The Captains – GW26


Back so soon! With lockout and the first games under 12 hours away (19:30 GMT) it’s time to have another look at the captaincy options. Well done to those who went with Hazard, I hesitated right up until deadline and ended up missing the boat. Time for redemption!

The Contenders:

Silva – As always, I’m sure you know as tempting as the fixture may be, Silva shouldn’t be considered! Better options out there.

RVP/Rooney –Β  They let us down big time last week, even though Vanners got on the board. An away trip to a determined Arsenal will be no easy task, so ignore their good history in this fixture.

Kolarov – I am seriously considering this guy for captaincy. I had 2 line ball calls to make last week. Suarez or Hazard captain, and Kolarov or Zabaleta. Of course I got both wrong, however I reckon he is guaranteed a start midweek. A clean sheet is surely on the cards and some attacking returns would be no surprise. Certainly hold him, and he’s not the worst captain option either.

Toure – Man City v Sunderland is definitely the game to watch this week, from an fpl perspective. I’m honestly not sure what will happen. Man City’s dominance has been incredible all season, however their 4 goal per game average has come to a sudden halt with Aguero’s second injury. Their form has dropped, they’ve lost some of that incredible confidence, and they have struggled against Sunderland in the past. This may be a game where Pellegrini will take the 3 points no matter what the score line. There is no doubt they will be fired up and by no means complacent, however I’m still cautious. Toure certainly provides an option for the armband, but not over one of SAS in my opinion.

Dzeko – The risks are too great, I definitely wouldn’t. Even though the chances are he will start, I can’t be convinced!

Top 3:

1. Suarez – This is a really tough one for me, there is no doubt the Suarez perma captain philosophy has gone out the door since Sturridge’s re-introduction. Here’s the stats. In the 4 games Sturridge has started after returning, Suarez has scored 1 goal, returning 25 points at an average of 6.25 ppg. Now this is by no means bad, however there have been better options elsewhere. Sturridge for example has scored in every game, notching 5 times and scoring 10 more points than Suarez at almost 9 per game. I think the key factor is consistency. Both are scoring or assisting in every single gameweek, and a trip to Fulham only enhances the potential. For me the captaincy decision lies between these 2, and Sturridges inability to go huge (A high score of 14, Suarez scored 13 in the same game) has me leaning towards Suarez. It just seems like he’s about to go bang, you can’t keep a great player down for long. The post can only stop him so many times, and are you really going to argue that he’s not hungry for goals? He has still scored or assisted in every week during this ‘down period’ and this is the reason why I’m sticking with him. Go elsewhere at your own peril.

2. Sturridge – It wouldn’t be a ridiculous call by any means, he has scored in all 5 games since returning! Fulham will not hold down SAS, and Sturridge will surely get amongst the goals yet again.

3. Hazard – If you want to play Russian Roulette Fantasy Premier League style, then Hazard could be the go. West Brom shouldn’t halt a rampaging Chelsea, especially without Steve Clarke there to counter Mourinho’s tactics. Too dangerous in my opinion, can’t see him scoring enough to justify the risk. Then again he is the best winger in the League, and I didn’t see him scoring over 20 last week!

The Punt:

Negredo – He has to be the most frustrating player to own in fpl. He can be so dominating at times, however 90% of the game you wouldn’t be able to tell if he was on the field or if City were down to 10 men. This is his last chance for me, and it has to be a big one for him. He has relied on home success so far, but that run has halted of late. Time to get it going again, surely this is the game he cracks double figures! Not a bad punt, big risk and big reward.

That’s it from me this week, as there are FA Cup fixtures on the weekend! We will take the break to refresh over the weekend, before returning for some double gameweek chat next week. Good luck to all! Cheers.


104 comments on “The Captains – GW26

  1. brandonpietie says:

    Im at a pickle for a choice here. Was hoping this article could help, but not really…
    Im going with Suarez, But what if the game is postponed… my VC is a gamble choice.
    Please help. My team is:

    Mannone (McGregor)
    Clyne, Collins, Dawson (Sagna, Gabbidon)
    Gerrard, Gnarby, Silva, Lallana (Johnson)
    Suarez (C), Benteke, RVP

  2. I’m concerned about Suarez if the London train strike goes ahead and they postpone the game so I’ll be putting the C on Hazard. He should do well against WBA.

  3. baysietoff says:

    Great stuff Matt! Gotta go Suarez but having a sneaky bet on Mirallas if the game falls over.

  4. Dan says:

    Strike is off according to various sources on twitter….thank god, woulda been screwed had the game been called off.

