Fixtures are too good after Chelsea, so hope he gets me up the rankings then.

  6. baysietoff

    Score: 76
    Rank (Overall): 30k
    Lords: Suarez, Chiriches, Hazard
    Losers: Cabaye, Ozil, Sagna
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Not sure… Maybe Szczesny in for Howard, or Erik in for Cabaye
    Vent/Brag: None really apart from I’m happy with the non-WC score!
    Other Comments: Meh

  7. Dan

    Score: 71
    Rank: 230k
    Lords: Suarez, Gerrard, Hazard
    Losers: Rodriguez, Ozil, Marshall
    Capt: who else?
    Trades: wanna hold as I just WCed and seems dumb not to back the same team in. But Im real tempted to do Ozil>Wilshere and JRod>Aguero
    Vent/Brag: woulda scored 69 if I didn’t WC, feels like kind of a waste at this stage

    • kingcolesy

      bugger, I thought that could be the consensus for a few people, I’m just happy I didn’t, so I get to see how this Cardiff team lines up for another week(not that they are great for investing in! 😐 )

  8. Rakshit

    Score: 68
    Rank (Overall):500k
    Lords: Erikson Suarez Clyne Lallana
    Losers: Podolski Yaya TURNER
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Barkley–> Ozil/Gerrard/Silva, Podolski–> Negredo/Giroud
    Vent/Brag: 10 men played for me! Podolski didnt turn up along with Turner, Barkley and Distin!
    Other Comments: Did not use my wild card and with 10 men Im decently pleased with the score. Could have been a lot worse.

    Barkley to be replaced by Ozil/Gerrard/Silva? Enough in the bank to make the upgrade.

  9. brandonpietie

    Score: 71
    Rank (Overall): 158,291
    Lords: SuΓ‘rez, Welbeck, Hazard, Coleman, Clyne
    Losers: Cabaye
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: See Below (Other Comments)
    Vent/Brag: Held on to tWC for this round… But played it now
    Other Comments:
    Wild Card in FULL effect.

    Team stands as follows:
    McGregor (Kelvin Davis)
    Coleman, Chester, Johnson (Gabbidon, Clyne)
    Hazard, Eriksen, Silva, Dempsey (Januzaj)
    Suarez, Aguero, Benteke

    Thoughts? Need to get t into top 3 and positioned 4th at the moment.

    • Yoloswag

      Gabbidon, Kelvin, Benteke, Dempsey Johnson and Januzaj definitely need to go.
      Depending on funds… I would go:
      Kelvin to Mannone
      Johnson to Sagna/Koscielny
      Benteke to Adebayor/Sturridge
      Gabbidon to Bardsley/Azpilicueta
      Januzaj to Noone/Gnabry
      Dempsey to Lallana

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          Yoloswag is right tbh.
          I Watched the game last night (first one since start of December) and tbh he did look alright, but firstly Sturridge looked miles better, has better team mates (so he gets fed well unlike Benteke), his partner in crime is the IF striker of Europe, so he has a better chance to get on the end of Suarez’s impeccable passing recently & this season, and quite a few of Sturdidge’s passes to Suarez when he is in an attacking position will go in.
          Sturbridge is also very pacey, so he may be the main target on quick counters. He is also very consistent and great value i recon.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Your choice in the end, and Benteke could be on the start of a stellar run of form for all I know, but if it was me I would go with Sturridge over Bentekkers.

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          I would agree Sturridge is a better option than Benteke, but there’s no hurt in having a POD and Benteke could be worth a punt, although a risky one at that. Dempsey is another very risky punt and I wouldn’t go with him until he shows some form. Not over guys like Lallana/Ramsey. Januzaj is a great option at the moment, 6 starts in the last 7 and got MOTM. However he is very expensive for a bench warmer, so he can be moved on if needed. Johnson does have to go, Koscielny looks great value. You’re keepers are a bit weird… Boruc/Mannone in for McGregor? Either way I favour going with 1 starter and someone 3.9, so Davis is ok. Would be nice to upgrade Gabbidon to Azpili, probably at the expense of Januzaj if I had to pick. Adebayor/Welbeck will remain POD’s if that’s what you’re after, depending on how much you want Benteke/Januzaj. πŸ™‚

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I remember you were in mid table and wanted to not captain Suarez to gain ground! Up to 4th, just be patient. 17 gameweeks to go. Can’t help you with your team without knowing what’s in the bank…..

