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You have to love the added complexity the transfer window puts on our FPL lives! Quite a few of us were over the moon with Cabaye last round, but it turned out to be the last performance he will ever make for us after a move to PSG. Fortunately it came out in the news prior to this past GW, it doesn’t always work out that way. For anyone wanting to back removing the window completely, imagine dealing with that all season? Anyway… This weeks team of champions;

Adrian (4.3m) – When West Ham want to, they have the potential to be the stingiest defence in the EPL. 10 clean sheets so far this season is proof of that. The problem is trying to decide when to play them on the field! A clean sheet away to Chelsea? Really? Not to mention cleanies away to Cardiff, Villa, Swansea, Tottenham, Southampton and Newcastle… That’s 7 of their 10 clean sheets occurring away from home which goes against normal trends. Adrian seems to have wrestled the number 1 shirt from Jussi now and is great value at 4.3m for you GK2 spot. He scored 12 points from the clean sheet, a ton of saves and full BPs. I would look at their upcoming fixtures to help analyse his potential transfer into your teams, but I don’t think it would matter!

Chico (4.9m) – Fulham is the type of opponent that can give a skewed view of a players performance so take this for what it is… Swansea haven’t kept a clean sheet in nearly 2 months, and this is Chico’s 2nd goal in over 4000 minutes of EPL football over 2 seasons. He did score a huge 15 points from his goal, the clean sheet plus full BPs which we’ll applaud, but then quickly pop in the “Super Performance Against Fulham” category and move on.

Toure (4.5m) – Kolo took advantage of Everton’s pretty poor attacking (and defensive) effort in the derby to take home 12 points from an assist and the cleanie. He was all the rage at the start of the season but I’d be surprised if any FPL teams worth talking about still have him so I won’t spend too much time on the merits of his transfer. Ok, just quickly… Liverpool’s defence is still average at best but Toure is getting game time due to injury, and Liverpool do have a few games coming up where they might get lucky enough to not concede a goal. On a positive note, he get’s the very first Ryan Bennett Award!!!

O’Shea (4.8m) – After a lean patch of defensive performances from the improving Sunderland, they got themselves back into clean sheet form with a 1-0’er at home to Stoke. They do have a very unkind run of games before a bye week so I’d look elsewhere for defensive trades. O’Shea scored 9 points from the cleanie and full BPs.

Puncheon (4.9m) – Dare I say it? Is he punchin’ above his weight here? Cheap jokes are sometimes the best. Puncheon seems to be the inform midfielder at the moment and 4.9m is stupid value for what he’s produced in recent weeks. He scored in double figures for the 3rd game in 4 with 11 points from another goal and full BPs. Arsenal and Everton away, and Man Utd at home in the next 4 games may see this form come to a shuddering halt, or will it?

Lallana (7.6m) – Does anyone know of any bookies (not that we’re condoning such low brow behaviour) that take bets on FPL performances? When given the choice of Lallana or Mirallas for the mighty Bayswater Toffees you just know whoever was passed over would put in a massive game. Needless to say the punt on Mirallas did not pay off (although he has increased in price?), but could have been financially advantageous for their manager if said bookies were available… 10 points from another goal and full BPs. Southampton’s fixtures open up very nicely over the next few weeks, with the fantasy friendly Fulham up next. You could do worse than looking to their attacking players, with Lallana being at the top of that list.

Shelvey (5.4m) – Jonjooooooooo!!! He put in one of his rare massive games scoring a goal and a couple of BPs for 10 points. If anyone wants to know why the Jonjo Shelvey Award is named the Jonjo Shelvey Award, his scores have been; 14, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1 and this week 10 during the past 10 GWs. That’s stereotypical Jonjo. Well played mate. Move on.

Mulumbu (4.7m) – It feels bizarre to give the Jonjo Shelvey Award to a player in a team containing Jonjo Shelvey. But that’s exactly what I’ve done so there you go… Mulumbu scored one of the games 7 goals last night on his way to 9 points which included a couple of BPs. He’ll definitely score another goal this season… I just don’t know when, and he won’t do anything relevant until then or after.

