The Captains – DGW31

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Ok so it’s a bit later then planned, but here it is! There’s a big captains decision to be made, let’s not waste anymore time…


Gerrard – Great option for the double, but do you really want to rely on penalties? More to the point, penalties that two other options are probably earning? I say no.

Silva – Never a captain option. Ever.

Toure – Certainly should be tossed up for consideration, however I’ll be playing it safe with one of the top 2. In all honestly I only reckon there’s one option to match them.

Lukaku – Unreliable as we have all learnt, so I’d be avoiding this captaincy trap as well.

TOP 2:

1. Sturridge – Let’s be honest, this is the real decision to be made this week. Cardiff away followed by Sunderland at home, there’s no need to be creative. However separating the two has been killing me for the past week. They’re in-separable, but unfortunately usually one or the other fires. In a perfect world both will kill the double, however there’s a distinct possibility that one may pull away from the other. Basically, I’m looking at both players roles in making a selection, and there seems to be one difference between the two. Sturridge is almost always playing off the last man, so for me he is getting the gig. Suarez has collected a couple of lucky goals, however he’s not getting the same amount of chances that he did without Sturridge in the team. I’m not sure there will be much between them over the two weeks, however I’m backing my guns and going Sturridge. Serious line ball call though.

2. Suarez – No guessing who’s second, and I fully expect most people to back in Suarez, with fair reasoning too. Pick your side of the fence and stick with it, there’s no going back!


Rooney – If you were to look anywhere else this week, Rooney is my pick. Surely he will come out firing for the club he so dearly loves, and if he doesn’t kill it this week then he never will. Hopefully Moyes wakes up to himself and plays Rooney upfront, but that’s probably pushing things… Play it safe.

Once again sorry for the late post, hopefully this has helped a few of you who were undecided. Who am I kidding, we’re all just as torn as before. Good luck to everyone for both sets of fixtures!!!

35 comments on “The Captains – DGW31

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    WOW. Just wow. First Arsenal getting raped. Then Salah gets his first FOR Chelsea.Then Liverpool go down 1-0 early on. Then Skrtel gets his second brace of the season. Then Suarez getsbhis third hat trick of the season and gets over 20 goals and assists for the season. Rooney scores from like 3000 yards out. Then Yaya Toure gets a hat trick includng one of the best finishes this season. Then Tettey scores one of the volleys/half volley things of the season. Then Norwich actually win. What a WEEKEND!!!!! Amazing football.

    Now to FIFA, how many of these guys will get in forms?!!

    Sitting on 96 now with everyone played their first games, Suarez and Toure going massive with a hat trick each and Suarez doing well as captain 🙂 I know there are bigger but still proud ahaha. Only moved up like 1k haha wtf??!

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        No doubt!
        Yeah I was on 96 before last nights games and managed to go down 9k!?!!??! Hahaha what?
        Sitting on 130 now with Stevie G, SAS, Collins & Mannone to go tonight.

        Grats again on your RDT score mate, well done 🙂

  2. kingcolesy

    So I looked at my team and thought this is too good to be true, then go to overall first guy and realise he’s done the perfect trades to get toure and skrtel in. Fuck! Bad week again. 🙂

  3. baysietoff

    Anyone still in the A League Fantasy Cup? Haven’t paid much attention but it looks like I’m still alive and kicking! Wonder what the prize is 😛

  4. rostie

    Well what an exciting round….so far.
    108 for me and hoping Evra doesn’t play again so I get snoddy’s 9 points.
    Go the reds!

  5. rostie

    Well done to both our RDT leagues ranked 10th and 15th in the comp.
    Seeing some of the impressive scores (yes I am looking at you Baysie), I might have to concentrate more on RDT and less on fantasy side!

  6. Bio Eden Hazard

    112 for me so far. Only thing I’m disappointed about is my transfers of the week: Gerrard and Johnson

        • kingcolesy

          Yeah Im a bit downer about the Lallana to Gerrard trade, I always intended to play Lallana this week, but the hype persuaded me! Also had Mata > Silva last week, and Azpi to Skrtel on cards… my gawd lol Still a great week and plenty more to come!

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            Same here…I wanted to go Lallana but got persuaded by the hype…und ultimately I asked my girlfriend for an opinion ah ah! Instead I engaged in a double transfer for Johnson and Zabaleta instead of Lallana and Collins

  7. Viper086

    Im sitting on 94 and went down in the rankings by 200. There will be some monster scores out there by the end of Wednesday’s games. 200 points would be epic!

  8. Nathan

    126 for me so far. Extremely happy that I bucked the trend and held onto Lallana and he delivered for me.

  9. Bio Eden Hazard

    damn…didn’t notice that Gerrard was so close from a 2 match ban! Another yellow card and he’s out for 2 games!

  10. Bio Eden Hazard

    I know it’s awful, he must not get a yellow card in the next 4 games otherwise he’s out! He’s just one of those players, like Silva or Benteke, I never seem to get at the right time

    • kingcolesy

      If you think about, trading Lallana(8pts) out to Gerrard(1pt), then Gerrard back to Lallana this week, thats a 15point fail for one week right there! Happens so much this year, I think things like that have attributed the most to my steady rise in rankings.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Yeah you rose in the rankings…I was on the other side of the gun 🙂 Not gonna complain though I’m sitting on 148 with 6 playing tonight. Funny enough though my main wish is for Gerrard not to get a bloody yellow card

  11. Richey

    So far so good… 139pts with Suarez(C), Sturridge and Henderson to play tonight. If only Arsenal had put up some kind of defence in either of their matches, I would be laughing! Szczesny and Koscielny… Bah! Howard and Coleman already traded in for those two!

  12. Who?

    Should I trade James Collins to Rosenoir/Chester/3.9er, so then I can trade Koscielny to Cahill/Zabaleta?

    • kingcolesy

      Sounds good, i’d do chester to save .1m and put on field, and then if you intention is to not get 3 attacking MCI players get zabaleta, Have a check of your 3 defender rotation til gw34 and weigh it up tho before transferring. Should be Zabeleta I imagine, so you don’t have to worry about price increases if you want him later.

      • Who?

        Cheers Matt and Kingcolesy! I got 160 this week. Is that good? My main objective is to win my league, and now I am 60 points clear of my only other rival. I also want to end up in a decent spot in Australia.

  13. Shaun Curnow

    148 in the end this week, dropped to 209 overall. Which isnt as bad as it was looking cos after the first round of games (before any of the doubles) I had dropped to 560… No Saurez was looking like was going to kill me but luckily my side fired up and I recovered.. Think it shows how much alot teams rely on Saurez. I screwed up my captain choice aswell…

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