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Welcome back to another edition of transfer talk. Plenty to get through with the next gameweek fast approaching, let’s take a look at this weeks winners and losers and some hot buys for the next few GW’s. With some key players returning to action, it will be an interesting gameweek ahead.


  • Aguero – He is probably the hottest buy there is this week! He scored within 40 seconds of coming off the bench in his return from injury. Yes you heard that right. 11.9 is going to be the cheapest we see him for the rest of the season, so if you have the cash in the bank I would go after him. If not I do believe you should look at getting him, he is such a great player and 11.9 is a bargain. He is fully fit and I can see him getting a start this weekend against Cardiff, and even if he gets subbed he should already have goals to his name. There is some talk of holding off until February and keeping Negredo. This has merit, and holding Negredo for this week is a wise move, especially if you’re avoiding a hit. However for the 2 away games we are talking about the striker who transforms into a potato away compared with the league’s leading scorer away from home before his injury. I know who I’d prefer. You can’t go wrong getting him in.
  • Sturridge – I took the gamble on the return of SAS last week and it paid off handsomely. Both will start this week at home to Villa and we should expect only 1 thing, goals. He’s another brilliant option, having the SAS partnership (Suarez Aguero Sturridge) should be the way forward in my opinion. Let’s hope they all stay fit!
  • Kolarov – Now this one is interesting. A perfect risk/reward example at the back. If Kolarov can continue to nail down a first XI place then he is the biggest bargain of the year. However Clichy will always be pushing him for a start and he is often considered the better defender. I think it could be likely that Clichy will start against some of City’s main opposition to bolster the defense, before making way for Kolarov when Pellegrini can sniff goals. This would work well for his owners, as these are the games where he is likely to score big. However he is never guaranteed gametime and he could leave your defense short if he doesn’t play. I think he could be worth the risk short term, although City’s fixtures aren’t great anyway. If you’re after a Nastasic replacement however the two have similar job security, one obviously having a much bigger upside!
  • Eriksen – Not all wildcard bandwagons pay off, however this one is looking pretty good so far. Eriksen is dropping into the hole and enjoying plenty of action going forward under Spurs new manager. There are some great alternatives in midprice midfielders and they could decide your season going forward. Personally I’m very happy with Eriksen at the moment as there are so many replacement options on stand by. Don’t go chasing him though, not yet anyway.
  • Lallana – Another midpricer on fire, he had been forgotten for a few weeks but has returned to form with a bang. Southampton have some reasonable fixtures coming up so don’t be afraid to get back on board, just consider the alternatives as well. Doesn’t look like slowing.
  • Navas – If you’re after a POD then Navas could be a brilliant shout. City have scored 45 goals in their last 10 home games (what?!) and have made it 99 for the season in all competitions. No problems going forward! With Nasri out for at least 8 weeks, Navas should be handed some consistent first XI game time. He has been scoring well in recent times and has certainly adapted to Premier League conditions. He provides great value at 8.3, definitely consider.
  • Welbeck – No doubt a hot buy at the moment, 6 goals in 6 games are deserved rewards for all his hard work. However I do agree with those dropping him with their wildcards. He is at an awkward price, RVP and Rooney will soon return and United have some tough fixtures. Not a long term option.
  • Adebayor – Now this certainly could be a long term option. Well until he gets a new contract. Ade is on fire and continued his brilliant run with his 4th game out of 5 containing attacking returns. He is proving to be a really consistent option and should definitely be considered as a viable POD long term. Just take into account the quality you are leaving out to keep him.
  • Azpilicueta – He certainly looks the value defensive option at the moment as far as the bigger teams go, aside from Koscielny of course. Chelsea have tightened up (finally) with 4 clean sheets in their last 5. Cahill is another option to consider, both have job security problems going forward, however both look to be asserting a first XI spot and provide great value. I’ll take the plunge next week.
  • Boruc – Finally it is the return of the popular value keeper from earlier this season. Southampton are running back into a nice set of defensive fixtures, and look to have re-assured themselves at the back. Possibly due to Boruc’s return, either way he is great value at just 4.7. Personally I prefer a set and forget keeper, however if you’re after value then look no further!


