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This past game week can be put into two very different categories thanks to the postponements… 1. No effect. Your team score was normal, and you rose 1,000’s of places up the rankings. Or 2. It did have an effect, a massive effect and you wonder why you bother! There’s always a silver lining, it means at least one more double game week at some stage in the future. Keep an eye out for it!

Marshall (4.7m) – Cardiff collected their first cleanie in 2 months against an unlucky Villa team this week. For that, they have Marshall to thank. He made half a dozen very good saves to do his part getting full BPs and 11 points along the way. They have some up and down fixtures coming up but if you have him in the goalie rotation, the home games are looking good while the away games not so. I wouldn’t trade him in if you don’t have him…

Collins (4.2m) – There has been a lot of banter about Collins here on FPL Addicts, and I wish I’d listened to some of it! West Ham’s defence has been just sensational in the past month with 5 cleanies from 6 games. Looking ahead, they have some great chances to increase that tally so it’s not too late to jump on board. Collins scored a goal and full BPs to amass a very healthy 15 points.

Fonte (5.3m) – After an excellent defensive start to the season, Southampton have been much more sporadic in their clean sheets in recent months. The good news is they have been somewhat predictable in who they are going to keep clean against… Cardiff, Fulham, WBA and now Hull. They look like they can do a job against the bottom teams, this is where rotation and depth work out well. Fonte got on the scoresheet as well as receiving full BPs for 14 points. Games against West Ham, Norwich and Palace on the horizon are good opportunities for defensive points.

Chico (4.9m) – Swansea on the other hand, have not had a good defence at any stage this season. However, we have seen that a change of management can change that dramatically. Unless you’re Spurs and go the other way… Keep an eye on Swansea and see how much they are able to improve under their new gaffer, and act quickly if they do. A trip to Liverpool is always going to be tough though. Chico scored a goal and a couple of BPs for 10 points.

Ivanovic (6.3m) – Ivanovic is THE inform defender in the league right now… After a spell in the treatment room he has come back with scores of 2 (a blip against Man Utd), then 7, 14, 11 and 10 which is incredible. I do have serious concerns with John Terry being sidelined, meaning that David Luiz is now filling in at the back (WBA’s equaliser was directly the fault of Luiz…).  A home game against an Everton side struggling for goals, a trip to Fulham then a home game against Spurs should see at least one clean sheet. Don’t underestimate how bad of a defender David Luiz really is…. If Terry comes back then don’t worry.

Diame (4.7m) – Diame really should be scoring more FPL points than he does. He’s a wonderfully talented midfielder with all the attributes to be a star, it must be upstairs that he struggles. After missing a couple of weeks, he came off the bench to inspire West Ham to victory with a goal and an assist to score 11 points. At some stage he will breakout and have a run of games so do yourself a favour and watch him.

Bentalab (4.5m) – I wonder how this kid feels? He has got to be the biggest teachers’ pet in football history! Unsighted at EPL level until Sherwood took over, he was almost immediately installed in the centre of their midfield and hasn’t looked back. He probably plays a little deep to consistently score points but with Spurs you never know. This weeks Jonjo Shelvey Award winner assisted a couple of goals and received a couple of BPs for 11 points.

Gerrard (8.9m) – Stevie G is easily the most consistent midfielder available. He’s not got a massive point scoring ceiling like a Hazard does, but he won’t spud it for a few weeks in a row like Hazard will either. While Liverpool are amongst the goals, Gerrard will be amongst the points and he’ll be a very valuable player in your teams.

Richardson (4.8m) – He’s never been a big point scorer which I don’t think will change now, and with Fulham not showing much form he’s a no. He scored a goal and assisted one (haha) on his way to 10 points… You know what… Fulham have been scoring goals in recent games, and the introduction of Mitroglou may just spark them into action. Maybe don’t dismiss so easily.

Adebayor (8.1m) – After a couple of lean weeks Adebayor has burst back into life with an 8 and this week a huge 16. Outside of SAS, this guy is the one to have in your teams and at 8.1m is still great value. This weeks 16 as on the back of 2 goals, an assist and full BPs. His short term fixtures look great but that is followed by a very tough run…

Sturridge (10.1m) – You know when people are actually removing the captaincy from Suarez that the recipient must be in some sort of form! Sturridge is scoring for fun at the moment and any FPL team without him won’t be going very far. This week he got his regular goal (7 from 6 games), but also provided a couple of assists which he isn’t well known for and full BPs for his 15 points. Fixture proof.