  5. mattcraigdt says:

    I’m hearing Fulham will make a final call at 3pm GMT, I’m extremely confident the game will go ahead. Wouldn’t worry about it.

  6. Dan says:

    yep, confirmed. Games officially going ahead!

    SSS owner here so phew! (Suarez, Sterling and Stevie) πŸ™‚

  7. Holly says:

    If the strikes off then i’m definitely switching my captaincy back to Suarez and sticking Sterling in there. Was going to take Rooney out for Negredo or Dzeko but Rooney seems to like playing Arsenal and at least he should definitely be starting

  8. Louie.K says:

    What an inspired choice James Collins was. Four clean sheets in a row, one goal and four bonus points in succession! Bargain!

  9. screech says:

    45 from 6, took a -8 point hit to bring in collins, ivanovic and nolan and had vlaar on the bench, should have benched hazard from him. lallana and boruc also standouts

  10. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    Currently on 27 from 4…. MARSHALL! Marshall/Mannone partnership was just pure master stroke, gotta give my hat off to Nick, cheers mate πŸ™‚

    Also, I was thinking about making a league in Real DT just for people from this page? Only done it cos the atmosphere and the people here are all decent unlike DTTalk there are a few dodgy ones….
    I personally love the idea and am really keen to do so. So literally just then I made one and the code is: 581742.
    Name is FPL Addicts, didn’t know so just went with that hahaha πŸ™‚

    Also if anyone wants to create one for AFL Fantasy (if any of you guys are gonna play it haha) then that would be good, cos I currently can’t log on
    Hope to see you all there! πŸ™‚

  11. Dan says:

    Ill jump in on the DT leagues (if welcome). Playing both RDT and Fantasy this year.

    FPL wise on 39 (-4). Marshall, Fonte and Ivanovic combinining for 35! πŸ™‚ Also had Hazard and Rodriguez play.

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      Dan youre more than welcome, as Matt said he has made one, so if the current one does fill up there will still be a second… or you just have to join quick!

  12. Viper086 says:

    i think i must be the only one stinking it up. On 12 points after 4 players. I have fallen big time the last few weeks. Was ranked 1500 overall 3 weeks ago and now i am 7300

  13. brandonpietie says:

    Im sitting on 26 from 4… Collins was the BEST buy so far… Great return over the last few weeks.

  14. Rakshit says:

    16 from 4. Boruc and Lallana stand out. Cahill and Olsson gave me late heart breaks!

  15. Go You Gunners says:

    Joined up the RDT league, hope that’s ok, should be great fun! Anyone set up an AFL Fantasy one? I can if you like πŸ˜€

  16. baysietoff says:

    FYI small chance the Everton game may get called off due to weather… #DGW!

  17. Louie K says:

    Everton and Man City games both called off! That’s f*^^+#!

  18. rostie says:

    Ironic really. We agonise over a train strike and it’s impact on the SAS combo and half my side gets wiped out by weather shutting down train lines a day later….. Playing 8

    • Viper086 says:

      What happens with the postponed players? do we get guys coming off the bench to make up for their donuts?

    • Louie.K says:

      Funny really. I think the time may be here to jump on Sturridge as captain over Suarez. Watching Liverpool of late, he’s the main man in attack, with Suarez deployed to a deeper role on the left flank. Don’t get me wrong, Suarez will still score points, but Sturridge’s consistency is remarkable.

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

        Yeah Sturridge is the front man, he is always the man they are tryong to find on counters and his pace is a reall added bonus with that. Suarez is still looking real damgerous amd his confidence is sy high still (still camt get over that volley from outside the box agaonsy Arsenal that hit the post! You have to see it if you havent.).
        And yeah you will Louie, lucky for me I still got Sagna to come on and Noone,making that 62 for me thos week πŸ˜€

  19. ozgunners says:

    50 for me with 4 donuts and Suarez as Captain 😐

  20. Richey says:

    61 for me… Gave Sturridge the band over Suarez on a whim, worked out well πŸ™‚

  21. nburk53 says:

    Pretty happy with 83! Moved up a nice 80k in overall rankings which was nice.

  22. A weekend with no BPL… THIS SUCKS!!!!!!

  23. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    Finished on 68 but two decision during the week changed it. 50/50 on Sturridge/Suarez captain, chose the wrong one (although it was kinda impossible to see Suarez not having any impact on scoresheet).
    Rooney to Adebayor which I decided to give one more chance and thought I boulder take a hit for a week… The only week where it would have worked out!
    Although Rooney could have definetly had around 2 assists and a goal but fine blocking from Kosc/Mert and brilliant saves from Szczney (butchered that completely haha) kept it at 0-0.
    Rooney looked confident, his passing was emphatic and honestly the final ball seemed to be played more from Rooney other than Mata.
    Still unsure whether I should keep him or go to Adebayor who have similar fixtures both are looking very good (Adenayor tipping the scales more) and both confident.

