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Unfortunately most of last week was overshadowed by the antics of Sergio Aguero’s evil hamstring, which cruelly pinged on us again. Unconfirmed reports suggest the FA are filing charges against said hamstring for bringing FPL into disrepute. I’ll be honest, I was one of the many that pulled the trigger early and traded him in at the first opportunity, which serves as a good lesson to us all on the risks involved in early trading.

Scouring through the leagues it seems that most of us scored around the 40-50 mark, with only a few managers poking their heads above mediocrity and posting some excellent scores. I’m putting a shout out to the football gods right now… Lift your game! They have the perfect opportunity to pay us back this week with the long anticipated 15 game extravaganza! It really could be anything but I’m guessing the bar will be sitting around the 100 point mark.

Mannone (4.5m) – If you’re looking for a cheap goalkeeper for the rest of the season then look no further! The only other decent option around this price is Adrian from West Ham but they only have the one game in hand. Sunderland do have a tough run owever playing all the top teams but most of them are away, all of their home games look like clean sheet chances. This week’s home clean sheet netted him 10 points.

Coleman (6.6m) – Greatest. Fluke. Goal. Ever. The best FPL defender going around blessed those that kept the faith with an injury time winner and 11 points. He was given full BPs for his effort as well. With Everton having a couple of extra games over most of the competition, keep him and play him. Another silly goal cost him clean sheet points but Swansea and Newcastle this round could be good opportunities for some defensive returns.

Hangeland (4.8m) – Well, that was unexpected wasn’t it? Not only did Fulham win, they also registered a clean sheet! Like I said last week however, there are two very different Newcastle teams and fortunately for Fulham, the Horrible one turned up (capital “H” intended). From a Fulham perspective don’t look into this result too much, they’re still poor. Hangeland scored no-one 9 points from the cleanie and full BPs.

Dann (4.0m) – This week’s Ryan Bennett Award winner has been getting some regular game time since his move to Palace, but shouldn’t come into consideration for any of us unless that’s all you’re looking for, a super cheap defender who is playing. Dann scored 9 from their cleanie and a couple of BPs.

Silva (9.1m) – Little Davey Silva is back! He ran the game for 10 men Man City against Hull and comes into serious consideration for the multiple DGWs during the remainder of the season. The best news is he’s at a fantastically low price after his injury woes. Man City have been dumped out of all the cups they had left so their entire focus will be on the EPL now, and they’ll lean on Silva even more with Aguero out for however long he’s out for. Silva was on my never again list up until this week, but then again so was Yaya. It’s funny what the lure of an additional 3 games does! This week he collected 14 points from a great goal, an assist and full BPs and will be the main man for a City team looking to take out the title.

Gerrard (9.1m) – Gerrard’s excellent form continued against United with a huge 13 point haul. That was on the back of 2 goals and full BPs, but could have been even bigger with him missing a penalty, which effectively caused a 7 point turn around. He’ll be one of the most traded in this week with the DGW and his consistent form ticking all the boxes.

Rosicky (5.5m) – Two double figure point scoring games in the past 3 at the very least puts Rosicky on our radars, but it would be a bold manager who takes the punt. He’s only finished a few games this season, being subbed off 10 times and subbed on 7. It’s not great job security. That said, a price of 5.5m means it’s relatively low risk if you have the cash. After banking 10 points a couple of GWs ago, he scored 11 this week from his goal and full BPs.

Delph (4.3m) – Here’s a stereotypical Jonjo Shelvey Award winner… Delph has consistently scored 2’s and 3’s all season with a couple of peak games where he took home double figures. Nowhere near enough for us to trade in but just enough to take home this week’s Jonjo. His 11 points came virtue of a goal and full BPs.

Mulumbu (4.7m) – Any other week Mulumbu would be taking home the Jonjo, but alas he wasn’t quite up to it this week despite his 10 points (goal and full BPs). That pretty much sums up his value.

Odemwingie (5.4m) – It’s games like this that will keep Odemwingie employed as a Premier League player for a while to come but he’ll never be the type that can recreate this on a regular basis. Particularly when playing for a club like Stoke. He scored a couple of goals and received full BPs for 13 points.

Lambert (7.3m) –  If only Rickie Lambert could find just the tiniest bit of consistency he could be anything. Unfortunately if he hasn’t found it now he never will, and only a small amount of consideration should be put into trading him in. He will score big from time to time but if you get lucky and pick those games you’ll do well. This week he scored a goal, assisted another and received full BPs for 11 points.

So here we go! 15 games to consider when making your trades, as well as keeping an eye on potential future DGWs. I personally don’t see an issue in taking a couple of hits this week. Some will disagree but it’s that time of the season where some calculated gambles could pay off. For the record, I’ll be probably going Silva and Gerrard in for Lallana and Paulinho, with my Aguero money, leaving a decent midfield of those two plus Yaya and Mata. Then perhaps making another move to get rid of Adebayor (Andy Carroll anyone?).

The only problem left is who to captain?!?! Thankfully Matt will be in later this week to help us with that.

What are you planning this week?

57 comments on “Dream Team GW30

  1. boges11

    Great write up Baysie. Who to field out of Mannone and Szczesny? Leading toward Szczesny as Mannone plays Liverpool. I messed up and put Zabaleta in when I should have gotten Silva. Would be -8 to fix, /sigh

  2. mattcraigdt

    Great stuff again Baysie. Glad I made a few good calls in Silva/Gerrard/Mannone to offset my Aguero mishap. Surely no one is looking past the Liverpool strikeforce for captaincy!

