Transfer Talk + Captains – GW30

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With only blue skies ahead, let’s take a brief look at some of the options available to us for the double gameweeks to come! Oh and of course, the captains. We’re due a change of fortune!


  • Toure – A great option for the gameweeks to come, City have a clean run ahead of them. Let’s just hope they can get their full team out on the park. I wouldn’t get rid of Hazard for him, but anything else is fair game.
  • Silva – If you can’t afford the coin then Silva is your next best bet in midfield, City’s kind doubles are too hard to ignore (Confirmed for GW31, 34, 37).
  • Zabaleta – My final City player of choice, Zabaleta is a lock in their defence and will provide brilliant value at 6.0 in the run home. I chose Kolarov over him before and regretted it straight away, it’s a much better feeling with the added job security. A player you can rely on.
  • Cahill – Even though he doesn’t have a double, he’s been a brilliant selection recently. I got something right!!! Stick with him.
  • Gerrard – Liverpool have 2 must win games coming up in their double and Gerrard will be instrumental. He doesn’t even have to impact the game to score well! As much as it defies logic, he’s a safe pick. It only gets better with the news that Lucas is back, hopefully we see him push forward!
  • Mannone – My goalkeeper pick of choice for the rest of the season, yes I have caved. It’s more valuable spending the money elsewhere. He consistently get 3 point returns, then when he does pick up the odd clean sheet he usually sweeps the bonus as well. 3 double gameweeks to come makes him great value at 4.5. No rotation keepers for me.
  • Collins – Not a bad budget option for the double gameweek, home clashes with United and Hull plus an away trip to Stoke this week. Great value at 4.3.
  • Sterling – More value, if you don’t have the big 3 from Liverpool then Sterling could certainly be an option, just don’t expect any form of consistency.
  • Johnson – I have taken the plunge on Adam Johnson, but I’m under no illusion. It could backfire horribly. 6.5 and 3 extra games to play was just too good to refuse as my 4th midfielder. Very risky pick.
  • Lukaku – Finally Lukaku is fit once again, and he comes straight back into selection contention with a double gameweek mixed in with some kind fixtures. I’m still not a fan, however if you’re after a POD upfront then Lukaku is a risky but worthy option.


  • Dawson – Unfortunately for Arsenal, Dawson has picked up an injury. Get rid of him.
  • Adebayor – I bloody hate this man, he’s not only burnt the team I support, he’s burnt me once again in fpl. Goodbye and don’t come back. For those with unbiased views it might be worthy holding him for this week, he loves a goal against Arsenal… Prick.
  • Paulinho – This wasn’t a surprising result, get him out!
  • Ozil – Unfortunately out for a month after he hit some form, maybe breaks aren’t the best thing? Either way he has to go.
  • Van Persie – Not worth the value anyway and Rooney is in better form, save the 2.2.
  • Aguero – Hold me back, HOLD ME BACK!!! This is getting f**king ridiculous. Is he made of glass? I love the way he plays on the pitch, but this is becoming a bit of a joke. His hamstring has gone again, joining Man City’s whole physio team in the tip. I actually was dumb enough to trade him in as I needed to save every penny, instead it’s cost me 4 points. There’s no way he will return until the Man City derby, and even then I can see him having a longer stint on the sidelines. Hopefully he comes back into contention for Man City’s DGW34.

The Contenders:

Toure – I suppose you could back him in for a customary second half bursting run, but it’s too risky for my liking. Pass.

Adebayor – Never ever ever. Please bear in mind the Gooner goggles I am currently wearing. But seriously, don’t do it.

Rooney – Keeping him out of the top 3 was extremely difficult, however Suarez just had to be there. Rooney hasn’t even registered a goal or assist at home since playing West ham back in December, but then again stats don’t even seem to matter anymore. Just look at Hazard last week. Logic counts for nothing! You get the feeling he’ll step up to the occasion this week.

Giroud – He loves a London Derby, but captaincy? One step too far. It really does come down to the top 3 this week, and it’s going to be yet another tough choice.

Top 3:

1. Sturridge – One which I will surely mess up again! I’m backing Sturridge this week, no team seems to be able to stop his movement and I can see him getting straight back on the scoresheet. I’m not going to over think it this week, United are not the force they once were and Liverpool should over run them. I’ll be locking him in.

2. Hazard – If you’re not confident Liverpool can get the better of United, then surely Hazard is your next port of call. An away trip to Aston Villa should be no problem for a rampaging Chelsea outfit, and Hazard is on fire. Can’t see him missing out really.

3. Suarez – Finally Suarez comes in behind both options at 3. Until I see him play consistently at striker, I can’t have him above them. It’s just too painful seeing your captain stuck out on a wing! Still a solid bet as captain if you’re struggling to make a final decision.

The Punt:

Lukaku – A home game against Cardiff has goals written all over it, however Everton haven’t been banging them in lately. Lukaku has had a habit of saving his best for the big occasions, so captaincy comes with all sort of risk. However as always, with big risks come big rewards. Certainly a big punt!

That’s it from me this week, good luck to one and all! Sorry if it seemed brief (I usually just blabber on anyway), I’ll be very busy for the next couple of weeks. Footy is back! Just to clear it up, AFL = Footy. EPL = Football. I’m sure it will be a busy weekend ahead for all of us addicts, enjoy! Cheers.

