Dream Team – GW27

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West Ham United v Southampton - Premier League

It’s a tough gig this blogging caper… You put your thoughts and opionions out there, and every now and then you get some of those spectacuarly wrong (read Nolan and Henderson). I’m just glad I didn’t put my thoughts on Snodgrass out there. Although I may have just done so now.

Dream Team time!

De Gea (5.8m) – Man Utd’s defence has kicked into gear in the past couple of weeks… About time? Or too soon to gauge? Well we won’t find out this week because they have a bye, but definitely keep an eye on them because it could be the start of a trend and with a double game week on the horizon it may give us some more options which could turn out very handy. De Gea pulled out a heap of saves to help them towards the cleanie and 8 points.

Terry (6.6m) – Chelsea just keeps on keeping on, another clean sheet on their way towards Premier League glory… Ok, that’s far too soon to gauge! JT came back from injury to score the winner on the weekend and on his way picked up 15 points with full BPs. Everyone should have Chelsea’s defenders so I won’t spend too much more time on this one… Apart from they have some sensational fixtures ahead so if you only have one right now, consider getting one more.

Evra (6.4m) – Similar to De Gea, keep an eye on Man Utd after their break… Evra put in a very good attacking performance setting up 2 goals on his way to 15 points. He’s pretty expensive and there are better options in this range so I can’t recommend him.

Koscielny (5.7m) – Koscielny hasn’t been a noted goal scorer over the years but he helped his owners out with one this week and 13 points. He also picked up clean sheet points because he got injured and was subbed off before Sunderland scored. Ha! I’m a bit worried about Arsenal if I’m honest… It’s been a tough season on this squad and it may be getting to the point where it’s been too much. I hope they prove me wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some odd results started popping up. Like I said he did pick up an injury, but everything I read leads to him being fine for this round.

Rosenior (3.9m) – Hull are a really tough team to figure out. One thing you can take home with you is they don’t tend to concede too many goals, so they aren’t far away from that valuable clean sheet… Rosenior is this week’s Ryan Bennett Award recipient for his performance against a lacklustre Cardiff by scoring 12 points from the cleanie, an assist and full BPs. His game time has been a little sporadic this season but if you want a bargain basement player to sit on your bench he is an option. Although it is quite painful seeing 12 points on your bench…

Henderson (6.3m) – Liverpool are in some rare goal scoring form this season and although SAS have scored a big chunk of them, their midfielders are chipping in with more than their fair share. This week it was Henderson’s turn with 2 goals and 13 points. His current role in the team isn’t attacking enough to do this consistently, but what do you expect for 6.3m? If you take the plunge however, he will reward you occasionally.

Nolan (6.9m) – So this only means that Mr Nolan reads FPL Addicts and took exception to my continual bagging of his ability to score points. That’s the only conclusion I can come to. It doesn’t change my opinion though… 12 points from another goal, an assist and a couple of BPs.

Livermore (4.6m) – Jonjo Shelvey Award winner right here… Get around him! He scored himself a goal and an assist for 12 points in Hull’s demolition of Cardiff in their backyard. Won’t happen enough for us to worry about though.

Giroud (8.6m) – Olly put all of his personal issues aside for an afternoon and got back to doing what he does best! Bang goals. And he banged 2 of them. He also picked up an assist and full BPs for 16 points. Arsenal have an amazingly tough run after their GW29 bye with Spurs, Chelsea, Man City and Everton in a row. None of those teams will be as porous as Sunderland were so beware!

Sturridge (10.3m) – Standard. Another 2 goals, an assist, full BPs for a massive 16 points. I don’t think I can say anything here that you already know! The guy’s a jet. Liverpool do have a bye coming up followed by a trip across to Old Trafford but after that is a decent run of games. Only injury can stop Sturridge now…

Cole (5.0m) – I’m a big fan of the old school, big, tough centre forwards but unfortunately the globalisation and eurpeanisation (?) of the EPL has left these sort of guys behind to a large degree in favour of strikers who can pass, and score goals. However, while Big Sam is gainfully employed as a gaffer somewhere there will still be a place for them! Carlton scored himself a rare goal, an even rarer assist and an unheard of full BPs for a 12 point haul. He won’t have his spot when Andy Carroll comes back from suspension, so noooooo.