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        I know… I feel like I’m starting to develop DGW crave: want myself another DGWer midfield 🙂 it’s hard picking the right one though

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Impossible! Maybe look at the lower teams, Sissoko or dare I say Nolan? Even Adam Johnson comes into consideration! Sunderland have an extra couple of games to play.

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            Yeah they’re the ones I have in mind. Nolan maybe? A. Johnson has really tough fixtures until the end of the season. There’s also the option of keeping Lallana though!

          • baysietoff Post Author

            I’m pretty bullish about West Ham. Well organised and with Carroll up and about and gunning for the World Cup they’re good value.

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            Thanks a bunch Baysie. Would you pull the trigger and trade Lallana for Nolan then?

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            ahah fair enough. Might actually take a punt on Johnson so I have the cash to bring in Zabaleta

  3. Who?

    Great stuff Baysie! I know that it’s a bit early in the week, but who would you field out of Lallana and Colback, and Azpilicueta and Koscielny? I’m tossing up whether I should trade Koscielny or not, but I have no idea who to. I only have 0.3M in the bank. Cheers

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Early? I been planning this week for a month haha 🙂

      I’d go Lallana and Kosci. Just because Arsenal play twice. Arsenal v Swans is a good cleanie chance, and games between top teams can often be tight affairs. After GW33 they have a decent run home so I would probably hold on.

        • Who?

          Cheers Baysie! I’ll do just that. Planning, what does that mean? One week in advance is as far as I can think.

          I can’t do that trade unfortunately, Bio Eden Hazard.

  4. Dan

    So Suarez is getting his assist and BPs…woohoo!! (+10 to my score)

    From the front page of FPL:
    “Suarez Assist. We are aware than an assist was not added for Luis Suarez in relation to Liverpool’s first goal. While under normal circumstances no changes would be made an hour after the final game of the day has passed, following consultation with Opta, it appears that usual guidelines had not been followed and the assist was omitted from initial feeds. This is currently being rectified and the correct assist and any other points associated will be updated in the game shortly. We apologise for any confusion caused. ”

    May need to add him to the Dreamteam 🙂

  5. Bio Eden Hazard

    Guys do you think Collins lost his spot in the West Ham defence? (annoying question I know…sorry)

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Cheers Baysie, always an enjoyable read 🙂
    Also got me thinking about Rosicky, I have exactly 5.5m for a midfielder and looking for a DGW one, this will leave Hazard as the only one without a DGW on the fields but I recon I’ll keep him? Should I or would I be crazy to trade him?
    Firstly gone: Bassong > Distin & Azpilicueta > Zabaleta.
    Should I lock them in now cos Ill need all the money I can get?!
    Any other options below 5.5m or is Rosicky it with the DGW?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Now that I have a second look, I could either do those trades and bench Hazard.
      Or I could only do two of them and field Hazard as the only non-DGW player.
      Currently leaning towards first option as of now.
      Cheers again mate 🙂

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Thanks mate! I don’t have a great record with early transfers haha. It’s a risk you’ll need to consider unfortunately. For the record, I haven’t learnt and done my two trades tonight as per above assuming both will go up in $.

        I’d probably leave it to just those two trades and play Hazard? You’d be filthy if he has one of THOSE games and pumps out a 20…

        • Shaun Curnow

          Depends who you get for him. If you get Silva or Yaya then with 3 DGW coming up you’d be pretty confident long term they’ll outscore Hazard for rest of season. Don’t just look at the one GW when trading, look for rest of the year.

          • baysietoff Post Author

            I don’t think he was getting rid of him, just benching him for the week, He was going to take a hit to bring in someone for the DGW when he had a perfectly fit, albeit only playing once, Hazard to use.

  7. Dan

    Have gone early with transfers too, prices moving too quickly, wont be able afford it by tomorrow.

    Done Ivanovic (still have Terry), Fonte and Lallana for Zabaleta, Distin and Silva for a 4 pt hit. 10 DGWers looks amazing on screen 🙂

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Sounds good. I want Zabaleta too. Collins was supposed to be a DGW but he didn’t play on Saturday so I reckon I might get a -4 to bring Zab in

  8. Bio Eden Hazard

    Actually I have to decide it today (Lallana’s price going down tonight…).

    Collins/lallana –> Zabaleta/A. Johnson for a -8??? Help!

  9. Steed

    Hi guys,

    Looking at doing either; Lallana and Sterling to Gerrard and a cheap midfielder (£5.0 or under)


    Sterling and Lukaku to Gerard and a forward less than £6.2.

    Any advice/suggestions?

      • Shaun Curnow

        Lukaku has 2 doubles coming up and very favourable fixtures, wouldnt be trading him out. Will you be fielding the cheap mid? You could look at Colback as someone that may play during doubles if only backup

        • Steed

          Yeah that would really be my preferred option but I already have Colback. Any other suggestions for mids under 5.0? He may not play, but he also might. The 4 mids he would join would be Gerrard Yaya Hazard and Colback. Def would be Cahill Collins Koscielny with Vlaar and Gabbidon on the bench. Keen to keep my front 3 of Lukaku Suarez Sturridge intact.

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            I guess you could give Puncheon a try as well. He has a few DGWs down the road

          • Shaun Curnow

            You could look at Richardson for 4.8. PRobably best option in that price range.

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