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The end is near! The EPL can be a long season for the players, managers, coaching staff, etc. But nobody takes a single second to care about the poor FPL Managers. We’re the ones really doing it tough. We’re the ones spend countless hours awake at night wondering if Striker A is going to get over his latest injury. And pulling our hair out wondering if Striker B is actually going to finally score or wondering where the hell our next clean sheet is going to come from… And then we have evil thoughts when John Terry chokes, again….

Sorry for my tardiness! Here’s a belated Dream Team…

Begovic (5.3m) – It’s taken most of the season but it seems Stoke have got their act together! Their win at home to Arsenal kick started a spell of 4 wins in 5 games, drawing the other. They haven’t been fantastic defensively however, but they got themselves a cleanie this week which Begovic profited from and scored 9 points. Keep an eye on Stoke, after this week… They face an annoyed Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Flanagan (4.4m) – Ryan Bennett Award right here. Little Jonny Flanagan got himself 12 points from a rare Liverpool clean sheet, an assist and full BPs. He’s guaranteed game time. Plays for one of the top teams. Is only 4.4m. All the boxes are ticked for your bench defender or for the braver amongst us, a starter. Looking at Liverpool’s fixtures however I can’t see any more than 2 clean sheets and that’s being optimistic…

Ward (4.3m) – I doubt any of us picked this one! A title chasing Chelsea away to Crystal Palace? Crystal Palace to keep a clean sheet? Tell him he’s dreaming! If you dig a little deeper though they have been in good form defensively. 2 clean sheets from 3, and they’ve only conceded 1 in another 4 of the last 7 is pretty good for a team towards the bottom of the table. Cardiff away followed by Villa at home look like games they could do well in so consider some of them if you’re looking for cheap defensive players. This week Ward scored 12 from their cleanie, he also assisted John Terry’s goal and received full BPs.

Johnson (5.7m) – It felt like just yesterday that nearly all of our Rate My Team’s during preseason had Glen Johnson either in them, or very close to. To say he’s been a disappointment is an understatement but to be fair, he has been part of an ordinary defence compared to the Arsenal’s and Chelsea’s that have served us so well. If the Red’s don’t manage to pull off a miraculous EPL championship then they will have to look at their defence and get it sorted for next season. Keep an eye on them for next season but I won’t be spending this much money on any of them for this one… Johnson scored 11 points from their cleanie, an assist and a couple BPs.

De Guzman (5.7m) – Sporadically solid, from a fantasy point of view, is the best way to sum up De Guzman. Every now and again he put’s in a performance that makes you put some thought into him but then you realise he’s done nothing since his last big game, which was a while ago, and nothing before that… A massive 16 point game was his latest big performance from 2 goals and full BPs. Too hard to pick but he get’s a half hearted Jonjo Shelvey Award nod for his efforts.

Mata (9.2m) – Finally! You’d have thought that Mata would have done something before now but better late than never I suppose. He got himself on the scoresheet and registered an assist and a couple of BPs for 12 points. Has he settled in? United have a bye coming up but on the flipside they have a DGW too… And with Mata not being able to play the Champions League game coming up he won’t be having to deal with the emotions of such a huge fixture. If you don’t have him I think he’s a great trade after the bye, if already have him then you have some decisions to make!

Lallana (7.9m) – A huge amount of teams had a choice to make prior to the DGWs… Hold Lallana or chase the players playing more than once. If you did go down the path of multiple game players you probably did ok, but if you held onto Lallana you’d be just as happy. A 9 pointer last week followed by a 12 point game this was as good as you could hope for. This round he scored a goal and an assist in Southampton’s big win against a Newcastle team counting down the days until it’s all over and they can go back to France for a few weeks. They have a 50/50 run until the end of the season but Lallana is in great form and would be a good trade.

Mutch (4.8m) – Talk about in form! 10, 16 and a 10 this week with a 1 point game where he was subbed of before the hour mark in the middle of those. During those four games he’s scored 3 and assisted 3 and at 4.8m is fantastic value. Cardiff do have a pretty good run of games BUT don’t expect him to be able to keep this going…

Rodriguez (6.6m) – This guy has all the makings of being the next great English striker and he’s already in my team for next season! After a lean spell he’s hit back with 5 goals in 4 games to remind us that he goes alright. This week was his best of the run with 13 points from 2 goals and full BPs. You could do worse at this price.

Rooney (11.5m) – RVP’s injury has been a huge bonus to Rooney owners. I always get the feeling that they don’t really work that well together and Moyes definitely hasn’t helped matters. He’s been on a rollercoaster the past month however with double figure scores split with games where he’s done nothing fantasy related, but with Aguero out he’s been a decent trade for those that went for him. This week was a 13 point game from 2 goals and full BPs. Man Utd do have a bye coming up, and with a massive Champions League game on the horizon I do have some concerns about whether Rooney will be a wise choice in the near future.

