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After an interesting week, there is a lot more hot buys than cold ones this week. I couldn’t fit them all in! I purposely waited until after the FA Cup (And Australia Day) to better understand what injuries were floating around and any transfers that went through. Let’s take a look at the options, with plenty of differentials presenting themselves.


  • Johnson – Yes, yes, yes. I hear you. He has played a part in Sunderland’s last 6 goals. May I remind you that he was involved in 2 of 8 before that? Let alone the fact that Sunderland have scored only 20 times all season at less than 1 a game? Just bear that in mind. I would be very cautious, just as Baysie mentioned in the Dream Team. One more good week and I agree it’s hard to ignore.
  • Adebayor – The hottest mid price striker going around, and there is a lot of them! We are given a massive dilemma up forward. Suarez and Aguero are playing so well that it just can’t be ignored, so there goes 2 spots. Suddenly you’re left with just 1 striker spot to fill. Sturridge is lightening hot on return from injury, but this man just keeps getting better! Soldado was rightly dropped to the bench against Swansea with Adebayor dominating, and ended up being unlucky to miss a hat-trick. Whether you go value with that third striker or back in someone above 9 could be a crucial decision. Unfortunately the premium midfielders can’t keep up!
  • Aguero – Another hat-trick in the FA Cup will surely tempt those who haven’t got him yet to jump on board. His form hasn’t wavered over his injury lay off and he looks better than ever. If you can remember back to what Suarez did away to Spurs, you won’t be too concerned about his fixture. He is definitely fixture proof. Just get him in and be done with it.
  • Eriksen – The bandwagon has settled, and surprisingly he still remains a point of difference. Owned by just 6.5% of players, he is a great differential to have coming into the last half of the season. Consistency is not something usually shown by midpricers, so 4 attacking returns in 5 games sets him in good stead. With doubts over the future of Cabaye and Ramsey only just coming back into contention, he is standing out as a solid pick, if not hampered by fixtures. It hasn’t stopped him so far, however if you are in no rush then perhaps it will be better to see how he handles them. His price won’t go skyrocketing anytime soon.
  • Cabaye – Yes I made a pretty rash decision in trading him in early, however it will certainly be worth the risk if he doesn’t get transferred. I’m 50/50 at this stage as to what will happen. He won’t be around Newcastle next season for sure, however I think Pardew may be able to persuade him to see out the season. It’s not like PSG will win the Champions League or United will come storming back in the BPL. However the offers are coming in thick and fast and if one big enough comes through the door, Cabaye might leave after it. I wouldn’t be trading him in until after the transfer window ends, his future will be unknown right up until deadline day closes.
  • Koscielny – He is just such incredible value at 5.6. He is an equal part in the best centre back partnership in the Premier League, a walk up starter in the League’s best defence (10 clean sheets this season) and when he and Mertesacker have played 90 minutes together, Arsenal have not lost in over 2 years (Incredible), with over half those games ending in clean sheets. If he fits your structure, just get him in.
  • Bony – Plenty has been spoken about this man this week so I won’t go into too much detail, however he could be the perfect POD upfront if guys like Adebayor and Sturridge falter.


  • Ozil – His form just isn’t sustainable at over 10, and I think it has gotten to the stage where he has to go. It got to this stage with Cazorla last season and he scored a hat-trick, so it may come back to bite us. However with some midpricers outperforming him and our budgets tightened by our premium strike forces, it seems better to push on without him. I’m not ruling him out by any means, be prepared for him to have the occasional big week!
  • Negredo – His shoulder is in a sling, Aguero is back, and he got subbed off before 60 minutes at home to Cardiff. Time to go Negredo!
  • Lukaku – With forward options popping up all around him, his form hasn’t lifted enough for my liking. He needs to lift his game, and quick. If you have a free trade then Lukaku just might be the one to go.
  • Coutinho – I don’t even think he should make Liverpool’s starting XI, although Lucas’ injury will help his cause. He plays more passes that miss the target than hit it, and is a very raw talent at this stage. Definitely trade.
  • Wilshere – An interesting option this one, and you might’ve expected to see him in the hot buys. Arsenal’s midfield tend to rotate as far as form goes. First it was Ramsey, then it was Ozil, then it was Wilshere, now it’s Cazorla! Will he keep it up? I don’t think so, so I would be looking elsewhere. Add to that an injury concern which has him in doubt for this week plus Ramsey’s return to full fitness, and I would certainly be avoiding.


Cazorla – He will always have a week like this, you can’t hold a player of Cazorla’s class down for long. However his price is steep and I don’t think his benefits outweigh his cost. The man I’m about to mention will surely have better value at the same price, while there is no shortening of options for slightly cheaper. I’ll be avoiding.


