Dream Team – GW28

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 Aston Villa v Norwich City - Premier League

Welcome aboard the pain train! This upcoming round of fixtures could be anything. Most of the week will be spent just trying to put a team on the field and some of the players available aren’t exactly ones we’d normally consider. But you gotta do what you gotta do! Make sure you keep one eye on the future, there’s going to be a lot of double game weeks so keep some money in the kitty to take advantage… Looking back to the week just gone, there were heaps of goals but barely any decent defensive performances…

Begovic (5.3m) – This was one of the odd results I referred to last week and something that Arsenal may need to get used to. Credit where credit is due though, Stoke were very solid and Begovic was very good. But Arsenal just lacked anything different to what they always do. I do feel they miss Walcott and will continue to struggle against teams that will sit back. Begovic scored 7 from the cleanie and a BP but Stoke aren’t the same fortress that they once were so is not viable.

Baines (7.4m) – Bainesy has been building his form in recent weeks and culminated in his best game of the season. He assisted Everton’s only goal, got the cleanie points and full BPs on his way to 11. Far too expensive, but expect a few more of these performances before the season is over.

Stones (4.1m) – If there’s one thing I love just as much as a monster centre forward it’s a young kid getting a chance and shining. Fortunately for young Stones he had Distin to take on the monsters in Carroll and, briefly Cole, so he was able to just mark space and play the ball. Which he did with a temperament which belies his youth. He will make way for Jagielka when he’s fit, but keep an eye on him for next season. 8 points from the cleanie and a couple of BPs. Well done Ryan Bennett Award winner!

Naughton (4.1m) – Watchlist. Naughton has come in from the cold to fill a spot in Spurs’ defence, and although Spurs aren’t as tight at the back as they were earlier this season, 4.1m is great value. Perhaps not in the immediate future as Spurs go to Chelsea and then “welcome” Arsenal but… 4.1m! He scored 8 points this week from the cleanie and a couple of BPs.

Schurrle (6.9m) – To be fair… Schurrle was atrocious for at least the first half of their game… He was lucky to not be subbed but he wasn’t, and ended up scoring a hat trick! Again to be fair, Fulham’s defending was just appalling and all of his goals were scored directly from poor marking. Schurrle is just a squad player in this team so shouldn’t come into reckoning just yet but if given some games he does like to score so consider then. His hat trick and full BPs scored him 20 points.

Sissoko (5.6m) – This was the Sissoko of last season! He scored a couple of goals and full BPs. With Cabaye leaving in the recent break, it gives Sissoko a real shot at being Newcastle’s creative player and if he starts showing that form again then get onboard at 5.6m.

Walters (6.1m) – A bugbear of mine is players scoring BPs for scoring a penalty in the same way an outfield goal is scored… I don’t agree with that. Anyway, the most expensive Jonjo Shelvey Award winner in history scored the only goal in their game against Arsenal along with full BPs saw him pocket 11 points. Although he is a regular in the Stoke team, and plays in an attacking position, they don’t score anywhere near enough goals to be fantasy relevant so, no.

Hazard (11.1m) – I’m sure there were murmurs around FPL managers whether or not it was getting towards transfer time… Hazard has actually gone through a very lean patch of late. His last 6 weeks he’s only scored above 3 points once, albeit that one week was a massive 21 pointer, but his consistency has to cause at least a little concern.  He came back with an overdue 10 points on the back of 2 assists and a couple of BPs to remind us what he is capable of.

De Guzman (5.7m) – De Guzman has been sporadically scoring points all season but is just a tad too expensive for what you would get from him so won’t be considered by most, if any. He got on the score sheet and picked up full BPs for his 10 points.

Suarez (13.2m) – You can never keep a good player down for too long… Although many have jumped of his perma-captain status those of us who didn’t are feeling pretty chipper right about now! He scored his first goal in 5 games on his way to a handy 15 points. He also kept up his assisting skills with a couple more and got a well deserved full BPs.

Benteke (8.8m) – BENTEKKKERS IS BACK! Again… Most of us a getting pretty tired of these false dawns and wish he’d just make his mind up. Thankfully Villa have one of the many byes this week so we don’t need to put any consideration into him. 2 goals and full BPs got him 13 points.

Other than those superstars… Bacuna got amongst the points again, Soldado finally scored, Gerrard kept his consistent form going and Remy and Lukaku both reminded us they still existed.

So now we look ahead to the perfect storm. With only half the fixtures due to be played this weekend you’re going to be doing well to have a full team, without taking a hit. Personally I’ve taken a couple of hits to field 10, but have a little leftover for Aguero and, heaven forbid, Yaya Toure. Man City’s numerous double game weeks could prove to be a gold mine. Or… The rotation policy could kick in a screw us… Keep that in mind as they do have FA Cup and Champions League fixures to deal with. Something will have to give.

