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Sorry for the late post fellas, Uni is back this week so I’ve been under the pump! I’ve decided to just put it all together in one big article, so let’s hope this works out.

With the first of the two blank gameweeks coming up this week, our teams are under the pump to even get 11 men out on the pitch! Let’s take a look at some of the options we could take over the next couple of GW’s.


  • Cahill – Chelsea defenders are hot property at the moment, and Gary Cahill was my pick of the lot. If you can reach Ivanovic or Terry then they’re fantastic options as well, however Cahill is the cheapest of the lot at 6.0. He is firmly entrenched in Chelsea’s best XI and is very dangerous at set pieces. I reckon he’s a due a goal and he’s picking up bonus points at will. Azpilicueta is cheaper still, however his lack of goals and assists coupled without bonus points means I’m happy to splash the extra cash. Great option for the near future.
  • Olsson – I had eyed Norwich’s defence off a couple of weeks ago, and now could be the perfect time to strike. They will play in both GW 28 and 29 and have some great fixtures up until GW35. At 4.3 Olsson provides great value, with the potential for bonus points and assists also there. Great budget option.
  • Ruddy – He would be my choice of keeper swap if I needed a replacement for these difficult times. Szczesny has some very tough fixtures coming, and Mannone doesn’t play for 2 weeks. In both cases Ruddy looks great value at 5.0.
  • Hazard – Simply a must have for these next 2 gameweeks, find a way to get him in.
  • Adebayor – As Spurs play are out of the FA Cup and League Cup, their number one striker looks a great fill in option, even if you’re not willing to back him in long term. Another player I would highly recommend for this tough period.
  • Adam – Now we reach the budget midfielders, which there has been a lot of debate about. The first option is Charlie Adam, and the only reason he hasn’t been spoken of as highly is because he hasn’t scored in the last 2 weeks. When picking these midpricers we often judge them on their last game, when perhaps we should look at the bigger picture. Priced at 5.8, Adam has 7 goals and 3 assists at 3.7 points per game, the best of any player who doesn’t have a blank gameweek. If you’re desperate to fill in a donut, then you could do a lot worse than Adam.
  • Snodgrass – I’m really not convinced to be honest. 3 goals and 1 assist is all he has provided all season, although he has missed a lot of games. 3.5 ppg is not bad, and he provides a similar option to Adam. Not a long term buy, however he has a couple of nice fixtures. My vote goes to Adam, but both are decent options as PODs.
  • Ince – If you’re after a left field replacement, then Ince is a great one to look at. He’s only played 2 games, so we really don’t have much to go on. In fact I don’t know much about him at all, so I’m probably not the best person to ask. However apparently he’s been playing in the hole, and what I do know is that he’s an unbelievable talent. Swansea and Southampton are decent fixtures, and his 13 point haul against West Brom shows his capabilities. One for the risk takers.
  • Noone – Finally if you’re wanting to replace a bench player, then Noone is a great little option. Priced at 4.3 he has a very friendly home clash against Fulham in the dreaded GW29. Keep him in mind.


  • Kolarov – 2 blank gameweeks in a row means a lot of points lost if you are taking zero’s. Time for Kolarov to go, thankgod he saved himself with a great score last week!
  • Silva – Same deal with Silva, been down on form and don’t think he’s worth his 9.3 value. Only trade if there’s a viable option to go to though, there’s not many putting there hands up. Gerrard done nothing wrong for me so far.
  • Toure – Do you really want 10.2 sitting on your bench for 2 weeks? I’d trade to Hazard if you don’t have him otherwise hold, especially if you’ve had him for a while.
  • Johnson – Sunderland don’t play for another 2 weeks, and they looked bloody awful against Arsenal. Johnson was dragged at half time and even though he may come back into consideration, I’d be looking at an alternative mid-pricer.
  • Mertesacker – I have been shouting Koscielny’s name for weeks, and now there’s proof that Mertesacker isn’t worth the extra 0.9. Save yourself the cash, but unfortunately it’s a luxury trade which I doubt any of us can afford.
  • Oscar – If only he was performing, he’s be the perfect option in midfield. He was dragged at half time against Everton and looked terrible, I’m a bit confused as to what’s happened with him. Mata has gone and he’s now the number 1 CAM at Chelsea. He’s sure not playing like it, one for the risk takers to bring in.
  • Eriksen – Finally Eriksen, who I’m sure is the reason for many new visits to local psychologists. He nabbed a goal and an assist in Tottenham’s European comeback last night, and we still can’t figure out why he hasn’t been starting in the EPL. Surely he will be handed the central role this week. Surely. Personally I would be holding him!


Sturridge – You’re shocked I’m sure, Sturridge is the in-form player of the comp. Simply a must have, Suarez’s position in our teams does come under threat, but I won’t be touching on that issue until GW30.


1. Sturridge – I would usually touch on a lot of differential options, but I simply haven’t had the time this week. To be honest, it’s probably a good thing. I will be captaining Sturridge and I urge you all to do the same. It’s only logical, we can’t wait for Suarez to score just because “he’s due”. Sturridge has the lone striker role and he is thriving in it, whilst Liverpool are winning why would things change?!

2. Adebayor – Adebayor is a must have for the next couple of gameweeks, and he’s a very viable captain choice this week against Cardiff. I would still be playing it safe with your captain this week, as the last thing you want amongst the carnage is a poor captains score. Definitely has the potential to go bang.

3. Suarez – Captain’s choices over the next couple of weeks will be paramount, so now is not the time to settle your grudges. Suarez is playing out on the left wing, and drops as deep as left back at times. It’s painful to watch, however he’s happy when the teams winning, and they are sure doing a good job of that. He’s lost form in front of goal and we shouldn’t be captaining him until his role at least changes.


Hazard – What an oversight on my behalf! An away clash against Fulham will surely see Hazard gain some form of attacking returns, that is if Chelsea choose not to rest him. They are in no position to take such luxuries at the moment and he presents a very viable armband option. Anyone besides Sturridge is a punt this week.

These few weeks will be painful, I hope this all helped. Good luck with your strategies!

15 comments on “Transfer Talk + Captains – GW28

  1. rostie

    Thanks or the huge effort in getting this article out matt!
    Would you play Coleman ahead of koscielny due to his injury? Other defenders are mert, terry and ivanovic. Cheers

  2. Bio Eden Hazard

    I was gonna keep Benteke for this week and then have Rooney for GW29 (Aguero being my plan longet term plan anyway) but now I’m thinking maybe Benteke to Adebayor this week.
    The only problem is he’s playing Chelsea for GW29…

    • kingcolesy

      Either one one you couldn’t be blamed for doing the wrong move. Sounds like ade’s a given to come into your team?

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      I personnally wouldn’t. Especially considering Arsenal fixtures. But I was never a fan so I’m probably biased. Too clumsy for me

        • kingcolesy

          Unless you got a trade to burn, it’s not a bad one..but surely there’s buys that could be done to help your gw29 team. Mci and sun players who haven’t made much profit seem to be priority to get out. Even noone isn’t bad if it sets you up for the min value mid that gets you over these gw’s. Tho colback could be better in two weeks time but anyway..

  3. MattyZach

    Tough decision! To ditch Erikson or not ditch Erikson. There’s hardly anyone that is worth replacing him with, and none that are playing the next 2 GWs. Might just gamble and hold him for one more!

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