Dzeko (6.7m) – Losing Aguero half way through the game last night didn’t seem to bother Man City too much with Dzeko stepping up considerably putting up a 15 point game which included a goal, 2 assists and full BPs. Although I’m sure the red card helped. With Aguero’s return date unknown at time of print, as well as Negredo being in a tiny bit of doubt and Jovetic still underdone, it leaves Dzeko as the fittest striker by some way. Surely that must increase the possibility of him getting regular minutes and amongst the goals? And 6.7m is great value… After Chelsea this week City do have a kind run of figures, albeit against some of the more defensively minded teams, and is then followed by a bye. Is it worth a short term punt? Will he even survive the transfer window?

SAS (9.4m and 12.3m or vice versa) – Typically potent performance from the duo in the derby with both scoring 11 points! Sturridge scored 2 goals (and missed a penalty!) and got full BPs, while Suarez scored 1 and assisted 1, and only getting a couple of BPs. If you’ve got both of them then you’ll be happier than a pig in mud. This is a great example of having both in your team paying off, but I don’t think it will happen like this every week. I know plenty will disagree with that however… There’s potential for goals for most of the next couple of months with only a home game against Arsenal and a trip to Old Trafford possible banana peels. On a side note, I wonder if Mr Rodgers enjoys such public displays of sooking…

Outside of those champs? An increasingly common Mannone picked up 11 points while an increasingly awesome Benteke scored 9. A raft of defenders scored 9 point games including Terry, Kompany, Smalling and Santon. There’s probably a 50/50 split in relevance there… Some relevance in Gerrard and RVP both scoring 9. If RVP wasn’t a ludicrous 13.6 I’m sure he’d be considered around the FPL community!

And… Adam Johnson with an 8.

21 comments on “Dream Team – GW23

  1. Shikhar

    Hahaha this was hilarious mate.. Brilliant article.. Now with the ryan benett award and the jonjo shelvey award, are we looking at a wilfred bony award in the near future 😛

    • baysietoff Post Author


      If there was a “Bony” then it would go to the striker that promised so much but has done absolutely nought!!!! And therefore would never make the Dream Team haha

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Was thinking the exact dame thing myself Shikhar!
            Brilliant article Baysie as always!
            Also, people may revert back the SAS with the injury to Aguero? Aguero sytaight swap for Sturridge.

            Cheers again Baysie 🙂

          • Shikhar

            Haha.. I am going for RVP.. United have a kind set of fixtures and hopefully (against all odds) with the addition of kroos by the end of the window, they’ll be a force again!

          • Viper086

            I was looking at RVP as well. I think he could be a real point of difference with their kind run coming up. I think he would be about $13m if all the ghost teams sold him when they should have!

  2. baysietoff Post Author

    Thanks guys!!! Gotta make this particular article a bit interesting, it can get a bit boring at times haha

    WIth Lukaku and Remy out as well, it seems most people have gone for (in order); Sturridge, Rodriguez, Giroud, Dzeko, Ade and Roo. RVP 8th most popular. The majority of those are for Lukaku though.

    No Benteke?

    • Louie.K

      Staggered about Benteke. Villa has Everton, West Ham, Cardiff, Newcastle and Norwich in the next five GW. Expect plenty of goals!

        • Louie.K

          Actually no I don’t. Every time I want to get him something else happens injury wise. I just remember how prolific he was last campaign. He was the best forward in the league behind RVP. I just think his price is mighty temping for what he can deliver.

  3. Viper086

    Anyone shipping Coleman off? I was looking at grabbing Fonte for him to generate a bit of cash, Southampton look 10 x better with Boruc back

  4. Who?

    Are people trading Aguero to someone cheaper and waiting for him to come back, or should I use the spare cash to upgrade Colback to Erikson, Lallana, etc?

    • rostie

      I got Giroud in before his price rise. He is consistent scorer and in form. I’ll bide my time till Aguero returns

  5. kingcolesy

    Id probably leave Colback, as he’d give your team some field structure and some money to spend elsewhere, thats kinda why im going to buy Rooney cos he is similar value to Aguero(So Aguero will be easier to get back later, and the rest of the team wont have to change much). I find its a question of mid price FWD + mid price MID, vs benched cheapie MID + Premo FWD. I think theres still questions over MCI’s FWD’s gametime? Plus for this week, a game vs Chelsea is a little tough. Either way I dont think you’ll lose out too much with whatever choice you do, Dzeko and mid price mid seems pretty decent! Id also be worried without much MCI attack in coming weeks too. Wait, now I’m second guessing…Rooney and Lallana or Dzeko and Silva? hah MCI guys give 1 too many for the GW28 blank!!

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