Transfer Talk – DGW31

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Finally the week we’ve been waiting for, 15 delicious games to come! With plenty of double gameweek players to choose from, let’s get straight into the options…


  • Coleman – He scored his 6th, yes 6th goal of the campaign last week! Simply a must have for the next few weeks with Everton gifted with some kind fixtures along with 2 double gameweeks. Get him in. Baines follows closely behind and if you can fit in both, why not!
  • Zabaleta – A safe defensive option as the top managers look to tighten their defence in the run home (This could refer to both the epl and fpl!). Expect a clean sheet against Fulham, and hopefully some attacking returns to boot.
  • Gerrard – Hopefully you all got on board him with my confusing advice last week. As I say, even though it defies all logic he is a great option! Penalty specialist with 2 divers perfecting their routines for the olympics ahead in 2016 (Wait what?). Expect him to push further forward with Lucas’ return.
  • Silva – I didn’t follow my own advice and get on board early, damn you Dave! Still great value for the doubles ahead.
  • Toure – I will never pick him ahead of Silva, however there is plenty of logic behind it, especially with Toure on penalties while Aguero is out. Never did I think I’d be saying a defensive midfielder is a safe option, but it’s true.
  • Carroll – With the other obvious options aside (Suarez, Sturridge) many are after a POD in their third forward slot. Ladies and Gentlemen, please let me introduce you to Mr Carroll. Owned by just 0.6% of the competition, he definitely fits into the category of POD. He links up extremely well with Nolan and will no doubt want to have a massive impact in front of his home fans. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him kill it this week.
  • Dzeko – One many people are gambling on, and I’m just here to warn you. Don’t get sucked in! He doesn’t often score that highly, and his days in the team seem numbered. Tread carefully.


  • Lallana – As harsh as it is he’s been poor of late, and with no double gameweeks to come it’s probably wise to look elsewhere. He’s at an awkward price, but it still might be worth gambling on someone like Mirallas or Johnson, that’s if you can’t reach a premium like Silva or Gerrard. Avoid Nasri.
  • Hazard – I disagree with everyone dumping Hazard, he’s still the most consistent midfield premium and selling him will only cause most of us to lose a lot of value. If you’re going to want him back in, I wouldn’t be trading. In fact he’ll be starting for me this week!
  • Mata – He’s been poor, and even though he has a double gameweek a straight swap to Silva looks too good to refuse.
  • Adebayor – He created plenty of chances last weekend but could do nothing with them, I’d definitely be moving him on this week.
  • Aguero – Definitely out for the Manchester Derby and will surely miss the Arsenal clash as well. Get rid of him/Don’t consider him.
  • Van Persie – Finally RVP has been ruled out of this weekend clash with a knee injury, it’s time to move him on!


Rooney – I’ve changed this segment to fit the DGW, and my pick of the week is without a doubt Rooney. He was extremely disappointed after last week’s display and will be bursting to get out on the pitch and make amends. With RVP out he has a glorious chance to get on the scoreboard as United’s focal point, and I can see them rebounding against West Ham. I don’t need to mention how much Rooney loves a Manchester Derby either. Could bounce back big time this week, or so I’m hoping.


Finally some tactics for the DGW. I have 10 players playing twice, however don’t just get someone because they’re playing twice. There’s 2 key factors to consider, how good their fixtures are for the double, and how they will fit into your long term plans after this week. I’m all over Man City as they can see only blue skies ahead, Everton are also a great place to go after some replacements. Don’t be afraid to take a hit or two if you feel strongly about the players you’re bringing in, just consider more than this single gameweek. There’s more to come!

That’s it for transfer talk, I’ll have the captains out today before 2pm WST, over 5 hours before lockout. There is a tough decision to be made, so tune back in for that! I hope this helped, see you soon!

9 comments on “Transfer Talk – DGW31

  1. shivam anand

    How does deulofeu vs dzeko weigh up.

    Surely deulofeu cant be overlooked with his price tag?

    Also is there any sense of putting up with chambers now that he’s not a regular pick? ( i’ve 0.9 in the bank just for his replacement)

  2. Liam

    Just a note Toure played the attacking midfield role behind the striker in the last game.

    I hate that I picked him up last week over Silva especially with Silva returning a double points haul and leaving myself short of cash for other trades.

    On top of hating on how toure has complied his points over the season.

    That said if anyone is going to lead them to a league title its toure over silva, in the goals department that is, assists well lets wait and see.

  3. brandonpietie

    Great write up Matt,

    Who do you guys think wll be the better punt? Im stuck with my Midfield…. it is:
    Nolan, Gerrad, Toure, Sisoko (Johnson). I think you see my dilemma… They sll got DGW’s, but am I benching the “right” one

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