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It was an odd gameweek wasn’t it? Very few of the main players got amongst the points in any big way and has led to most of us posting to some lower scores than normal. Maybe we’ve been spoilt up to now?!? Not to worry, we’ve still got one game left which shapes up as the game of the season, hopefully there’s some relevant points in that one! Inevitably it will turn into a low scoring fizzer with Jose hilariously parking the bus against a rampant Man City. The interim Dream Team is as follows;

Mannone (4.5m) – Sunderland have got to be close to being the in form team in the EPL at the moment. Anyone that got on board at the start of the trend will be laughing. As long as you didn’t play them on the bench? It would have been a courageous FPL manager to even contemplate them pulling a clean sheet in the derby away to Newcastle. That’s exactly what they did, and they have Mannone to thank for that. He made a heap of saves to keep Newcastle at bay scoring 11 points in the process. They’ve got a decent oppportunity at home against an improving Hull this week, then a couple of away games against Man City and Arsenal before a bye week. It might be time to start glancing around for replacements or just keep him bench ridden for those tough weeks.

Bardsley (4.5m) – Similar to Mannone when looking to the future, if you have him perhaps start looking around. Bardsley had a good game winning the penalty that Borini scored as well as getting the clean sheet points to score a total of 10. With only 2.0% ownership, and I would suggest very few of that 2.0% starting him on the field, the relevance in this one is negligible.

Koscielny (5.7m) – Nearly all of us have an Arsenal defender in our teams in some shape or form and they came up trumps last night with a predictable cleanie against Palace. Koscielnly was the best of the bunch with 8 points which included a couple of BPs. The waters do look a little rough over the next couple of GWs with Liverpool away then Man Utd at home. You’re never really sure what to expect out of those two teams but what they can do is score goals. Some good results over this spell may see Arsenal put a gap on many of the chasing teams. Games amongst the top teams can often end up being quite defensive affairs so you might be ok with your Arsenal defensive players…

McCartney (4.0m) – I guess it’s a bit harsh giving McCartney the Ryan Bennett Award because he doesn’t play enough to really have the opportunity to score big points. Well, that’s his problem. McCartney put in a solid performance on the left of West Ham’s defence scoring 8 points from their cleanie and a couple of BPs. West Ham’s defence is going well at the moment and McCartney might have a run of games ahead of him with The Rat fleeing the scene and only Armero as cover until O’Brien is fit again. Could do worse?

Chamberlain (6.7m) – Who is this Walcott fellow you speak of??? Ramsey? Wilshere, Flamini, Kallstrom? Never mind, Arsenal have The Ox! He put in a match winning display against Palace last night to score a mighty 16 points with 2 goals and full BPs in his first full game back from long term injury. He’s not been a noted goal scorer in his short time at Arsenal but to be fair, he hasn’t had a decent run at it. Keep an eye on him because 6.7m is pretty good value for what he could produce.

Nolan (6.5m) – Both of Nolan’s goals were created by his partner in crime Andy Carroll, who absolutely dominated Swansea’s piss weak defence. But, poor Andy then got himself a three match holiday for wafting air at Chico’s general direction. West Ham don’t look anywhere near the same team without Carroll and his service and ability to hold up the ball is vital for someone like Nolan. Nolan is always going to be capable of games like this from time to time, but they seem to be few and far between these days. You could easily suggest however that the chances of these sorts of games increases substantially with Carroll in the team, perhaps put some thought into him if the red card gets rescinded. If not, seriously don’t waste your time. Nolan scored a couple of goals and received full BPs for his 16 points.

Adam (5.6m) – When you look at Charlie Adam, you don’t really see a footballer do you? He doesn’t look…. I don’t know… Fit? But when he swings that left peg at the ball you get a very clear idea why he’s getting that pay cheque. He put away Man Utd on Saturday with a couple of long distance goals, one a wee bit fluky but the other was an absolute bomb, on his way to 15 points including full BPs. I don’t think so.

