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The transfer window has ended, most of us have used our wildcards, and the teams are settling in for the run home. However every week counts in fpl, and our attention must start to turn towards the upcoming blanks and double gameweeks. Let’s check out the winners and losers from last weekend’s action.


  • Zabaleta – Ignore past form, Man City are coming into an extremely hot run of fixtures in the next few weeks. We must take into account that Man City, Man United, Sunderland and West Brom will face a blank GW28 (DGW follows in GW31). However City’s run of Norwich (A), Sunderland (H), Stoke (H), -, Aston Villa (H), Hull (A), Fulham (H) + Man Utd (A) should spell plenty of goals, and hopefully plenty of clean sheets as well. Kolarov looks the most dangerous full back from open play, and if he was assured starts then I would be looking straight towards him. However Zabaleta also has 5 assists this season, and is a guaranteed starter. I would certainly look to get one of the two in, and if cash is an issue then don’t hesitate towards getting Kolarov. I think I might play it safe with Zabaleta, both should be great.
  • Cahill – He looks to be a lock in Chelsea’s best XI at CB, and is on a hot run of form. He is certainly dangerous of set-pieces and Chelsea’s defence has been water tight in recent weeks. Both Cahill and Azpilicueta look solid options as Mourinho’s defence kicks in.
  • Lallana – He is in the form of his career, and is really displaying an output like a premium. 3 double figure hauls in the last 4 weeks, as well as 6 attacking returns in 8 show his current level of consistency, and a great run of fixtures won’t halt Lallana’s progress either. His price has kicked up to 7.8, however I still think he provides great value. Surely going to the World Cup now.
  • Johnson – No matter what you say, I will not get him into my team! I must admit he has proved me wrong so far, scoring goals for fun with 6 in his last 4 games. You would love to have him in your team for Sunderland’s home clash against Hull, but beyond that? Man City (A), Arsenal (A), -, Liverpool (A). Yes you read that correctly. Good luck to him, however I still don’t think we should rely on Johnson long-term.
  • Benteke – There’s been a bit of talk floating around that we should consider getting Benteke. He has certainly earned the right for consideration, however he isn’t in the goal scoring form he was last year, and with hot forwards all around him I would still be passing.
  • Sturridge – Do not write off what he has done this year, 13 goals in 15 appearances is a ridiculous return, and he only looks to be getting better. If he isn’t scoring, he will most likely be assisting Suarez. You can do no wrong by owning SAS.
  • Collins – I really liked his value last week, but Aguero’s injury had me go to Koscielny. West Ham have some great fixtures upcoming, and 2 clean sheets in as many games is a positive sign. Big Sam knows he must lock down the hammers leaky defence if they want to stay up, and Collins will play a big part in that. At 4.1 he is great value as a bench/rotation defender.
  • Shaw – Finally Shaw must get a run. He didn’t end up making a transfer move and will likely go in the Summer. Meanwhile he is a lock in Southampton’s once again solid defence, with a few nice fixtures ahead in Stoke, Hull and West ham. Great value at 4.9. Replacement for the out of favour Clyne.


  • Ramsey – The perfect example of why you shouldn’t buy someone back before they have even played a game, for any level of team! Out for a while and has to be traded. He certainly wasn’t worth the risk, however there are a number of alternatives close by.
  • Ozil – For those who held in anticipation of him turning it around… I would probably give up. Doesn’t look like it at the moment. Mata certainly looking the goods at United and a very solid replacement.
  • Gerrard – Unfortunately Lucas’ injury has seen Gerrard drop deep. What I’m saying is, regardless of how well he has scored, it’s time for him to go. Until Liverpool get a Defensive midfielder back he is off my watchlist.
  • Welbeck – With RVP making a grand return, Welbeck has made a grand return to the bench. Get rid of him ASAP.
  • Bony – His inconsistency continues to defy any reasonable logic, hence it’s time for him to go. Well, maybe see what he can do in a Welsh Derby! His big body could help out, so hold out for another week.
  • Clyne – Chambers is currently ahead of him in the pecking order, however I don’t know how long it will last. I would avoid both of them to be honest, time for Clyne to go.


