Transfer Talk – GW26 (Carnage Special)

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I have to admit, it’s been a pretty poor couple of weeks for me. Man City have killed us, and I couldn’t buy a captain. It’s time for redemption! Let’s take a look at which players are the ones to carry us through these tough times, and some more DGW news. UPDATED!


Before we can consider any of the options, we must take into account the fixture re-scheduling going on in response to the FA Cup results. Basically, if a team goes through to the FA Cup quarter finals, they will have their GW29 fixture re-scheduled. This is big news for us fpl managers, as we already have a number of blanks during GW 28. As Sunderland won last night, their game against Liverpool will not go ahead in GW29 as planned. There is a small chance it could still be re-scheduled midweek and count in the same gameweek, however don’t rely on it. Plan for them to miss. This is bad news for SAS owners, however 1 week missed is not too bad. Sunderland will have 3 DGW’s in the run home, so keep their assets in mind. Man City have also gone through, so they have yet another blank along with Aston Villa. This means that they will miss both GW28 and 29, so dump your Man City assets ASAP! They will have 3 DGW’s in the run home, so definitely keep them in mind. Southampton v Crystal Palace will go ahead as they lost.

So it was basically our worst nightmare. Every game that could of been called off was, with only 6 games now scheduled for GW29. Arsenal, Everton, Swansea, and Newcastle all join Man City, Aston Villa, Sunderland and Liverpool to currently have a blank. This may change if the club wants to play the game midweek, however we can only wait on any official announcements to come.

The important thing to take note is how many players you will currently miss in both GW 28 and 29. Try to not panic and sell everyone, as all these teams will have DGW’s in the run home. Sometimes a donut isn’t the end of the world, I took 3 last GW. Bear these changes in mind when making your transfers this week! Don’t forget some of the games may still be re-scheduled midweek and still be played in GW29, we just have to play a waiting game.


  • Gerrard – A couple of weeks ago I said he was playing in a more withdrawn role. Even though it goes against every fibre of my fpl knowledge, he is killing it, and presents us a brilliant option in midfield. Liverpool have no huge cup concerns, and they are scoring goals for fun. Even though they have been hit by some bad news (more on that later), Stevie G presents the perfect option to replace some of our Man City midfielders.
  • Koscielny – Arsenal’s defence just continue to get the business done at home, and once again it was Koscielny who picked up all 3 bonus points. 5.7 is still great value, and with a home clash against Sunderland up next he is a perfect replacement if needed.
  • Lallana – He is just unbelievably consistent, and can be relied upon just like you would with a premium. 8.0 is still solid value in my opinion, and he presents a safe midpriced option for the run home with a lot of other options around him stumbling.
  • Sturridge – Basically a must have now. I must admit his dominance over Suarez is concerning, and it must make us question Suarez’s value in our teams. There is no way I will be trading out Suarez as the options around him are simply not good enough, and he has more scoring ability than anyone else in the league. Aguero’s return may pose some questions, but until then he stays. SAS is the way forward, even with Liverpool’s blank GW to come.
  • Collins – A few weeks ago I had Collins in the hot buys section as a great value pick. Since then he has scored 36 points in 4 games, with a goal capping it all of last week. Numerous injuries prevented me from getting him, however 4.2 in the league’s best defence (13 clean sheets) offers great value.
  • Ivanovic – I never like to get defenders after a few great attacking games. They never keep it up! However Ivanovic is certainly a regular in Chelsea’s solid defence, so he’s a great option for those who want to chase his points. Just don’t expect him to keep this pace up for long.
  • Olsson – Finally I have another speculative target. Olsson has become a regular is Norwich’s defence, and they have a brilliant run of fixtures to come. They play Tottenham this week, have already kept a clean sheet against City, and have Liverpool, United, Chelsea and Arsenal to finish off the season. This means they have an unbelievable run up until GW35, playing 6 bottom half teams in 7 weeks, 3 of them at home. Speaking of home, they have 3 clean sheets in their last 3 games at Carrow Road. Seems fairly decent value at 4.2! Bassong is another options to consider at a slightly higher cost (4.7).


  • Kolarov – Unfortunately the 50/50 call between him and Zabaleta has killed me, as Sunderland midweek was his time to shine. His price is falling and with City not getting a run on until at least GW 30, it’s time for him to go.
  • Silva – He has been solid since returning, and picked up another assist in the FA Cup last night. Look for an alternative for the next few weeks, I went to Gerrard. If you want someone who will play in every week during this tough period, Oscar could be your best bet. That is if you don’t own Hazard of course.
  • Eriksen – He was looking great playing in behind Adebayor a couple of weeks ago. Then he got shoved out onto the wing, now he can’t even get a game. I don’t get Spurs, and I will be happy to jump of all their assets. Apart from Adebayor of course. Try to get him to Lallana or Gerrard, as I don’t really like the midpriced options. I guess Mirallas could be worth the punt, but he certainly doesn’t convince me. Sterling looks nailed on for Liverpool, and if you want to ride the roller coaster he could be a solid punt.
  • Dawson – Dropped for Kaboul. Spurs dropped their captain. As I say, just dump them all!
  • Negredo –  F*** you Alvaro. Terrible trade, get rid of him!!! Adebayor the obvious, and wise swap.
  • Dzeko – Another quick and clean kill. Jovetic looks good and he will be fighting for his spot, that is when City actually play. Get rid of him as well!


