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So let’s just stay in the moment

Even before the final whistle of the first night of games was blown, a lot of us where already peering down from atop a 100 point skyscraper just loving life. The holy grail had been reached and we could just kick back and enjoy the rest of the round. Well, sort of!

It’s already Thursday so I won’t spend too much time on this round’s star studded Dream Team because we’ve got to switch our attentions immediately to this weekend!

Hart (6.0m) – Man City have really come to the party in recent weeks with some solid, and dare I say champion quality, defensive performances. They’ve picked up 5 clean sheets on the trot and those that had any of them this round would have been pretty happy with their clean sheet double. Their much maligned keeper, Joe Hart, was the standout between the sticks with 13 points from those cleanies. Arsenal and Liverpool, both away, are on the horizon and may prove to be tough. Well, Liverpool might… Arsenal are limping towards the end of the season and it’s going to be hard to see them putting up much of a fight. That’s such a biased comment… I apologise.

Demichelis (5.9m) – Same as Joe Hart… Man City are the form defensive unit at the moment and are worthy of consideration, just be wary of their upcoming fixtures as mentioned. Another much maligned player in Demichelis pumped out a 20 point round from those clean sheets as well as a goal and a couple of BPs.

Skrtel (5.7m) – If anyone even considered trading in Skrtel (or any Liverpool defenders for that matter) it would had to have been for the attacking point scoring potential as opposed to the defensive! He scored 19 points from his 2 goals, an assist and absolutely no clean sheet points.

Rosenior (3.9m) – Quite a lot of FPL’ers have this bloke on their benches as the super cheap back-up that might play every now and again. For those that did, they had a massive decision on their hands! Field a more expensive, more likely defender playing only the one game, or hope like hell that Rosie plays both Hull’s games AND gets some decent points. Well, he only played the one games in it’s entirety but that one he did play he went large! 16 points from a goal, cleanie and full BPs. Boom!

Yaya (10.3m) – Wow. What an absolute gun… 31 points. 4 goals. Yes, 4 goals. 5 bonus points. Incredible. There are no more words.

Barkley (5.1m) – A 20 point round from 2 goals, an assist and a couple BPs puts Ross Barkley firmly back on our radars, and the light is blinking with the ferocity of a lighthouse globe! After a slow few months wunderkind Ross arrived back on the scene and at this price is great value. Everton still have a game in hand, and 5.1m is still 5.1m…

Eriksen (6.5m) – Getting pretty tired of your crap Sherwood… Let’s hope this performance secures Eriksen’s spot in the Spurs team for the rest of the season because this kid can play and is amazing value. A huge 18 points from 2 goals, an assist and full BPs. From one game…

Mutch (4.5m) – Another massive performance from a player who only had one game this round. Mutch went back to his point scoring ways with a 16 pointer from 2 goals, an assist. This is his second big haul in three weeks. Consider?

Suarez (13.2m) – Capitaine permanent. Dauer kapitan. Capitan permanente. Kabtanka joogto… Permanent bloody captain! 25 points from 3 goals, 2 assists and 3 BPs, or a half century for those that captained him. His main competition was Sturridge who did pretty well for himself as well so the decision between the two wasn’t too heartbreaking for those that went the latter.

Lukaku (8.7m) – Another of the early season Everton players who’s form dipped a little through the midseason period, and has stormed back into reckoning. To be fair on him he did have an injury that curtailed him somewhat, and he had a hair cut which can sometimes be a traumatic experience. *RANT ALERT* The main difference I’ve noticed however is he’s shut his mouth. It might just be a coincidence, but his form went south about the same time as he started gobbing off to the media about everything ranging from his future, to arguing with Jose about his loan deal and then complaining about how he was being used at Everton! Neck up and play football Romelu… Ok, rant over. There was a lot of chatter prior to this round about Romelu and heaps of managers took the plunge. Well done to those that did! He scored 18 points across the 2 games scoring twice (could’ve easily been more), also picking up an assist and 3 BPs on the way. He’ll be a great trade for anyone in the market for someone to fill their third striker spot.

Sturridge (10.6m) – The only other serious contender for the big C this round didn’t disgrace himself one bit. He showed his newly acquired consistency scoring 9 points in both games on the back of 2 goals, an assist and 3 BPs. It’s hard to see him dropping off so don’t do anything silly if you have him. If you don’t have him, perhaps consider a different fantasy competition.