Colback (4.2m) – I must admit I was pretty impressed with Colback’s performance on the weekend. He could well be the best ginger footballer in the world. Go on, name me a contender? He really hasn’t done a great deal this season fantasy wise, but is as cheap as chips and plays most weeks so is a good shout for your last midfielder spot. He does like a shot which means there’s always a chance of him scoring and, he’s ginger. 12 points from a goal and an assist. Jonjo Shelvey Award winner right here…

Bacuna (4.4m) – Full bonus points eh? How does that work? Anyway, those ill gotten BPs meant Bacuna chalked up 10 points, which included a well taken goal. Leandro has been playing largely as a right back, but this week he was able to push a little higher up as Villa went with 3 centre halfs. Any regular readers of FPL Addicts will know that I’m a big fan of Bacuna’s and reckon he will be a gem in time. He is in a touch of form at the moment with 2 goals in 2 games but it’s hard to recommend him while he’s playing this defensively. If you’ve got him however, he’s a very good risk.

Lambert (7.0m) – Well played Rickie, hat’s off to you. Early season saw a lot of speculation about his future at Southampton with the big money signing of Dani Osvaldo and bids by a few teams for his services since, namely West Ham. Well… It turns out Osvaldo does a very good impersonation of a sterotypically temperamental Italian striker and turned out to be a nut job. That coupled with the fact he barely put in a shift to back up that huge price meant he was carted off back to Italy on loan at the first opportunity. That will give Lambert a spot in attack for the rest of the season and he reminded the gaffer that, although he’s on the wrong side of 30, there’s no need for a replacement just yet. He scored 15 points from a goal, 2 assists and full BPs. Decent enough value at 7.0m but consistency has always been a bit of a worry.

Borini (6.2m) – 6.2m fantasy money is not great value for this bloke… Someone needs to tell me why Liverpool forked out 10m real money for him?!? He has been getting solid minutes in the past couple of months after a slow start to the season, but he’s just not doing anywhere near enough to be relevant. 11 points from a goal (penalty), an assist and full BPs.


Ivanovic (6.0m) – A fantastic team performance by Chelsea saw them grab an invaluable win, and clean sheet. Ivanovic was the matchwinner scoring the only goal, and along with the cleanie points and full BPs  ammassed 14 points. Like the Arsenal defenders, the Chelsea counterparts are just as popular and a lot of us would be pretty happy with the relatively unexpected result. Chelsea’s upcoming fixtures all look like they have goals in them, but we thought the same about this game. 

There were some other very good performances that deserve a mention… Lallana showed he can back it up with another haul of 10 points, he better get his passport ready because he’s off to Rio. Mirallas repaid Bayswater Toffee’s gaffer with a 9 point game including a matchwinning free kick from 50 yards. Sturridge kept his form nicely with a 9 as well. The Man Utd duo of Mata and RVP both chipped in with 7 and the defences of Arsenal, West Ham and Southampton all got their clean sheet points.

Yeah and Adam Johnson scored 8….

29 comments on “Dream Team – GW24

      • fpllad

        Ye are doing fairly well in my #FPL League sponsored by @streetrose_LDN. We have a Podcast that you can subscribe to also to keep up to date with the League…

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            “I know one of them fairly well” Hahahahahahaha! Nice Baysie!
            Nice article as well mate, keep up the solid work 🙂
            I was unfortunately one of those who left Mannone on the bench, couldve been 60 from 52 🙁 but I still got Azpi and Hazard (who may become Mata… still pondering) to play so hopefully they can bump it past 🙂
            Little brag in there about Mirallas as well… i saw that 😉

          • baysietoff Post Author

            He he he, to be fair sometimes I don’t know myself…

            Ah man that’s painful, but I don’t blame you. Newcastle like scoring, but with no Cabaye they looked a little lost at times. Utd do have Fulham next week, but Arsenal away after that then Palace. Chelsea have Newcastle, West Brom and Everton. I guess it depends which fixtures you like for Mata v Hazard. I got both so I thankfully don’t need to think about that one haha.