38 comments on “Transfer Talk + Captains – GW30

  1. Holly

    Hey there, I was thinking of taking out Rodriguez, Sidwell & Adebayor and putting in Sturridge, Lukaku and a City midfielder. Ideally I wanted Yaya Toure but can’t afford him so
    I was going to put in Nasri but I haven’t seen any mention of him. I’m tempted to go for Silva as suggested but doesn’t he usually get subbed? I thought Nasri was one of the in form players for City too so I’m struggling to decide which of the two will do the most damage?

  2. Who?

    Great stuff Matt! I took a hit to get Aguero in this week and he rewards me with this! Would it be a good trade to get Lukaku in for him, and then next week, trade Ince to Silva? I’m sick of Aguero, and I don’t think I’ll try to get him back. The other option would be to get Rooney in instead. What are you thoughts? Cheers

  3. Dan

    Just Adebayor>Lukaku for me this week. Wanted Remy but his injury kinda stuffed that up.

    2 FTs next week to bring in 2 City players (probably Nasri and Zabaleta/Kolarov)…tempted by one of Johnson or Baines for a hit too.

    Suarez captain again, though Hazard is awfully tempting

    • Louie.K

      Thinking of holding Adebayor for one more week. He loves playing against his former clubs. Only problem is his injury doubt? Is he likely to play or miss?

      • Rakshit

        That is exactly why I was holding onto Adebayor for this week. I was sure he was gonna score against Arsenal. But I traded him out at last momet for Lukaku cuz of his injury.

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Cheers Matt, still undecided but I might as well just go for Suarez….

    And holy shizzle Aguero! -4 hit to get him and Toure in early in the week, and it’s the first time Ive made a transfer before Friday! My luck god damn it.
    Do you recon its worth it to take another hit this week (making it -8) and get Rooney in? Or Lukaku?

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Accidentally left him as captain (he became auto captain when I traded Lallana out for him) and then the team didn’t save and now I’m just gonna have to pray to god Suarez doesn’t get too much!

  5. Dan

    Tough week so far…Mannone’s 10 my only score over 2 after 7 players. On 20 with Suarez (C), Gerrard, Sterling and RVP to come.

    Love some opinions on any combo of 2 players (1 def, 1 mid) for 14.6 or under???

    Currently thinking:
    1. Baines and Johnson
    2. Coleman and Nasri
    3. Bardsley and Yaya/Silva
    4. Demichelis (already have Zab) and Nasri

    • kingcolesy

      3 for me, 1 a close 2nd. Toure on penalties and troll patrol seems to win it over silva, tho nothing wrong with silva. Baines and aj just never seem assured of points for some reason?

  6. rostie

    Shipping out lallana for DGW. What does everyone think out of either Gerard or silva. Leaning toward Gerard at the moment but the extra DGW’s for city look enticing.

  7. rostie

    The fantasy game business is a full time profession this weekend with the ludicrous ‘free hit’ in fantasy AFL. How is everyone travelling?

    • kingcolesy

      In afl? Franklin seems to be a weakness but everyone is tinning up it seems. 😛 in epl, fail lukaku captain and feeling like I’m not doing that well with many blanks, tho 172k for the week so far!

  8. kingcolesy

    I’m thinking of 8point hit. Turner to Chester, lalana to silva, azpili to baines? Sound worth it?

    Usually don’t like hits but am getting an extra game for each of the players I’m bringing in.

    • rostie

      I took an 8 point hit this week to set up for DGW. Seems like a good move now with a lot of people offloading aguero for a hit. The lesson I have leant in my 1st year of FPL is to keep the wildcard as long as possible. I just didn’t get value out of mine. People doing theirs for DGW 31 will have a massive advantage. Still sitting pretty at 2165th so cannot complain.

      • kingcolesy

        2165 is hell good. Grats. I’m just lucky I got good bandwagons early(thanks to wc I think?), did kinda trade my way into the position tho. AFL always stuffs up the run home for epl haha. That’s what I learnt in my first year! Went from 60k to 90k around this time.

      • kingcolesy

        Yeah, they seem ok hits. I think there’s quite a few around me with Suarez captain including first. Scary stuff! Hope sturridge goes bang 🙂

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Ok week so far on 42 with with four players left. But passing myself and waiting for one or both of Suarez/Sturridge to go bang! Was gonna captain Suarez originally but Toure auto selected after I traded him in for Lallana and team didn’t save so if Suarez goes big im gonna be quite annoyed,

  10. Dan

    How was that first pen not given as an assist to Suarez? Woulda given him 2 BPs aswell…as captain that’s 10 points gone….


  11. Shaun Curnow

    66 this week thanks to Coleman captain! Upto 64 overall now.. Thinking of doing few crazy trades, will be 8 point hit but long term think its worth it….

    OUT: Hazard, Ivanovich (or Evra?), Boruc
    IN: Silva, Zabaleta, Howard

    Basically gives me 2 more City players for their 3 double gameweeks and Howard looks good value given Everton’s draw and 2 double gameweeks coming up. Both of Evertons doubles are very tasty!

    I’m currently 72 points off 1st place, thats out of reach I’d say. But only 35 points off top 10 so think thats my aim from here, need continue take risks to get there hence those trade ideas!

    Or am I just going crazy…..

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