Adebayor – So you thought I’d forgotten him? I tried my best to avoid this ever happening, however there is no point in tiptoeing around him any longer. With our striker options becoming thin due to blank GW’s, Adebayor keeps doing what he does best. Do what no one expects him to. An easy replacement for any Man City strikers you have, and probably a wise one for Benteke with Villa’s blank to come. The cheap striker of choice for those without gunning a big United striker.

That will be it from me this week. Watch what happens in the FA Cup tonight closely, I will update the fallout tomorrow! Cheers.

34 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW26 (Carnage Special)

  1. Who?

    Cheers, great article! I honestly have no idea who to trade Silva to. Gerrard, Oscar or Mata? Already have Hazard, Lallana and Mirallas. However, Silva is my only Man City player.

  2. Shikhar

    So now the teams that have a blank in gw29 are Arsenal, Aston Villa, Everton, Liverpool, Man City, Newcastle, Sunderland, Swansea and maybe even Hull and West ham if Hull beat Brighton tomorrow.. How r we supposed to get out of this mess 😐 Ridiculous. As if FPL already doesnt give us nightmares

  3. Liam

    I can’t remember it being this drastic, holding transfers and losing value on players waiting for fixture news. Hoping Liverpool vs Sunderland goes ahead in GW 29.

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    Ok lads, Gerrard and Lallana are definitely the best replacements for Eriksen but who else could be a good option? The Ox maybe or…Paulinho. Am I the only one considering getting the Brazilian?

  5. kingcolesy

    So pretty much since Ive been like this meme since I saw MCI called off and Adebayor score 16. [img][/img] hope that pic works! Yet I’ve moved up the rankings. Thanks for the article, gets me back up to date…

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Can’t you downgrade someone to get Gerrard in? Your midfield would be terrific!
      Else Coutinho maybe but he never really scores big…Mirallas seems pretty popular these days but I’m not convinced. Sorry mate this is a tough one. What’s your forward line like?

        • Bio Eden Hazard

          Glad I could be of help. I am myself trying to find some money to get Gerrard in…while also keeping cash for Aguero when he comes back!

          • kingcolesy

            Seems a bit tricky, lots of blanks for good players coming up. I was going to suggest maybe hold a trade and hope an idea pops up. Snodgrass might be your answer tho…

  6. Joely

    So what do I do here? Get rid of Yaya Toure?
    Szczesny (Kelvin Davis)
    Dawson, Coleman, Mertesacker (McCartney, Ward)
    Henderson, Hazard, Yaya Touré, Lallana (Mutch)
    Rodriguez, Suárez, Sturridge

      • kingcolesy

        I agree with baysie, but how much value have you gained from yaya? Personally Im holding yaya cos I can cover and hes gained $$ I cant get back. If he hasnt gained much its a bit trickier but Id try to hold still cos of DGW to come and costs of trade… I think plan of action might be just to save the trade this week then buy Snodgrass with avl(28), STO(29), sot(30), SUN(31) to come. ie Play Henderson(SWA) over Snodgrass(TOT) for a week.

        • Bio Eden Hazard

          You got me curious about Snodgrass now Colesy…I must admit I don’t know him well. I’ve got Eriksen I’m willing to trade. I had my eyes on Paulinho but I’m not so sure either and he played the whole 90mn yesterday. Maybe I should just keep Eriksen for this week and have a double transfer next week?

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            Holding Eriksen for a couple of weeks before going to Johnson in GW30 wouldn’t be the worst idea, Sunderland will have 3 DGW’s in the run home

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            mmmh cheers Matt that does sound like a great idea…it just requires patience, which I tend to lack 🙂 Futhermore Eriksen’s price is free falling and he’s not getting minutes these days so no points…

          • kingcolesy

            Last night Eriksen played 26minutes, Paulino played 90minutes. Could mean Paulinho might see reduced minutes vs Norwich and Eriksen 90? Ade didnt play fwiw 🙂

  7. Rakshit

    This whole Eriksen situation is so messed up. There he was a few weeks ago… notching up points at a very healthy rate fairly consistently with maximum job security. And now he cant even get a game.

    Should I go Eriksen to Snodgrass/Charlie Adam right now? or hold Eriksen till GW 30 and replace him by Adam Johnson?

  8. Bio Eden Hazard

    Ahah my question exactly. From what Colesy wrote about Eriksen playing 26mn last night, I’m thinking he might play this week-end…so maybe wait?

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