Done. Now we need to look to the future, and in particular the double game weeks we’ve got left to play around with…


Everton v Crystal Palace

Man City v Sunderland

*Note, the Man Utd v Hull City game is rescheduled to GW37 so neither have a game this round…


Man Utd v Hull City

Man City v Aston Villa

Sunderland v West Brom

It’s all about Man City! With an extra 2 games over most of the league you must have your full quota of players throughout this period. Who they are is completely your own preference, but having Yaya and Davey Silva are good starting points. Their strikers are a risk, Aguero in particular. He’s due back fairly soon apparently, but do you take the punt? I’ll be swerving that potential train wreck and looking at their defenders. They are going great at the minute and where I see the best potential. Then we have Everton who have been in great form recently and have been scoring goals for fun. A couple of this week’s stars in Lukaku and Barkley seem good trades, as well as Coleman and Baines if you have the cash. For the mentally deranged amongst us, Sunderland have two games left and I know of at least one manager who has Adam Johnson (or EPL’s version of Justin Westhoff). That’s probably a tad harsh… From Villa, the enigmatic Benteke could be a good POD? And lastly, Palace don’t have much to go with except maybe Puncheon.

I hope you all amassed some huge scores this week? I managed a 154, in spite of some superb white-anting from Koscielny who put out a disgraceful -1…


12 comments on “Dream Team DGW31

  1. Nathan

    Great write up! I finsihed up on 184 thanks to a half century from Suarez, Yaya (Apparently a defensive mindfielder?) and a very lucky gamble that came off with Rosenior on my field.

    I recall at the start of the season we were seriously tossing up playing 4 at the back, heck even 5 due to the severe lack of goals. City and Liverpool obviously didn’t like that idea.

    In the case of Eriksen, i thought he was the pick of Spurs buys at the start of the year, and i am perplexed as to why he isn’t a regular starter at Spurs. When he does start, it clear that he has that special something that Spurs lack (not to mention his set piece abilities).If he can get some consistent game time, he will be a bargain for next year.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Well done mate! Haha yeah, how far we’ve come! If I could play with no defenders I would.

      I’d be VERY surprised if Eriksen doesn’t finish off the season in the XI and is definitely a potential trade option when Gerrard gets his next yellow card and a ban.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Ahah yeah I think he’s gonna get that yellow card too…Oh by the way I’ve got Adam Johnson and he got me an assist yesterday 🙂

  2. Nathan

    Haha might be a good rule change for next season maybe? Your spot on Bio Eden Hazard, It is only a matter of time before he picks up that last yellow. I am just praying that he goes nowhere near a tackle for the next 3 games, because there isn’t really anyone who is as consistent as Gerrard to trade to, apart from Yaya.

  3. rostie

    Nice write up Baysie. A nice 162 from my team after the -4 deduction. Even more enjoyable is the form of my beloved reds….do we dare to dream!

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      I have never been a fan of the reds but I have to say they are a great team to watch this year! Brendan Rodgers is doing a fantastic job. Congrats to your team mate

    • Nathan

      As a fellow Reds supported I think the we have a damn good chance of going all the way. We play Spurs, Chelsea and City at Anfield which helps, but we need to win every game from here on in to win it. Just need to work out a way of keeping a clean sheet, we’ve been pretty average at that this season.

      • kingcolesy

        Yeah, dare to dream. Looking at the fixtures Chelsea only look to have one challenge ahead, Liverpool(A), and MCI only a few, Arsenal(A), Liverpool(A) and Everton(A), so hoping Liverpool can beat MCI and Chelsea then we can say they deservedly won the title! Hope someone clambers up MCI quickly tho!

  4. Promastik

    Hi from Turkey!
    i have to make differantial and i have wildcard. i didnt use it on gw31 because i afraid to be same team both of us and i planned it before so i get 130 points. So, now i need to close nearly 60 points to be leader. So i decided to leave SAS. And on forward line i only decided to get lukaku to thinking DGWs. What must i do you think? thanks guys

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Welcome aboard!

      That’s the hardest question anyone can possibly ever ask and not entirely sure what answer you were hoping for… One differential is hard enough to pick, but a whole team? All I can say is don’t disregard both Suarez AND Sturridge. You need one just to give a decent points base. Bulk up on likely players who have DGWs?

        • kingcolesy

          Yeah, like baysie said start planning for 3 eve, 3 mci. I think you should have a hazard, toure, Suarez base. Up to you where you want to skimp like distins over baines, barkleys over Gerrard/silva/ lalana. Chelsea have easy fixture for all but one game so azpi is cheap over ivanovic for solid def fixtures. I like all the latters. Five forwards come to mind for picking, sas, lukaku, aguero and Rooney. Lukaku saves a lot of money so I imagine he’s in. Good luck!

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