The Captains – GW32

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I suppose we might as well call this article Suarez or Sturridge? Let’s take a look at the captaincy options going around this week…


Toure – I’ve had to swallow my pride and trade him in, but he’ll face a tough test against Arsenal’s midfield. Wouldn’t be surprised if he pops up for his customary goal, but I can’t see him pushing forward too much in such a vital game. Not for me.

Lukaku – I know a few will consider Lukaku, however I’d still be avoiding him. He’s had 3 double figure scores all season, compare that to Suarez’s 13 and he has a way to go yet.

TOP 3:

1. Suarez – Ok, before we go any further I can confirm that I haven’t picked the highest scorer from SAS for 7 weeks. It’s honestly the toughest captaincy year I’ve faced playing fpl, how do you separate them?! However I’ve liked Suarez’s positioning since Rodgers has moved to 3 in midfield with Sterling on the bench. Let’s hope it stays this way, he looked much more dangerous than Sturridge last week and he should be your captain with Liverpool facing Spurs at Anfield. Let’s not forget what he did to them last time!!!

2. Rooney – He was brilliant against West ham, finally Moyes gave him run upfront!!! With RVP still out he will be United’s focal point against Villa at home and he should be in for another big week. Not a bad option if you’re a risk taker.

3. Sturridge – Don’t think Sturridge is worth the risk, he usually gets subbed in the second half and with Suarez coming back central he’s not been the focal point he was a few weeks ago. Still a very solid option.


Hazard – I’m always hesitant in captaining Hazard, however his added bonus of penalties are making him a viable option. Crystal Palace are a solid defensive outfit and Chelsea won’t have it their own way. Not for me this week, but he’s always one for the punters!

That’s it for the captains this week, if you have any last minute queries ask away in the comments! Cheers.

19 comments on “The Captains – GW32

  1. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    Not to be rude haha, but the last time you said ‘don’t captain Toure’, he racked up 4 goals and 31 points. I just think he’s in form, plus other players probably shit themselves when they go up against him.

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Cheers Matt, went with Suarez in the end but it was 50/50 with Rooney, considering his ability without RVP, against Aston Villa & lone striker… But what is done is done.
    He has scored two so far but hopefully Suarez can surpass that!

    Also, Sam, how is that Mata > Lallana trade going? I know Lallana hasnt played yet but Mata on a goal & assist with 20 or so minutes left. Also depends on who you got in withe cash to though.

    • Dan

      Yep, and having him on field with -1 while Ward in the same game with 12 sitting on my bench. Painful to look at

  3. Shaun Curnow

    Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooney 😛

    Currently average 56 (if include emg score for Evra) with 5 still to come! Live rankings has me to my highest spot yet… 50 but that doesnt include the 6 on my bench, so if you add that im 37th overall….

    Now its all well and good to say it but IF i actually captained Yaya last week instead of Coleman I’d be sitting in 10th spot and realistic chance of overall. Damn it 🙁

    • kingcolesy

      Gooo curnow, actually come second after me hahaha. I think the shot for first is looking pretty dire to be honest. There’s a 40odd point gap to the top 5 🙁

      • Shaun Curnow

        hahaha yeah you are smashing it up there! Agree top looks all but gone, but if you can load up for remaining doubles & pick POD captain that smashes it then you never know. 30-40 points can be picked up quickly!

        • kingcolesy

          Yeah it’s true. But perma Suarez captain almost every game looks like the goer. I guess an Aguero capt on dgw might do the trick tho! Fingers crossed. Absolutely not doing anything daring and seeing where it gets me as I’m already happy with the season.

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    Wow I was sitting on 181 last week….just 33 this week (with Johnson and Mannone left playing)

  5. Richey

    What do people think of benching Lallana against City and playing Mutch against Crystal Palace?

      • Richey

        Ha! I think I might risk it. City have a pretty good defence, and Mutch has scored some serious points over the last few months while sitting on my bench. Could be POD…

  6. Bio Eden Hazard

    What do you lads think about Adam Johnson? I was gonna trade him for Mutch to save cash and maybe do Lukaku –> Rooney somehow after gw 34…but he was really impressive yesterday when he came in. Would you hold him?

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