The Captains – GW25

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I reckon we have one of the toughest captain decisions of the season coming up this week, with no players currently out from the pack. Let’s take a look at the options! EDIT: Nick has encountered computer problems, so if you’re after some team news just ask away in the comments!

The Contenders:

Negredo – An interesting option this week. The gamble to bring him in last week failed, but so did Dzeko so things weren’t too bad. He looked ruisty and was clearly lacking match fitness, hence his early substitution. I still believe he is in Man City’s best XI and will start once again this week, only with a better chance to play out the full 90. His away form is horrible, however if Man City were to bounce back from last week’s shock then Negredo will be the man leading the charge.

Sturridge – He is presenting himself as a legitimate alternative to Suarez, however I will always lean to captaining the latter until Sturridge breaks through with some massive games.

Dzeko – Very risky, too risky in my opinion. I do think City will bounce back with vengeance, and they did beat Norwich 7-0 earlier in the season. However every team will have a slump at some stage and City’s away form is nothing to write home about. Don’t put this one down as a straight forward thumping, and Dzeko’s spot is always under threat. With Jovetic now fit, he cannot be considered for captaincy.

Toure – Yaya Toure has surprisingly become one of the most consistent midfielders to pick from, even with his deeper role. However with his partner in crime Fernandinho going down with injury and not expected back until at least GW27, Demichellis is filling in his position. This has given Toure the license to burst forward, and he looked more dangerous than he had all season against Chelsea. Could be a cheeky captain option this week.

Lallana – Lallana is in ridiculous form, and with 3 double figure hauls in 4 weeks he must be considered for the armband. Stoke at home presents him the chance to score once again, and incredibly he has got bonus points in EVERY single match he has scored in all season. Not the worst option by any means.

Johnson – Ok, so I may have scrolled over Sunderland by habit. I do agree he is a viable option at home to Hull, however I would just never trust him enough to justify the armband. He is a great POD, but I would lean towards a safer captaincy option.

Top 3:

1. Van Persie/Rooney – It has to be said, even Manchester United will be able to belt this Fulham side. With a fully fit squad to choose from (In the front half) United will look to pile on the goals, something they have struggled to do this season. Basically, if you’re going to pay the extra cost for these two blokes, then you need to be captaining them at home to Fulham. Both will surely be great.

2. Suarez – At this stage I will once again be captaining this man, for two reasons. Firstly he is playing my supported club, so either way I will be happy. Secondly, he is just so consistent. You are basically guaranteed some kind of attacking returns, so even if you captain him you shouldn’t lose out too badly to everyone else. And we all know his capability to go big. The final piece of the puzzle is scoring against a top 4 side, and I truly believe he will be gearing up for a big one. I expect a reasonably tight game, with no more than 2 goals for either side. However I can’t see Suarez doing nothing, so he is my teams captain choice once again. The next 2 options however are very close.

3. Hazard – If you’re a risk taker, then this could be the option for you. Hazard has gone back to his inconsistent ways recently, but a home clash against Newcastle will surely give him the chance to get back on the scoresheet. I can’t see anything other than a comfortable Chelsea win, and Hazard is a great shout to get on the scoresheet and do some serious damage. I could definitely see myself giving in to temptation here.

The Punt:

Mata – I’m sure he will tempt quite a lot of you, he is certainly tempting me. His consistency is a big plus, and with a big goal haul expected against Fulham he could certainly reach double figures. However, similar to Silva, he doesn’t have the highest ceiling and struggles to gain big returns. Could be a worthy punt, he is certainly right up there in my considerations. My final choice this week may not be decided until the very last minute, a rare occurrence this season. I couldn’t blame you for captaining this man!

That’s about it from me. It is with regret that I have to let you all know of Andy’s departure. He has recently got himself a new job in London and is right under the pump, so unfortunately he couldn’t maintain the brilliant research he did on those previews for us throughout the year. He will be sorely missed, but not forgotten! In the meantime, Nick’s fantastic News Wrap’s will fill you in on all the team news you need to know. We will do our best to get a preview up and running again, if anyone is interested in the gig just email us at [email protected] Good luck with your captain decisions, and more importantly here’s to some high scoring! Cheers.

62 comments on “The Captains – GW25

  1. Who?

    Thanks Matt! Was really struggling with who to captain before this article. I’ll follow most people and go with Suarez. As you said, can’t go wrong. Just quickly, is Aguero essential to get back in when he is fit?