      • brandonpietie

        Yes, I did jump to 4th with that round… and only 20 points behind number 3 now.
        With the changes in play… I have 0.1 in the bank.
        The team is now:

        McGregor (Mannone)
        Koscielny, Coleman, Clyne (Bardsley, Chester)
        Eriksen, Silva, Hazard, Lallana (Gnabry)
        Suarez (V), Aguero (C), Adebayor.

  10. Louie K

    After bringing Silva into my team for the fourth time this season with my WC last week, I now read he has another injury concern. FFS!

  11. Viper086

    I have pulled the trigger on the WC this week and wanting some advice. With Aguero coming off the bench today successfully in the FA cup you would think he walks straight back into the lineup this weekend so my plan is:
    Yaya –> Eriksen
    Lukaku –> Sturridge
    Rooney –> Aguero
    Jedinak –> Huddlestone

    Only concern is that Aguero doesn’t crack the first 11 and comes off the bench and you assume Rooney will come back to take on Chelsea so that would be a bit of a waste. I feel like i am trading for the sake of it rather than improving my team. What do you think?

    • baysietoff

      You’re reading my mind! After I heard Aguero came off the bench and scored in 49 seconds I was going to pull the trigger too. The thing stopping me is I’m not 110% convinced he will start straight away? Dzeko and Negredo both scored 2 in that game and have been in decent form, so they may not need to play him from the start. Probably wrong but I’m going to trust my team for one more week and see how it goes.

      • Viper086

        Yeah not much else at 5m or less which is what i would have left over apart from Huddlestone. Hull are good for the unexpected sometimes and he would be on the pine anyway as backup.

        I think i might just hold off on Aguero until right before the match day kicks off.

        Any news on Yaya? Hard to know exactly how bad his injury is anywhere. Seems like a weeke to week proposition but he still bangs them in!

        Thanks for the help!

  12. George

    Rank (Overall):922,033
    Lords: Suarez, Eriksen, Hazard, Coleman
    Losers: Ozil, Rodriguez, Nastasic (grr listened to wildcard transfer talk)
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Potentially Ozil to Ramsey, Rodriguez to Sturridge
    Vent/Brag: So glad I got Eriksen back in my team! Disappointed that Nastasic didn’t play I really needed him to! Hopefully he is back in this week otherwise Kolarov will be my replacement.
    Other Comments: —

  13. Rakshit

    I have to replace Barkley and I have 1.0 in the bank. Is Wilshire against Fulham a good shout for a one game punt? I will use my wild card after this game week.

      • Rakshit

        Yes exactly! He seems to be thriving in their absence! Problem is that Arsenal, irrespective of the opposition have stopped hitting teams for 3-4-5 goals. Hope they smash struggling Fulham though!

  14. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    What’s the news on Rooney?? I have viable cover of he misses but all I have been able to find is that he is gone off to warm temperature treatment stuff… Nothing else?
    Any news would be great! Thanks guys πŸ™‚

    • nburk53

      More news to come over the next day or so, but he is still a major doubt. As its a massive game against Chelsea Moyes could potentially risk him. He’s definitely not 100% so it will be a massive call either way. Plus RVP is looking less and less likely to return as well.

  15. baysietoff

    Ok so my turn to ask for some advice! I’ve got my finger hovering over the WC button but not sure…

    Current team;

    Howard (Gazzaniga)
    Coleman, Sagna, Gibbs (Chiriches, Rosenior)
    Ozil, Hazard, Silva, Cabaye (Redmond)
    Suarez, Negredo, Adebayor

    New team will look like;

    Cech (Davis)
    Coleman, Sagna, Gibbs (Azpilicueta, Rosenior)
    Ozil, Hazard, Silva, Eriksen (Noone)
    Suarez, Sturridge, Adebayor

    With 0.3 left to probably upgrade Gibbs to Koscielny. Fitting Aguero in was going to be too much work.

    I’m not too sure its worth it right now?

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