The Captains – GW23

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Sorry it’s a little late, it has been a busy week for me. Let’s not waste any more time, there is a tough captaincy decision to make!

The Contenders:

Sturridge – Those who want to take a risk may not need to look too much further than Sturridge. He is presenting himself as a legitimate option to contend Suarez, who seems to have lost his scoring boots recently. Sturridge hasn’t failed to score in the 3 matches since returning from injury, however he is still yet to score more than 1 goal in a game all season. For this season he should not be considered for the armband.

Eto’o – If you took the risk to get him in then this could be a great opportunity to captain him, although the risks are massive. His inconsistencies would have me too scared to dare even try it.

Mata – Those who have already got Mata early already have him as a nice POD, however as we’re not sure what role he will take on, whether Rooney or Van Persie will play, or whether he will even start, I can’t recommend captaining him. I reckon he will start in behind Welbeck tonight and get substituted for Rooney, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Adebayor – It would be a massive risk, however there could be some merit to it. He used to play for City and will be keen to prove them wrong for letting him go. His form is good and… That’s about it. Actually, don’t do it. Don’t even consider it. Can’t see him going huge so you’re not going to miss out on too many points.

Welbeck – There was so many budget forwards pushing for a place in the Punt, so many that I almost went with a three way tie. I don’t think Rooney or RVP will be fit enough to start and he should get this game as a final chance to push for a starting spot in the weeks ahead. Could be a great POD to have this week, and a viable captains choice, albeit a risky one.

Lukaku – I know, I know. There’s no way you will captain him. However he tends to step up for the big games so don’t be shocked to see him kill it tonight!

Top 3:

1. Suarez – This week is definitely a chance for those who need a differential in a league game to go for a risky captain. I am not in that position however, and will be sticking safely by Suarez. He has scored in his last 3 Merseyside derby’s, and will be keen to get back to goal scoring form. Last week was the first time all season he has not scored at home, however he still got an assist. He scored in the corresponding fixture earlier in the season and it would take a brave, if not stupid man to deny him at least that privilege again. You’re running the gauntlet without him as your skipper, as he has such a high ceiling.

2. Hazard – He does look an extremely tasty option, however his inconsistencies still have me shying away. His scoring limit is usually about 10 points, where as we all know Suarez can go much bigger. He either kills it or he goes completely missing, and with Oscar back in form I’m just not totally convinced. Should be great, but I don’t think you’ll ever see me captaining him!

3. Aguero – The top 3 were honestly so tight, as I think everyone should score! I can’t see Spurs keeping out the almighty Manchester City strike force, and Aguero is in goal scoring form. 5 goals in 3 games since returning tells you all you need to know. 2 of those 3 games have been 20 minute substitute appearances. I rest my case. We will never forget how sh*t we felt watching Suarez tear Tottenham apart at White Hart Lane without him captain, and I would hate to see something similar happen again. Nothing beats watching Spurs get pummeled. Definitely a strong contender for my armband, whether it will be him or Suarez is still up for debate! However City’s poor away form gets Suarez over the line. Just.

The Punt:

Bony – I don’t really need to say much here. We all know that Bony can split apart any defence on his day, so when a struggling Fulham visit the Liberty Stadium alarm bells are ringing. Put it this way, if anyone wanted to give him the armband I wouldn’t stop them. Could go massive. Then again, he has blanked in 13 of his 18 appearances. That’s why he’s a punt!

That’s it from me before deadline, it’s good to have the footy back! I can sense quite a few people going after some differential captains, especially up forward. Good luck to all this weekend, especially with your captain choices! Cheers.

28 comments on “The Captains – GW23

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks again for another cracking article Matt and yet another article tgat makes me begin to doubt myself!! 😉

    Aguero’s been holding the C under his name since I bought him in this week, I am beggining to specualte since you highlighted City’s away form, but SURELY he should get it done! I recon both Aguero and Suarez will hit double figures this week anyway though!

  2. brandonpietie

    Nice one Matt.

    I alternated since last week between Hazard and Aguero… and thought maybe when your post came out, you would have confirmation for me… but they BOTH in your top 3… DAMMIT!!! Well currently Aguero has the band, so will leave it like that.

  3. kingcolesy

    Cheers for he article, doesn’t really seem late WA time 😉 man this weeks been madness, all these last minute trade ins seem to be players who were not sure are nailed for 90minutes!(ie mata, Ramsey, Rooney)

  4. kingcolesy

    Woke up at 3.22am, scrambled for team sheets, got to click transfer at 3.30 and the thing said game updating!! Oh well, things are still looking up with SAS!! Up the pool 🙂

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Nah they didn’t. Their marking was definetly not up to scratch, they would leave men free in the box! Man U could’ve had much more goals but seeing as Young and Valencia couldn’t finish their multiple opportunities or accurately complete their last pass, they didn’t.

