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This post is obviously directed towards our Australian audience (I presume). There has been a bit of chat around the site as far as Dream Team leagues go, so hopefully we can get one (or more) filled with everyone. I’ve posted a league for both AFL Fantasy and Real Dream Team, I look forward to taking you all on in another form of fantasy!





Good luck! I’ll have a separate transfer talk this week as there’s a lot of moves to be made, things have just kicked back up a gear! If you haven’t already, make sure you read Baysie’s article from yesterday. Some great info on the upcoming DGW’s, there’s more to come!

21 comments on “FPLaddicts – AFL Dream Team Leagues

  1. rostie

    Cheers Matt, I’m tipping this year will do my head in managing both comps and multiple leagues.
    I don’t think either will be a winner out of the head to head competition. Maybe supercoach and we all know it’s a crap game!

  2. kingcolesy

    Im bonkers, im doing real dt, fantasy, and SC for AFL and NRL! Probably give normal NRL DT’s a miss soon enough tho hah! Oh and superboot and tipping if I can remember. Ugh!

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Ummm… Just a suggestion but you may have to cover some insurance, get a personal therapist & probably isolate yourself from family & friends… Have a good year mate 🙂 you’ll somehow manage to finish top 10 in all however so who cares!

      Also, did you manage to make it into the newer RDT league oh King Colesy?? Would be a very big shame for you to have missed out mate! Honestly. I think. I did the right thing leaving the other one? All my other leagues are full as of now…
      If you aren’t in, do we commit to kicking out one of the lesser active people on this site in order to fit him in like Baysie suggested couple weeks ago??

      Wanna be in your league for the second year in a row! Plzz hehe

      • kingcolesy

        no don’t kick anyone out. First in best dressed as always. When they are deadset on going to be inactive during the season then thats another story.

        • kingcolesy

          Ah fantasys a bit confusing how it doesnt say league number next to it, but RDT does. Ones Im in are 581742(RDT) (4 slots available) and RKVCVDVZ(?)(FDT) (6 slots available).

          • Who?

            Could I please join your Fantasy league? This year will only be my second year, but I’ve put a lot of time into my team. Just please don’t think that you are obliged to add me just because I asked. I understand that I still am a bit of a rookie. Cheers

          • Who?

            I am such an idiot! I am already in both leagues. My team is “The Hairy Men”.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Now I see why you left the other one Matt haha.
    For those in the league created with the name: FPL Addicts & the code is: 581 742.
    I recon it’s all best if we join the one that Matt has created, so I would say leave the current one and join Matt’s one? Agree peoples?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Hey guys, also, that one seems to be filled now. Guys, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the one I mentioned in my previous comment if you were aiming on joining Matt’s one, it is full as I said.

      Also Matt, if it’s not too much to ask, do you recon you could edit the article and put in the league code: 581742. It was the one that was created before and there are still five spots beckoning. Would rather they be filled with people from this site than randoms. Would be very handy to get it noticed and filled, thanks mate 🙂

      I just left one of the other leagues and joined the one created before, I love you guys too much 😉 join the one I mentioned btw, if you haven’t!

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Still 3 spots left in RDT league! Code is: 581742.
    Get in quick!!!!!!!! 23 hours till start of season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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