The Captains – GW27

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And we’re back! I haven’t been able to buy a good captain for a few weeks now, it’s time to change that. There’s a big decision to be made!

The Contenders:

Hazard – Eden presents a viable option every week, and he’s a big threat in any Chelsea home game. However I think Everton will be extremely hard to break down and Chelsea’s attack has hardly been flowing. I can see a low scoring game here so I’d avoid.

Rooney – He’s just signed a 300,000 pound a week contract, so you’d bloody hope he steps up his game this week. Will continue to play in a deeper role and whilst you wouldn’t deny him a goal, captaincy is too risky with his up and down fantasy form.

Negredo – No. Just no. Will he start? Probably. Will he finish his numerous chances? Highly unlikely. He’s gone straight onto my most hated list (Let’s be honest, never say never again) and unless you want to be left soul searching I wouldn’t consider captaining him.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – He’s been extremely impressive in the last few weeks and provides great value at 6.7. He is a great chance to do well again this weekend, however captaincy seems a bit far fetched.

Koscielny – Not the worst idea. Arsenal have conceded just once at home in over 12 hours of football, so you would back them in for a clean sheet against Sunderland. I must admit Sunderland have looked much improved going forward in recent times, so whilst the potential is there I still wouldn’t risk it with SAS available.

Kolarov – Another cheeky defensive option. I am 99% sure he will start against Stoke, and if he does a clean sheet, attacking returns and bonus points are not out of the question. I am convinced he will go big one gameweek, perhaps this will be the one…

Top 3:

1. Sturridge – Basically it was between Suarez and Sturridge for the number 1 spot this week. I’ve been going with my gut the past few weeks and it hasn’t been paying off, so this week I just have to stick with the statistics. Since Sturridge first started after returning from injury he has 6 goals, 2 assists, 12 bonus and 50 points in just 5 games. In comparison Suarez has 1 goal, 4 assists and just 2 bonus! This has equated to 23 less points. We all know that the new bonus point system is weighted way too heavily on goals for forwards, and Sturridge is the one getting all the goals. He is playing up front, whilst Suarez is playing an unselfish role pulling out wide and dropping a little deeper. From what we’ve seen recently, it only makes sense to captain Sturridge.

2. Suarez – Unfortunately, I don’t operate on sense. I’m going to go down sinking in my own ship, no matter what. Suarez has scored just once in his last 6 appearances, which could be taken one of two ways. His role is no longer goal friendly, or he is due a big haul. He has hit the post at least 3 times during this period and I’m backing him in to light it up against Swansea. I should also mention that I’m hedging my bets. Suarez captain, money on Sturridge. It can’t lose!

3. Van Persie – Yeah well if you wanted to be different I suppose you could go Vanners, he’s 13.6 after all and playing Crystal Palace. Shows how little value he provides when I’m sure almost everyone will just skip past him here.

The Punt:

Adebayor – With the news of him carrying a knock aside, Adebayor is a great option if you’re losing your mind. I really don’t think this is the week to be taking a punt, however he is on fire at the moment and Norwich are struggling. He has scored most of his goals away from home and he is a great chance to continue that run this week. Don’t worry, he will start for sure.

So that’s it from me this week. Good luck to everyone this weekend, let’s rejoice in the fact that fpl is back! I always operate on a rule of captaining somebody on the Sunday, it’s just the worst feeling having to watch a game knowing you could of captained guys like Suarez or Sturridge, my advice is to play it safe! Cheers.

31 comments on “The Captains – GW27

  1. Bio Eden Hazard

    Cheers Matt…I’ve got the armband on Sturridge at the moment but I’m really afraid of a Suarez haul…tommorrow afternoon’s gonna be ful of stress for me

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Went with gut and put C on Saurez, reckon he’s due for big one! Team is firing on all cylinders at moment, 62 with Saurez (C), Sturridge, Gerrard & Abeydor to come.. Only Boruc(1) & Hazard (3), Ivanovich (7) have failed to score over 11…

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    RIP those who didn’t captain Sturridge! 2 goals and 1 assist in first half (not done yet)… More than half my points as captain, should. I be worried or happy?

    Also, as one of the writers predicted, Dyer has gone onto score 1 and assist 2 in last 5… Because of new management as someone suggested (I think it was Matt?)

  4. rostie

    Cannot believe how many points I have lost waiting for Suarez to return to his best whilst Sturridge scores at will. The day I change the armband he will score 3!

  5. kingcolesy

    I wonder if Joely took my advice to hold Henderson for a week then trade to Snodgrass 😛 Did anyone do Eriksen to Snodgrass last week?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      No but I might do this week. Nolan and Snodgrass are the options (Yaya was but he has two blanks coming up) so one of the two… leaning to Snodgrass currently. But not all bad, had Azpilicueta first bench so Eriksen off for him wasnt the worst thing.

      Do you recon make the trade now or hold till the end of the week

      • nburk53

        I’d hold, I’d even try and keep two freebies for next week. Having no Liverpool, City, Arsenal & Everton is a huge huge blow. But then again I don’t advise trading out Suarez or Sturridge so it might be beneficial to make a trade this week. Up to you really, but if you’re going to make one this week, I’d make it late on.

  6. Rakshit

    I got Yaya Toure a month ago and he really hasnt risen much during that time. So Im getting in Hazard for Yaya (as Hazard is almost a must have for GW28-29). A 10+ mid on your bench for 2 Game weeks is something which I cant swallow.

    I also have to replace Eriksen by some one who is below 6.5. Confused between Charlie Adam and Robert Snodgrass mainly. Although having said that, Erisken is a good bet to start next week against Cardiff after their disastrous result last night.

    • Richey

      I’ve always liked Snodgrass, but have never been able to bring him in over the likes of Eriksen or Ox, bringing in a Norwich mid over a Spurs or Arsenal mid just seems wrong! Think I’m gonna go ahead and do it this week though… I think

      • Rakshit

        Of course! In normal circumstances I wouldnt have even thought of making such a change. But both Eriksen and Ox arent starting for their clubs regularly and the latter also has a blank. I am gonna with my gut and get in Charlie Adam. He scored against Man Utd and Liverpool at the Brittannia and seems to step up for the big games.

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