      If you’re thinking of getting one of them, do so, their fixtures are pretty decent coming up and that home stretch looks tasty, maybe Man U were inspired by Matas arrival and that’s why they performed as well as they did?

      If you want a cheap defender then you could definetly go for maybe, a Hull one, their fixtures are OK and their home record is pretty decent, it’s just the case of picking the right CB that replaces Chester… If anyone knows who, that would be great? 🙂 it looks like Mcshane replaced him, but they did play a 3-5-2 so one CB will fall when they revert to a 4 at the back formation…
      Just looking for a replacement for Chester.

      • kingcolesy

        Thanks, I’m going for that decent run of home fixtures like you say. But for Ben turners case, how did they go in he last 22minutes when he came on. And what’s with Hudson with a C next to him on team sheets, is he captain of Cardiff getting kicked out of position by burner..? lol…? Also you could grab mcnaughton for 3.8 which is the cheapest, seems to have that fullback position his but with these Fabio signings/medicals and Taylor injured, if they are fit in Cardiff, would they be slotting into his position?

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          I didnt watch the last 30 mins, whenand watched the Merseyside Uniteds game was too boring! Hahaha.
          I dont know whats going on with Hudson, he suddenly decided to start playing a couple of games ago, missed one, comes back becomes captain fo a game and then looks likely to miss next game, reallllly weird…
          Fabio would probaly take the number one LB spot I recon, quality bats Taylor.
          I coul go for Mcnaughton, actually make some money from Chester (Hahahaha!) bt Im actually looing for a Hull defender with consistent start and was thinking Bruce or Davies cos they are both under 4mil and I have already got Marshall as my second/rotation keeper, but still no sure as to who will take that number 2 CB spot, any clue?

          • kingcolesy

            I’m not sure but I’d go Bruce if I had to go a hull defender. I played a little bit of FIFA last night and caulker is supposed to be captain of Cardiff. Ole said he has 3 quality cb’s so this Hudson burner rotation could go on til end of year. I’d go mcnaughton if I was going Cardiff defence.

          • kingcolesy

            Actually with Fabio going there, Cardiff defence is a rough zone to buy from. Only Caulker is a safe trade but he costs too much.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            FIFA is the teacher, it actually teaches you quite a bit and I was bit surprised cos I play a manager mode with Cardiff and he was my captain all season.
            Bruce looks like the man then, Marshall is on the bench in my keepers slot so Hull over Cardiff in the defence, I just dont want another Rosenior buuuut YOLO! But this Fabio rumour/medical thing has been going on for a week or so?? But it still looks likely, I recon if you want that Cardiff def than wait till after transfer period.

            But who am I to say? Youre number 1 in Australia! Lets hope you keep this form in AFL Fantasy/RDT!!

          • kingcolesy

            nah man, your right, I think fabios the one to get, but you gotta wait til this trade period is over.

  5. Who?

    Is it worth taking a hit to get Mata in for Silva? Or getting Mata in at all? The other trade would be Bardsley to Ryan Bennett. I also have Chester on the bench. Should I let him rot on the bench or trade him to Bennett and forget about Mata?

    • Richey

      I dunno… Mata at home against the bottom team in the league and only 1 single assist. I brought him in for last night but I’m not too impressed. Plus RVP was on the pitch and still only 2 goals. I just don’t have faith in Utd to bring home the big points anymore!

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Aguero SUBBED! It seems like a hamstring pull which aint good, 45th minute sub and he came straight off…
    Knew I shouldnt have captained him 🙁

        • Louie.K

          I too had Rooney in my sights as a trade for Adebayor. But with RVP back and Mata now in the side, not sure he’s worth the $$$$. Plus not sure what formation Moyes will deploy with the three in the same side.

          • Louie.K

            I should add, Benteke is on fire as I forecast he would be a few weeks back. Villa have some enticing fixtures and for those with Aguero, he worth a shout!

          • kingcolesy

            I agree with ya on dont know if hes worth the $$$. Seems a bit pricey with the whole formation up in the air. Benteke… well he got a penalty

      • kingcolesy

        Im trying, but obviously not hard enough! If I set my alarm the other morning I would of been 10points better off with Johnson instead of Ramsey(Noone)! Probably cost myself hah.

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