Make sure you keep track of us here at FPL Addicts, as soon as we hear of any firm dates for the rescheduled games we’ll get them posted!

55 comments on “Dream Team – GW28

  1. nburk53

    Awesome stuff Baysie! Who’s the best replacement for Koscielny do you reckon? Thinking a united defender wouldn’t go astray considering their upcoming fixtures. Even despite their atrocious form.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Nick!

      So tough… I been burnt too many times by Utd to put them up, so I’ll say no way Jose! Just a personal thing 🙂 Out of the lower teams, Norwich, West Ham and Stoke look decent for some cleanies with their fixtures and defensive reputation. Top teams, Chelsea and Man City (just on weight of games) are solid.

      Can’t help much more than that afraid! I’m tipping goals galore in the remaining games so actually doing some downgrading to my defence.

      • nburk53

        Yeah I was thinking possibly downgrading to a Norwich defender, Olsson looks good value at just 4.3 considering their run of fixtures. I’m really stuck with my trades this weeks. Got two free trades to play with but am really conscious of dumping some of my money makers. I was thinking of going Koscielny>Olsson Mirallas>Ince Gerrard>Budget Mid playing this week Berahino>Rooney. That will leave me enough to get Aguero for the DGW but unfortunately wont leave me enough to get in Yaya as well. So I’m kinda stuck on what I should do, plus I’m not sure if dumping Gerrard is a good move or not. :/

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Meh, what’s the moey going to be worth anyway. We’re on the home straight now, it’s go for broke time!

          Yeah I went for Olsson, Sagna>Olsson. Then Routledge>Cork, Benteke>Rooney and Gerrard>Paulinho and have enough to get both Aguero and Yaya in for Roo and Mata. I hear Olsson has a bung shoulder but I don’t think its bad enough to keep him out, hopefully!

          • nburk53

            Yeah they’re similar to mine. I was just tossing up for that 5th midfield role. That does give me an idea though, I could dump Mata for Yaya, I should have sufficient cash for that! Plus he has been poor of late, touch wood he can turn that around!

  2. Bio Eden Hazard

    Can’t believe I finally traded Benteke for Adebayor, got Ince instead of Sterling and gave the armband to Sturridge….so many wrong decisions in just one game week. Sometimes you gotta go with your first idea…

    • Viper086

      i held Benteke for this week in the hope that he failed and i coudl sell him without guilt. Now he has left more questions than answers. The fact that he isn’t playing this week helps a little bit

  3. Bio Eden Hazard

    Lads, I’m looking for a defender to replace Mertesacker. I gotta do it tonight because Mert’s price is going down. I also have to find somebody below 4.4M€ as I wanna keep cash for Touré and Aguero.
    My initial plan was Olsson but he seems to be injured…so who then? Chambers? Rosenior?Vlaar?…

    • kingcolesy

      Go chambers, he’s cut price, doesn’t blank and is seemingly nailed on(no idea for how long). Got 3 decent fixtures in next four too.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Thanks mate.Too late though…Got Rosenior as I already had Boruc. He has a blank but also a double game week right after it…and 3 good fixtures in the next four. I’m praying for him to be nailed on with Chester return

  4. Viper086

    Is Hooper the best option out of the strikers for this game week? (i don’t quite have enough coin for Rooney or RVP)

  5. Viper086

    I was worried about Adebayor against a strong defensive Chelsea outfit and Rodriguez away to Crystal Palace doesn’t give me much confidence either. Was trying to think outside the box but maybe I just go with the best available in Adebayor. If it is just for one week, is Torres worth a look

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Just giving some options mate. I’d be worried with Torres if he’ll play or not! There doesn’t feel like many trends in him or Eto’o being picked. If there is can someone tell me!

  6. Who?

    Great Work Baysie! Would Koscielny > Bassong/Olsson and Bruce > Chambers be good trades, or should I just brunt it out and field 6 men? Next week, I am almost certainly trading Adebayor > Aguero and Mirallas > Yaya. Cheers!

      • Who?

        Yeah, your right. I just don’t see the point in taking hits when it’s likely I won’t get the points back again.

      • Shaun Curnow

        Mate I have a massive 5 playing at moment! haha… 2 free trades and absolutely no idea what to do, this carnage is doing my head in. Almost thinking its worth taking the hit this week & just start preperations for all the double gameweeks coming up, try make up lost points that way.

  7. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    So I have figured a way to bring in Aguero and Yaya, as well as keeping all four of Suarez, Sturridge, Hazard & Stevie G. The plan is as follows: Eriksen > Snodgrass & Sagna > Olsson this week gives me exactly the perfect amount to bring the two mentioned above in next week.