Some other relevant performances include Koscielny, Vlaar, Chambers and Paulinho all with 9. Then the next bracket down included Mertesacker and goalies Guzan, Boruc and Adrian on 8…

That’s it for me this week! Sorry for the delay, I had some stuff to take care of… I hope you have a great week off and we’ll get back into it soon. For those interested in other fantasy sports, we’ve got a couple of Australian Rules leagues open for FPL Addict regulars. Shout out if you want some more info about them!

23 comments on “Dream Team – GW26

  1. nburk53

    Great stuff Baysie. It’s amazing what a decent week can get someone in terms of overall rankings! What’s everyone doing with Eriksen? Reckon it’s worth offloading him for Lallana?

  2. rostie

    Thx Baysie. In a dilemma at the moment. Have silva, yaya and mannone to deal with in week 28. At present my bench is crap so only yaya can stay. Already got in ivanovic this week. Thinking I need to get Adrian this week also with a hit as my keeper backup is not playing and so I can deal with silva next week. Is my logic sound? Wish I kept adebeyor all those weeks back. Love to get him again but stuck with lambert as my third forward.

    • nburk53

      I’d be getting Adrian, especially if your back-up keeper isn’t playing. Adebayor is in awesome form at the moment but his upcoming set of fixtures aren’t great. He has two nice fixtures against Norwich and Cardiff then a shocker month against Chelsea, Arsenal, Southampton and Liverpool. If you’re not getting him this week then I really don’t see the point getting him for one week. Sounds like your main focus at the moment should be dealing with the City and Sunderland blank shortly and then doubling up for the DGW. That’s what I would be doing anyway.

      • rostie

        Thx for the advice mate. Definitely confirms my thinking! Regarding eriksen, I swapped him out for lallana a couple weeks back. Not sure what Sherwood is doing with him an lallana is the heart of the saints midfield. I would probably do the trade to him or Gerard if you can fit another red in you side

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks Baysie, convinced to bring in Adebayor! Can’t wait haha.

    Also, Eriksen may go this week not sure (I can afford any MID-already have Hazard Lallana & Gerrard), and Bruce (Hull city) may go this week, Collins looks like a very nice option and with Spurs this week, all Eriksen needs to do is play one ball through to Adebayor!

    So I recon Ill keep Eriksen one more week, Rooney to Adebayor & Bruce to Collins sound good?

    Thanks again for the write up mate 🙂

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    So the main topic this week seems to be: what to do with Eriksen?? I already have Lallana and can’t afford Gerrard unless I take a hit…Was thinking maybe Paulinho or Hernandez, Nolan even…

    • baysietoff Post Author

      It is! As soon as I could I dropped him for Lallana, so that doesn’t help. I’ve also got Mirallas in that price range. He always looks like he has points in him, just hasn’t really clicked yet. Paulinho is in great form though! Worried about Hernandez being fully fit, although he did start last game. See how he goes in the Cup tomorrow night? Wilshere was in great form before his latest injury? Coutinho?

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Cheers Baysie! Mirallas is pretty popular these days but somehow I don’t quite trust him to bring the goods, especially with lukaku coming back soon. Maybe it’s because I saw him play in the French ligue 1 and I wasn’t convinced…
        I know Paulinho has been a big let down for a lot of FPL managers earlier in the season but he could be something…and Hernandez too if the new coach can make Swansea a better attacking team…then again the worst decision I made this year was to stick with Michu so I’m a bit worried about Swansea

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Mirallas has come a long way since then, but maybe I’m just biased haha…

          Swans look a different team now and Hernandez is more involved than he has been so could be a good shout. Personally had a sneaky gamble on Routledge for my M5 spot so see your point. But they do have Liverpool coming up… Put some more thought into Coutinho if you have the cash. He always looks dangerous and has solid job security.

  5. Bio Eden Hazard

    Ahah…a sneaky gamble, I like that! Those Swansea midfielders can be tempting…but I guess their is a Jonjo Shelvey award for a reason 🙂
    Their could be a Coutinho award too (or a “early season Paulinho” award as a matter of fact): player who always looks dangerous and creates chances but never scores big!

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