    Think ill do it! Should I haha?
    Also rose a sneaky 60k thanks to no donuts but a terrible score compared to others with donuts

    • baysietoff says:

      Great result! Depends if you can use that cash somewhere else? If you can bump up a mid or defender I would consider it.

      I’ve already traded in Ade and Lallana. Bit of a risk but, meh. Unfortunately I traded both out a few weeks ago. Massive, season defining error.

  24. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    Sorry guys, don’t wanna spam but there is still SIX spots left in the Real DT league.
    The code is 581742.
    Also, if you could tell me who’s there, some unfamiliar names there so not sure… Hahaha
    Sorry for being a pain! I’ll stop commenting for a day… I’ll try anyway πŸ˜‰

  25. Bio Eden Hazard says:

    ‘afternoon lads, time for my first post here! It’s my first year playing FPL and I’ve gotta say this website has been a goldmine for information and advice. Thanks to Matt, Baysie, Colesy and the rest of you then.
    That being said….may I join your league? πŸ™‚

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      Yeah mate definetly! All are welcome πŸ™‚
      No need to ask. It is a very decent site tbh.
      Only lasted 2hrs and 8mins not commenting 😦 let’s try again

      • Bio Eden Hazard says:

        Ahah I know it’s tempting to post. Thanks for the invite mate, the thing is though, when I type in 581742 as the league code it says “This is not a valid league code. Please enter another code or check the code with the league administrator”
        Am I doing sth wrong here?

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

          Um I’m not sure.
          There could be a few things I recon.
          Firstly it is the Virtual sports Dream Team so the Real Dream Team one), if you’re using AFL Fantasy (the official one, than that is the wrong code and the code for that one is above). Or you could be asking about Fantasy Premier League, if so, the code won’t work in there either.
          That’s all I can think of really.

    • baysietoff says:

      Thanks mate, welcome aboard! How’s your team doing so far?

      You sure can, just be aware that a regular may take your spot closer to the start of the season. Gotta do the right thing by the long suffering posters πŸ™‚

  26. Bio Eden Hazard says:

    Cheers Baysie…I’ll earn my stripes as a regular sooner than you think given the time I spend on FPL πŸ™‚
    After a terrible start I’ve managed to turn things around a bit and I’m now 190k, which I consider alright for a 1st year although I know it’s nothing impressive to you guys πŸ™‚
    My team ID is 708647 if you fancy having a look. My main concern right now is what to do with Eriksen, I’m thinking Paulinho maybe. He seems to be in form and finally scoring and not just creating chances.
    I’m not very happy with Bentekke either but I’m thinking maybe just wait for Aguero to be back…

    • mattcraigdt says:

      If you don’t have Adebayor he is straight in for Benteke, Sturridge also a must have. I don’t like Paulinho, Lallana my mid-pricer of choice.

      • Bio Eden Hazard says:

        I agree: already have Sturridge and Lallana. I had Adebayor in my team a few gameweeks ago and I traded him out for Aguero (with a -4 too!!) who instantly got injured 😦
        Don’t you think Eriksen is a more pressing issue than Benteke though: he’s losing his strating role while Tekkers is nailed on and has tasty fixture? Need another mid pricer then

        • baysietoff says:

          Benteke hit the post a couple of times last GW. He’s not far away. I hope… Not sure why Erik was dropped? He was playing well, then Sherwood moved him to a wing, did nothing, then bang! Gone…

          • Bio Eden Hazard says:

            I’ve only seen Erisken play twice. He struck me as being amazing with spot kicks and gifted to play in the hole…but completely unable to play as a winger. He seems much to slow for that and he can’t defend for shit. He sort of reminds me of Pastore (yes I’m a big PSG fan)

        • mattcraigdt says:

          I really like Adebayor. Mirallas, Paulinho, Johnson are all unconvincing. You could try Sterling and try to be different, or upgrade him to Gerrard if you can reach?

          • Bio Eden Hazard says:

            I would agree with you. I’m not really convinced by either of these guys except for Gerrard but he’s a bit expansive for my team structure (which I can change after all..). Sterling is tempting but don’t you think he might get dropped when Lucas Leiva comes back?
            Thanks for your help guys by the way. My second post and already so much help, really glad I finally posted sth

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