  • Toure – Perhaps give him this week to come up. If the news is that he will miss he should be traded to Silva ASAP! Don’t worry, Silva will be fine. Either way, Liam pointed out earlier in the week that Toure’s stats are unsustainable, here’s some of what he said. “Toure has 10 goals from 14 shots on target with a historical conversion rate of 30%, he is currently going at 71+% which is highly unsustainable (The league average conversion rate is 14% so 30% is quite impressive anyway). Averages 0.75 shots on target per game and spends a lot of time at CDM, with penalty duties about to be taken away from him with Aguero’s return. Free kicks are his biggest asset. Sure players can perform above the underlying stats but it generally only lasts so long, for example Michu in the first half of last season. To conclude, Toure will still provide his magic moments but with an injury, Aguero to come back this week and the stats provided, the likelihood of sustainable returns in the second half of the season aren’t great for Yaya. He just doesn’t get enough chances and as good as he has been, Silva should be a safer option moving forward. A perfect wildcard move.” Make of that what you will.
  • Henderson – Gerrard is back, and Henderson is back to CDM! Even though I must admit Gerrard looks like dropping deeper, Henderson just won’t be involved in enough going forward to warrant further selection. Look to go up to a better midpricer or drop him to make some cash.
  • Nasri – Injured for at least 8 weeks so obviously has to be traded, as I said earlier Navas a good like for like replacement. He is at an awkward price so going up to a premium or down to a midpricer are also options, probably best done with a wildcard.
  • Barkley – He will be out for 2-3 weeks so it’s time to trade, going down to a cheap mid to free up some cash should be a good move with a wildcard.
  • Remy – He showed a lack of confidence against City on the weekend, with 2 great chances to score going begging. You get the feeling he would have taken the chances earlier when in form, however he didn’t have the confidence to take the shot on. Time to trade with a whole new line-up of budget forwards available.
  • Lukaku – This is another interesting one. Those who have brought him in recently can trade without thinking about it, however if he is worth just 8.0 to you then there is a tough decision to be made. He has been out of form no doubt about it, and the fixtures will only get tougher from here. However we have discovered before that he thrives on the bigger challenges, and he will become a POD when everyone chases the SAS strike partnership. I can’t tell you to trade, but I will say that I’d be much more comfortable owning Aguero/Sturridge over Lukaku. Sometimes, believe it or not, safe is best.
  • Sterling – Sturridge’s return to full fitness will ask questions of Sterling’s starting position, and certainly makes it tough to hold him. To be honest the way Coutinho is playing, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is the one to make way. Either way, I’m not sure holding Sterling is sustainable.


Johnson – Finally we have a fresh player of the week! I’m glad it’s him to, because I’m going to be that smart voice in your conscience telling you to stop being delusional and don’t even consider trading him in. It would take quite a few more of these performances before he becomes relevant, although Sunderland have turned it around quite well. Not yet.

That’s it from me today. A fresh captains article tomorrow with some returning faces! Hope you enjoyed, cheers.

13 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW21

  1. Matt

    Nice article! So hard to get the right striker combination with so many viable options.. heard from physioroom that Ramsey is likely to return this week. Thoughts?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I think he will too, I’d give him a week and wait for him to return to form. However if you’re in a position to gamble then I guess there’s no harm in taking the risk. Might come off the bench though.

  2. rostie

    Well done Matt on getting Sturridge last week. Propelled you past me to 1st in the phantoms league. Aguero back a week early for me so I’m going to have to take a hit this week to fit him and Sturridge in my team. Great work with this site and best of luck for rest of season!

  3. Shikhar

    Well Written ! Aguero was my planned transfer for this week (not taking any hits).. Also i was not happy with santi cazorla’s “fpl” performance.. Even though he played well on the pitch but he was not getting in scoring positions or even assist providing positions.. Last week for him if he doesn’t perform !

  4. Holly


    I’m hoping to make amends this week as last week i foolishly left it till the last 10mins to make my changes and my phone froze so i didn’t get to change anyone.
    I’m thinking of using a wildcard and changing my whole midfield but i can’t decide whether to go with the team that has Hazard and Lallana or Gerrard, Lallana and Eriksen?
    Also, is Aguero a good pick or are we thinking he won’t feature much against Cardiff?


    Ps. Great site! Very helpful, keep up the good work 🙂

  5. templetontherat

    I think this week is the wild-card week for me. This is my team now: Guzan (Krul); Clyne, Wilson, Coleman (Williams, Figueroa); Whittingham, Hazard, Coutinho, Mirallas, Amalfitano; Adebayor, Remy and Suarez.
    I think Suarez, Clyne, Hazard, Coleman I’d want to keep. Is there anyone I should take off the keep list or take off the transfer and keep. And answer this please. Suarez + Sturridge or Suarez + Aguero for the front two?

  6. Louie.K

    After breaking his goal drought I’m tipping Benteke to hit some form. After this Liverpool match he has six enticing fixtures in a row before he faces Man City and Chelsea. He’s on my radar. Too good of a player to taper away the way he has thus far.

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