Carroll (7.1m) – Andy Carroll dominating a game is like waiting for a bus. It will come if you wait long enough. As Matt and myself both suggested in recent weeks once Carroll got back to near full fitness he was going to go big. Although 12 points isn’t huge it would be more than welcome for his 0.7% of owners (POD ALERT!). Andy scored a goal and assisted another whilst getting full BPs. He’s great value at this price and although West Ham have some tough games coming up do you really think the defences of Liverpool and Arsenal will be able to cope with an Andy Carroll gunning for a summer holiday in Brazil?

So it’s Thursday already and I’m sure a lot of thought has been put into trades this week. What are you plans? We’ve got more DGWs coming up, I assume you’ve already started planning for them?

19 comments on “Dream Team GW32

  1. kingcolesy

    Nice write up baysie, I see you knocked me down a peg in street rose this week 😀

    Next two trades for me I think are Silva and Aguero in. Not sure whether to go Gerrard > Silva this week or next. MCI home game is tempting! Think I’ll eat popcorn and watch Silva get injured..

  2. juramentado

    Good to see a fresh article pop up,many thanks Baysie nice read.

    I am looking at Crystal Palace GK Speroni as partner with Boruc and also dumping Sterling for Eriksen or Mutch (leaning Eriksen)
    Any thoughts?

    • mattcraigdt

      Do you really need to partner him? Why not look at Mannone? Yes he has tough fixtures but he’ll clock up 2-3 points in saves and has 2 doubles with an easy run in

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate! Gotta get rid of Szcezsny! I haven’t looked at the fixtures but if Speroni and Boruc have handy alternating games then I reckon it’s a good trade.

  3. mattcraigdt

    Cheers Baysie, been loving Rooney without RVP but he’ll have to leave my team temporarily. Think Rodriguez and Lallana may be too expensive next season, but that’s a long way away 😉

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    I’m considering ditching Gerrard for Silva (i’ll have to get rid of both eventually). Southampton seems to be leaking goals away lately. Any thought?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Yeah for sure! Man City at home are a goal scoring machine. West Ham are tight at home so I wouldn’t expect Liverpool to blow them away.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Cheers Baysie, I’ll do that then even though is means losing a differential vs my major opponent

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks Baysie, nice read but weird to be back on FPL grounds! RDT taking up my time but you still manage to beat me ahaha 🙁
    Yeah, I’m kinda glad RVP is down, I personally think we should get rid of him honestly, yes he is a world class striker and one of the best in front of goal but he doesn’t pass, gets frustrated A LOT and takes shots from the most randomness of places, and I agree with Gerrard, he is a prick hahaha.
    Also, before he went down I think it was something like 16 or so passes to Rooney in the last like 10 games, ten of those including kick-off!
    And not sure if you watched the game VS Bayern but we actually played quite well without him, if Moyes had played Chicha and benched Welbeck who missed a quite easy 1 on 1 with Neuer and all he had to do was simply strike low to Neuers right, then we would have gone into the second leg leading 2-1.
    Rooney > RVP. Chicha > Welbeck. Man U without RVP > Man U with RVP.
    Opinion from an annoyed Man United fan hahaha.
    Basically, get rid of RVP, bring in Reus (who Dortmund will probably sell as they struggle to keep hold of top players) and bring in Alex Witsel or Freddy Guarin!!!!!!!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate and yeah I’ve started well in RDT but… It’s a long season!!!

      Yeah I saw one of those Rooney > RVP stats, it’s not great reading… Now, I don’t want to sound like a Moyes hater, coz I’m not. I respect what he did for us. But he has a horrid record with strikers! Every good striker he had with us he turned to shite. I don’t think RVP ever had a chance and he needs to go while he’s worth something.

      Man Utd now have the perfect opportunity to play the false 9 type formation with Rooney up top and Mata behind him with Januzaj on one of the wings and anyone on the other. Whether Welbeck is the answer I dunno, but doubt it.

      So… I reckon they need another wide attacking mid and at least one central midfielder probably two. And no, we don’t want Fellaini back, even for free 🙂

      And then the defence… Some issues there!

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Yeah I respect the man as well, but he wasn’t suited to a big club like Man U, the board should’ve looked into more options rather than focusing on just one.

        Hahaha! I don’t think he has necessarily turned RVP to shite, it’s just that RVP needs to be more of a team player and not be selfish and shoot from anywhere!

        Never really considered the false 9 also, Rooney does well as a lone striker, but I’d love to see that maybe and I’d also love Moyes to give Nani more of a chance, he has a great shot but maybe an improvement in his work rate is all he needs and then he should be starting, he is much better than Young/Valencia and he has been an integral part of our side for years.

        Felliaini does need to go though, whether we make a loss on him or not. Mata, Giggs & Lars Bender (who would be a perfect fit for us and was very highly rumoured to appear in the transfers for us) in the middle is what I’d like to see.

        A defensive line of: Buttner, Mangala, Smalling & Rafael wouldnt do too much harm either, Buttner showed what he could do against Olympiakos and Evra is getting kinda old now and with Vidic leaving that leaves a big gaping hole in our back 4, Mangala was also coming but not sure why they didn’t go through with it. Smalling not the best either, but he is consistent when given a run of opportunities and thats what needs to be done IMO to improve the side, just a couple of changes and Moyes needs to open his eyes a bit more.

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