Mata – So finally we reach the talking point of the week. Mata has made his much debated move from Chelsea to Man United, and to be honest it makes me sick. Firstly it’s not fair to the other teams, as Chelsea have already played Man United twice. There is absolutely no way such a trade would occur if the fixtures were different. Secondly it breaks all the rules of transfers. You never sell to your main rivals, and you never get rid of one of your best players going into a title race. In my opinion the January transfer window should be scrapped entirely, but that probably won’t happen. All we need to worry about is how Mata will perform at United.

There is no doubt about it, 9.5 is incredible value for last seasons best midfielder. He hasn’t lost any of his ability and is in my opinion, comfortably in the top 3 CAM’s in the League. Last season he went 15 out of 16 games with at least a goal or assists to his name, averaging almost 9 points per game in that period. He finished with 11 goals, 18 assists and Chelsea’s player of the year. He will be a walk up starter in United’s pitiful midfield, and will surely be handed his favoured central role. Whether it clicks for him straight away is a completely different matter. Rooney and RVP are still injured and it may take him a little while to adjust to the lesser quality around him (How many more United digs do I need?).

Regardless of what we all think about the transfer, in fpl terms we have been blessed. I will be willing to give him a couple of games and prove to me that he can reproduce his best at United, I’m almost sure we will all have him at some stage. It will be a big risk to trade him in straight away this week, although a start looks more and more likely.

EDIT: With Cabaye in France undertaking a PSG medical, it should be worth gambling on Mata early if you have the sufficient funds/wildcard to pull off the move.

So that’s it from me today! As far as a couple of injury concerns go, I think Silva will be fine as he was just rested. Coleman is a big doubt however and I can’t see him getting up for this week’s clash. I’m definitely holding him though. The captains will be out for you guys tomorrow morning, don’t forget that deadline isn’t until 19:30 GMT! Until then, cheers.

28 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW22

  1. Louie.K

    Injuries to Coleman and Chester and the no show of Nastasic means my only trade will be in defence this week (otherwise I get a donut).

    My original plans were to go either to Ozil/Silva to Cabaye. I’m not sure it’s worthwhile taking a four point hit to do that now.

  2. Holly

    I was thinking of taking out Coleman due to his injury and replacing him with Koscielny to go alongside Mertesacker so thanks for helping me decide that 🙂
    I’ve also been enjoying the points Adebayor’s been getting me along with Suarez and Aguero up front but i was thinking, what with Spurs playing Man City and Newcastle having a couple of potentially winnable games coming up with Norwich and Sunderland i’m thinking it may be a good idea to briefly take out Adebayor and replace him with Remy or would that be daft with the form he’s in?

  3. Richey

    So could I get an opinion on my WC team? First draught obviously! Bench is just the cheapest players I could find…

    Zab Koscieiny Terry
    Cabaye Hazard Mata Januzaj Erikson
    Aguero Surez

    Daniels Bruce Chamakh Ryan Bennett

  4. Louie.K

    The Man Utd vs Man City match will now take place in GW31. This gives us a double game week for those clubs. Utd also face West Ham away and City have Fulham at home.

    This could potentially be a boom week!

  5. Louie.K

    In other news, apparently Cabaye is set to move to PSG. He has told the club he want to leave and the French club have increased their initial offer. Representatives from PSG are now there to push the deal through.

  6. Shaun Curnow

    @SkySportsNews 3m Sky sources: Paris St Germain agree deal in principle with Newcastle for Yohan Cabaye. Fee for Cabaye significantly higher than initial £14m bid

  7. Holly

    I’ve been having a rethink what with this Mata talk and was thinking with Januzaj possibly not starting every game now that Rooney, Van Persie and Mata will be playing i’m thinking of swapping my midfield of Hazard, Lallana, Januzaj, Noble & Huddlestone and changing it to Hazard, Mata, Huddlestone, Amalfitano & Kasami(Amafitano & Kasami are my two cheap ones, it’s difficult to find any bargains at 4.4! Though saying that i’m not sure whether Mutch would be better than Amalfitano but i was thinking what with Ole’s new signings whether Mutch would still play regularly) i figured also that i may not miss Noble with the way West Ham have been of late.
    I’ll wait until i see the lineups before i decide as we don’t have to confirm until 7.30 this evening do we but i was thinking with my strong attack of Aguero, Suarez & Adebayor it should balance it out well enough but was wondering whether to take risk of thinking Mata will be playing virtually every game after tonight?

    Sorry for the essay but any input would very welcome 🙂

      • Holly

        Cheers, i’ve taken that onboard and weakened my defence slightly. I’ve taken out Mertesacker and replaced him with Sagna( i think he plays virtually every game?) then put in Shaw ( i can’t believe how cheap he is ) and put Mannone in goal.
        That way i can have a midfield of hazard, lallana, huddlestone and Mata (plus someone cheap that i won’t play) and still keep my front 3 of suarez, aguero & adebayor.

        On the wildcard front i’ve used one and would definitely need to use another for this, that way if Mata’s price rockets like expected then i will already have him in

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