            Yeah I been copping pot shots from Liverpool supporters all week, I need to take whatever I can get! Ohhhhh Kevin Mirallas!!!

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Eriksen to Mata it is? 😀
            Lol, sure you’re not drinking when that happens?? xD
            Miracles can be a little magician sometimes, but nothing like the trickery of Tom Cleverly <3 😉

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Good trade!

            Drink, me? Of course haha.

            I’m really liking Mirallas now, always said his best position was up top not on the wing. He’s fitter, hungrier and more consistent. And he’s Belgish.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Belgish?? I like that term… Belgish:)
            His partner in crime up top is Belgish as well hahaha 🙂

            Drinkings bad I never drink… I swear?? Lol and I’m sure you don’t mate 😉

            Now seeing as Mata has risen to his full price rising potential thing (what? Haha) Ill just wait till later on. Rooney I’m also speculating about trading, Benteke has some very nice up and coming fixtures but then again, I don’t really need the money elsewhere, so I’ll leave him and see where he plays. I think he played Ozil-esque role against Stoke?

  1. CrikeyMikeyy

    Awesome article Baysie!! Thought it would be a strange week because no one could think of a nailed on striker to replace with Aguero, which is why I left him on the bench and played 3-5-2. It kinda worked out. Hopefully next week is easier to manage.

    Also, Riise must be kicking himself that Colback is the best ginger in the EPL..

  2. Louie.K

    Last time Man City lost to Chelsea they thumped Norwich 7-0 the following week. Guess who they play on this weekend?

  3. Who?

    That feeling when your team before trades gets 66 compared to the team after getting 51. Colback on the bench hoping someone pulls out, Bardsley on the bench thinking the same. At least the Bardsley wish came true. Cheers for the article! Johnson’s in for me to make a little cash until Aguero gets back.

    • kingcolesy

      I saw Matt had Bardsley on the bench too, but didn’t get the sub in. I thought my team was dead and buried before the MCI CHE game, tho I had a weird feeling Ivanovic was going to score(It’s why I got him, he was due for a goal!).

      Id be looking at that AJ trade as only a one week thing tho, any plans who to have after him? Is it not better to get that “next” player now? ie Lallana. Do you trust AJ to continue to get points verse mci, ars, , liv. It is a valid option for the $$, but thats about it, and for this weeks fixture.

  4. nburk53

    Great stuff Baysie, lost my main league because the bloke I was playing got Colback’s score because Coleman didn’t play. So effin frustrating!

  5. Viper086

    I really like Benteke at the moment and looking to improve my mids so thinking i trade Rooney (already have Suarez, Sturridge) > Benteke and then Eriksen > Mata/Yaya (already have hazard, silva, januzaj, noone).

    However I think i am just rage trading because i didn’t have a great week, is there merit in this trade? will Rooney come good? he was in such good form prior groin injury, I should probably give him one more week to prove himself again

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I reckon there’s a lot of merit in it. Rooney’s position with Mata and RVP on the field is far too unknown to be flashing around that much cash on him, and Benteke is getting back towards his best. In my humble opinion of course.

      The other option is upgrading Januzaj, he might be playing from the bench a little more which is horrid for FPL. Eriksen did just have one bad game so jumping off him might be a little premature.

      • Viper086

        Yeah both moves could be premature really but just wanted some reassurance.

        I like Benteke as Villa play West Ham, Cardiff, Newcastle, Norwich in their next 4. I feel like Benteke and Rooney will score about the same so saving the dosh will be worthwhile.

        Cheers Baysie

        • brandonpietie

          I have that same feeling too Viper. I have had Benteke in my team for 4 weeks now, and he got 2 assists and 3 goals. Only see him getting better from here.

          My strikers are Benteke, Suarez, and RVP and I have a strong feeling that all of them will be picking up their game in the next few weeks.

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