The Captains – GW22

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We welcome back a familiar face this week, providing some food for thought when there otherwise wouldn’t be. Let’s take a look at the options!

The Contenders:

Hazard – I’ll be pretty clear about this. With Liverpool facing Villa at home and City playing Cardiff at the house of pain, you’d be pretty brave looking anywhere else. Hazard is a very good shout to get on the scoresheet against a struggling United, however there are better options out there. Pass.

Ozil – Arsenal v Fulham is another game that stands out as far as captains are concerned, however Arsenal haven’t had a habit of putting teams away this season. Arsenal hasn’t won by more than 3 goals all year, scoring 4 only once. On top of this Ozil hasn’t been in great form, failing to score or assist in his last 3. He should really be in for a big haul, and his position in our teams will have to come under scrutiny if he does nothing. I expect him to shine, but not worthy of captaincy at the moment.

Giroud – This is probably a better shout if you have him as a POD, however I wouldn’t take the extra risk in captaining him. Yet to score more than 1 goal in a game this season, apart from when he took that penalty against the saints. With Arteta returning he’s probably not worth the risk.

Gerrard – I said earlier Arsenal have scored 4 goals in a game only once. Liverpool have done it 6 times! However the captain candidates are elsewhere, Gerrard is more likely to give you constant returns, rather than big hauls.

Silva – Arsenal have done it once, Liverpool 6 times. City have done it 10! 45 goals in their last 10 home appearances says it all, they are goal machines. However once again you should be looking upfront to give the armband. Silva will do his job, just unlikely to be a massive score.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – Let’s not get irrational this week. Yes it’s exciting to have the SAS reunited, Aguero back, and Negredo firing in cup competitions. However there is still only one man we should be really considering for the armband this week. Don’t think about considering Sturridge as a problem, it should only help Suarez. Just take a look at the stats. 22 goals and 11 assists in 16 appearances, averaging over 2 goals created a game. Even more concerning are is his stats against opposition outside the top 4. 22 goals and 10 assists in 13 appearances, averaging 13 points per game. Then you hear his stats against opposition outside the top 4 at home. 15 goals and 4 assist in wait for it… 7 games! Scoring 101 points from those 7 appearances. Are you really going to bet against him against Villa at home. He hasn’t blanked once all season at home. I repeat, hasn’t failed to score at home EVEN ONCE! I rest my case.

2. Negredo – If you are willing to bet against Suarez then this is another safe candidate. Similar to Suarez he has never failed to score at home this season, however the issue is that he also hasn’t score more than 1 all season. 1 goal isn’t going to cut it as captain, and he will no longer be the main man with Aguero back. However he has shown he’s capable of filling his boots with 2 hat-tricks in cup matches, as well as another 2 goal haul against Blackburn midweek. You wouldn’t deny him a goal or two, however captaincy doesn’t seem so wise with Suarez so hot.

3. Aguero – I am so glad he is returning, probably my favourite player to watch, level with Suarez. His movement is incredible and he will only lift City to even further heights. I’m confident he will start this weekend, no point in leaving him on the bench again. However he will probably be subbed once the game is won, which it surely will be. A goal fest is in store and Aguero should get his goal tally underway again, however it’s too risky to go with him over Suarez in his first game back from injury.

The Punt:

Sturridge – I don’t really think this is the gameweek to be taking the punt, however Sturridge should be in for a big haul this weekend. I can’t see Villa keeping Liverpool out and he should enjoy a day out with Suarez. Just not worth going against Luis in my opinion.

So that’s it from me this week! Good luck to everyone this weekend, look forward to plenty more with Andy’s preview and Nick’s news wrap. Cheers!

6 comments on “The Captains – GW22

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Poll results so far:
    Suarez: 100% (13 votes)
    And then there is some other people I forget their names…
    Great article mate, but I am pretty sure he was a lock for all anyway, was a great read though 🙂

  2. sammyj

    I don’t quite have the coin in the bank to go Adebayor to Aguero; so do you think the better combination is Ozil and Adebayor, or Gerrard and Aguero?

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