    Do you recon Snodgrass will be fit for this week and do you recon Olsson will be fit this week? Also, is this good you recon?
    Thanks 🙂

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Bloody beautiful mate! If that’s your final plan, I’d make the trades to the City boys asap on Saturday. Don’t want no price rises ruining your trades and I reckon approximately 2m managers will have the same idea!

      Re injuries, no idea. I’ve gone Olsson so I’m hoping he’s fit and heard nought about Snods.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        I would doubt Olsson is fit. He’s the one I wanted to bring in but this shoulder injury doesn’t look good. They say he left the Swedish national team because he aggravated the injury last week-end. He’s supposed to get surgery at the end of the season, Norwich is hopeful he can play by then…
        I’ve gone for Rosenior instead, who is cheap (yeah I wanna bring Sergio and Yaya too :)) and has a double gameweek soon

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            Ahah you may be right about that shoulder, Olsson’s gotta take one for the team. Still I don’t think he’s gonna play this week end..
            Glad you have Rosenior as well, I was starting to regret it. Do you think he’s really nailed on?

          • Shaun Curnow

            Thoughts on Chambers from Southampton as 3.9 defender that might play this week & pick up cheap clean sheet? Or reckon he’s rotation risk? Guess i only need him to play this week!

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            To me he’s just as good as Rosenior: pretty good fixtures, no blank, cheap…but comes with a rotation risk. I had a hard time choosing btw those 2 and went Rosenior as I already have Boruc

          • Shaun Curnow

            Cheers.Is Rosenior playing this week,I thought he had blank this week?
            I was looking at him early on aswell but for some reason have feeling I scrapped him from my plans for some reason.

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            He has a blank GW29 but then a double gameweek GW31 so…it’s pretty much like not having a blank

          • kingcolesy

            With chambers I think hes good for two cleanies in the next two, then hes perfect bench fodder for say a double game weeker gw31. May as well get the points in now then later I say 🙂

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            I agree but didn’t wanna spend to many free transfers on my defence

  8. Dan

    Scored 73 last GW (Suarez capt helped massively) and am able to field 10 this week with 2 FT still available, so I think Im looking in ok shape compared to most. Going to play it quite risky from here to hopefully jump that ranking right up (58k now)

    Have a front 3 of Suarez, Adebayor and RVP, so obvious move before wk 31 is Adebayor>Aguero, which means no Sturridge for the DGW and me hiding behind the couch 🙂 But also have Sterling and Gerrard and want to keep both so no real choice there, plus like RVP as a DGW differential.

    Am thinking just Koscielny>Smalling this wk, and keep the 2 FT for the wk after…with 2 hits in the next 2 wks looking at a gw 31 team of:

    Kolarov, Smalling, Rosenoir
    Mata, Nasri, Gerrard, Sterling
    RVP, Suarez, Aguero

      • Shaun Curnow

        Keep in mind with Utd, we play Liverpool next week and then in our DGW our second game is against Man City so maybe not best option long term.

    • kingcolesy

      so add new v eve, and ars v swa, good news as i was going to play coleman as a single gw that week anyway!!!

    • Shaun Curnow

      They will all have 2 games in 4 days, or 3 games in 10 days with previous week! I have feeling rotation is going be killer for DGW…..

  9. kingcolesy

    Hey have a look at Remys fixtures from after this GW. I think he could give anyone a huge leg up if your struggling for money and willing to take the gamble. I’m personally not going to do it but omg is it a nice run and all signs point to yes, except recent team form without remy in it.

  10. Richey

    So I have three Chelsea players, Adebayor and Snodgrass(who’s injured). Is there anyone else worth bringing in this weekend??

    • kingcolesy

      Maybe Evra, other than that, not really. Maybe RVP if you got a striker who hasnt gained much money? Im just focusing on trading players who have made very little money, like I have all year. That said, Im not trading 😛

      • Richey

        Hmmmm… yeah, no trades at all might be the best way to go! Just take a low scoring week in prep for GAMEWEEK 31!! THE WEEK TO END ALL WEEKS!! :p

  11. Dan

    Have 2 FT’s so have to use 1 or lose it, really getting stuck on what to do now, only 0.5 in bank.

    Am deciding whether to use 1FT on Kosc>Vidic/Smalling OR use 2FT on Gerrard>Januzaj and Kosc>Evra and bank the cash for Adebayor>Aguero/Sturridge next wk…

    Any advice appreciated greatly appreciated

    Ivanovic Terry Fonte Ward
    Hazard Lallana Noone Gerrard*
    RVP Adebayor

    Mannone* Sterling* Koscielny* Suarez*

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Man I dunno eh… I really think you should keep 2FTs and bank a little cash for some potential upgrades for future DGWs, so maybe downgrade someone? If you go that way maybe a Fonte down to a super cheapie playing this week. That will leave you potentially a mill and a bit, still a great defence after this week and plenty of options.

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