Chamberlain – I was utterly bemused when I heard that Wenger was playing the Ox in central midfield. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s illogical. We have a plethora of midfielders, meanwhile our wingers are struggling with Walcott missing and Gnabry + Podolski out of form. However Wenger knows more than I do. It will only make Chamberlain a better player for the experience, however I wouldn’t grab him in fpl until he moves back out onto the wing when Flamini returns. His X-factor is very much needed, so watchlist for sure.

After a strange weekend with most of the big guns struggling, it might be best to hold our ground. Perhaps look to save your trades. There will be a very tough captain decision this weekend, I will have my verdict on Friday! Cheers.

24 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW24

  1. Who?

    Cheers Matt! Helpful article! I didn’t know about Gerrard, so I’ll trade him to Lallana, I think. Good trade? Also, would you recommend Kolarov or Azpilicueta as a third premium defender? And then if I have the option to upgrade again, Ivanovic or Zabaleta?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Gerrard will struggle to impact as much besides from Pens and Frees, at least until Lucas is back. I guess Yaya does the business but I’m not a fan, I like that trade. Azpili and Zabaleta?

  2. MattyZach

    A bit out of left field. With the injuries in Southampton’s back line, Yoshida could be an ok pick as a back line cheapy if you don’t have Shaw or Fonte already. Thoughts?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      It’s definitely on the up, but not where it was. Did you see his 1v1 miss last week?! Scored a pen out of 4 goals… I’m still not convinced until he starts scoring regularly from open play 🙂

      • baysietoff

        Yeah I’m kinda putting their last game on the shelf. Villa went out to stifle our game, not create anything of their own. Normally I reckon he’ll get better service.

        One player I’m intrigued in is Mitroglu, although Fulham have been horrid they have been creating some decent chances. Bent is just not good enough anymore to put them away.

  3. Dan

    To be fair, Gerrard has played that same role since his return and scored 9, 7, 8 and 1. Def can see what your saying but for me I still think he’s a solid pick, especially being on pens in a team with SSS penalty winning ability 😉 Im holding for now.

    One FT for me this wk: Adebayor>RVP, and giving him the armband.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      He actually played in a more attacking role against Stoke and Villa, then got his header against Everton. Certainly good enough reasons to hold though

      • Dan

        Im far from an expert so happy to be corrected (and I didnt see the Villa game) but he definately played further back in the Stoke game. I took a keen interest because Id just wildcarded him into my team that week. This article just after that Stoke game almost made me trade him out

        but Im glad I didnt as he has been my most consistent mid since. Although I do agree the withdrawn role is a worry, but it doesnt seem to bother Yaya 😉

  4. Shikhar

    Nice one Matt! Even though i am dying to get a chelsea defender in my team, it has to be at the expense of mertesacker or coleman, both of whom i am not willing to trade YET. Also holding onto oscar for 1 last game.. Hoping he comes out good

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Cracking article Matt, as always, Brilliant mate 🙂

    I’ve had to go Clyne to Yoshida this week (was enjoying Clyne god dammit! Hahaha)

    Johnson to Mata looks very likely but I may keep him and see what he does against the big boys.

  6. Holly

    Hi thanks for the tips I was definitely thinking of taking Gerrard out as im putting Rooney in for Giroud and wouldn’t be able to afford him anyway, so i was curious as to who you would reccommend out of Zaha, Sterling or Barkley to replace him. I haven’t got a great deal of cash i’ve already got Mata, Hazard, Lallana, Adebayor and Suarez locked in for that week. I was leaning towards Zaha after his excellent start to life at Cardiff and would think 2 assists should definitely warrant him a place in the starting 11 against a struggling Swansea.
    Choosing the captain has been made a little more difficult this week too as normally i would go with Suarez to be on the safe side but with Fulham for Rooney this weekend (who he loves playing against) and Liverpool having Arsenal i’m thinking it could be his week.
    Also, with regards to certain teams having a blank game week coming up, would you suggest taking out as many of those players as possible or just ride it out and wait for their double gameweek?

    Many thanks!

    • baysietoff

      The only Q left is re the blank week. Unfortunately it’s a personal thing re who you have, how many of them you have, and who’s on the bench. Generally you can probably get away with 2 benched, too many more than that you’re stretching it. Pop your team up, after this weeks transfers, in the Rate My Team section and we’ll let you know some options?

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