  2. brandonpietie

    Thanx Matt!!! Confirmation found. I had the armband on RVP, and now confirmation. Fulham is nowhere at the moment, and I hope for 4 goals, and 3 assists LOL.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks Matt, made my decision easy, I am gonna go with Rooney, had my thoughts all week on him, but wanted confirmation, this is it. Thanks again Matt 🙂

    Also, with him so far in the two games with Mata, coming on against Cardiff replacing RVP as striker (first game back from groin though), and second game he played CAM behind RVP with Mata on the right, do you recon it’s even safer? I think thats what happened anyway hahaha

  4. Holly

    That’s helped make my mind up too, i’m going to be daring and not have Suarez as captain for a change. My armband is going to Mr Rooney, though i’m still unsure as to who to replace Gerrard with – Sterling or Zaha? Though if i have sterling i’ll have 4 players in one game : /

    • baysietoff

      I like Zaha, you’d have to think he’s an angry young kid who’s been held back for far too long! And Cardiff play a decent style of footy, and Swansea aren’t real flash at the moment.

      • Holly

        Cheers, that’s definitely helped make up my mind. I do feel sorry for the lad, being a Utd fan it makes me angry that this talent was going to waste on the bench and in the reserves. I think he could make a real impact on the first team for us so really don’t know what Moyes is playing at. I heard excuses of him not being ready but if Januzaj was ready then i don’t see a reason why Zaha wasn’t. Rant over 🙂

        • baysietoff

          Haha love a good rant!!! Zaha is very rough around the edges though and Moyes actually has a very poor record of playing young players, no matter what the media tells us. The best thing for Zaha is to get as far away from Utd as he can so he can learn his craft and prove himself. I’m really surprised Januzaj is getting the games he has so far to be honest.

  5. Holly

    Yes i had noticed that Barkley has suddenly flourished this season since he left! At least Zaha’s got the opportunity to shine under Ole, i think he’ll look after him. Hopefully there he’ll play so well that Moyes will have to give him a chance, especially if Young and Valencia continue to be inconsistent. Can’t remember Moyes really saying why he wasn’t playing him though we’ve all heard the rumours about Zaha and Moyes’ daughter which i personally think is rubbish. Would be a shame to let him slip away

    • baysietoff

      Yeah I hope Zaha does well too. It would be a terrible feeling to get a big money move to one of the biggest clubs in the world, and then never get the chance to show what you can do! You might be convincing me to trade him in now…..

      Please don’t get me started on Moyes and Barkley.

      • Holly

        haha i’ll be expecting a section just for Zaha if he does well this weekend and a special mention for me hehe.

        Yeah when it came to Barkley i always heard rumours he’d be the next big thing but he never seemed to get any game time, i used to think Moyes was hiding him incase the big guns came calling!

  6. boges11

    Great read. Torn between captaining Rooney or Mata. I think they will both score well, my only concern is Rooney getting subbed when Utd. are 5-0. (He’ll prob get subbed at 2-0 knowing Moyes)

  7. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    So if Liverpool keep this cleanie, we could have a defender score 20+! 2 goals already for Skrtel and it could have been four… But what a strike from Suarez!!?! STUNNING!
    3 as I write as Suarez seems to be perfect, could have had 1 goal and 2 assits right now!
    10-0 Matt? I know youre loving it 😉 hahaha 🙂 Good luck cmoing back! Poor Mert and Kosc though, first loss as partners 🙁

    • Go You Gunners

      It was awesome wasn’t it, some of the chemistry between Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge and even Coutinshit at times was brilliant. From an Arsenal fan’s perspective Flamini needs to pull his head in and realize how important he is for the team. A pairing of Arteta, Wilshere or Ramsey won’t cut it against top sides, we need a proper DM in there to hang back and shelter the defence. As for Ozil, to be honest I thought he was gonna be far better than he actually is. We were outclassed by the better team, as much as I hate to say it we need the discipline of Chelsea in big games.

  8. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Oh Jesus! I’m hoping to god right now that Rooney doesn’t play cos I got Hazard VC! Please FPL Gods! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sitting on 49 though With Rooney (C-blank) Coleman to come…

  9. Dan

    Whats everyone scores like this wk? Im 48 with RVP (c) to come. Only Hazard, Suarez and Mr Consistent Stevie G have done anything so far.

    Terry missing meant I got Koscielny’s zero off the bench….just a bad wk all round so far.

    Gone early and risky with the trades this wk…
    Bennett> Ivanovic and AJ> Sterling giving me double Chelsea def and triple Pool attack.

      • kingcolesy

        Pretty good, 56 with Coleman, mata, rooney(c) to come. Gerrards consistency to get points is rediculous, he’s not in my team but I’m glad for him as a Liverpool supporter. My wc ivanovic pick has come off somewhat genius with 32 points in three games!

    • kingcolesy

      7.5m budget? Mirallas seems like the strongest buy IMO, then theres Sterling with fixtures on his side but I wouldnt trust him, same goes with Nolan, but with a little bit more trust.

  10. brandonpietie

    Team did ok this GW… but so so happy!!! Next GW week is LITERALLY hours away! Thinking of bringing Gerrard in… In place of Mata. Need to start dropping United, Sunderland and City players, before I get screwed with the blank week lol

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