So now that’s out of the way we look forward to a really tough couple of weeks for us FPL’ers. Bye games and double game weeks have the potential to shatter our season, or propel us up the rankings. How are we all looking? What’s our game plans? Personally, I’ve only got Mata this week but 7 out the week after so will hold this week and maybe take a hit the week after, but will largely be hoping my bench finally does something when I need them to!

33 comments on “Dream Team – GW27

  1. kingcolesy

    Love how there seems to always be a unique Jonjo and Ryan Bennett recipient every week. I wonder when the luck runs out and the all the mainstream players finally click! Good article again mate!

  2. Viper086

    Only missing Silva this week so going to save up some trades and go bang during the carnage. Really struggling to work out who to partner up forward with SAS though. The Benteke plan failed miserably

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks Baysie, I always love the tenseness (is that a word lol) around the Ryan-Bennett/Jojo awards! Nice article as well mate, thanks 🙂

    Also, what made you join RDT? Peer pressure? Hehe
    Code is: 581742 to anyone who didn’t know, there are 5 spots still available!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Cheers mate! Yeah I do get pretty annoyed with SOME of these professionals who show a heap of potential, perform extremely well once, but then can’t back it up… Makes you wonder why they get paid thoooousands of pounds per week. Some of them, however, the phrase “every dog has it’s day” springs to mind, which I have no problem with and actually like to celebrate 🙂 I’m sure there’ll be an end of season awards for these sorts of things haha.

      I joined RDT coz I was bored one night haha. I doubt I’ll do any good coz I won’t be spending much time on it. Probably just try and post the same team as Fantasy and see how I go!

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Yeah, AJ & Andy Carroll sprung to mind as soon as I read that hahaha.

        Meh, It is better than Fantasy, you can balance your team easier and most of the players are cheaper, it’s more challenging as well 😉 maybe I won’t finish last now?
        Haha just kidding mate 🙂

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Ugh Adam Johnson… He could be anything!

          I guess I’ll see after a few rounds, if I’m doing well in RDT I’ll switch haha… But yeah I’ll never finish last 😉

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            AJ could’ve been anything, he could be up there with the best in the PL but I don’t even know what happened… Can’t believe it :/ and Ireland 🙁

            Well looks like I got that contract signed 🙂 Last place it is, hopefully I can win the ‘Junior’ Championship! Fantasy will be too easy I recon, teams will be too much of the same stuff whereas one decision RDT can change your season for the best for a good time, but in Fantasy you have to be liege 5 steps ahead of the ball.

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    5 players on for GW29 so far…but I’m thinking of just biting the bullet as I wanna keep free transfers to get Aguero and Yaya Touré in after GW29 (yeah you win Yaya, I’m gonna surrender and get you in my team)
    Still gotta get rid of either Eriksen (price dropping like crazy) or Silva. I’m thinking Sterling or Ince at the moment…I have more confidence in Sterling but Ince has no blank+a double GW soon

    • kingcolesy

      Is ince the guy in the hole? Puncheon is also an option(on penalties). I’d get rid of silva just so you can pump up your gw29 team…also agree with looking at getting aguero and toure in(by gw 31). Sounds a bit tricky!

  5. Bio Eden Hazard

    Ince is their new guy and he supposedly plays in the hole…but he only played 2 games.
    I agree with you for Silva but if eriksen’s price continues to drop I’m gonna be forced to get rid of him and keep Silva!! I’m on a very tight budget.
    That’s also the reason why I need to get Yaya and Aguero ASAP after GW29 because their price is likely to increase fast

  6. CrikeyMikeyy

    Don’t know if I’ll be investing in United players after seeing their champions league performance… They looked like they had no confidence.

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