The Captains – GW33

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Unfortunately this is as early as I can get the captains out at the moment, I do apologise! Most of our teams are stumbling over he line, but there’s a select few who are right in the hunt. Let’s take a look at the top captain options!

TOP 3:

1. Suarez – Let’s not muck around, Suarez is in red hot form at the moment and Liverpool are right in the title hunt. They are totally focused on each EPL game and I can’t see the hammers holding them at bay. you’re taking a massive risk in not captaining him.

2. Hazard – If you’re willing to look elsewhere then Hazard must catch the eye. Stoke will be no pushovers and Chelsea will look towards him for the breakthrough, I can see him getting back on the scoresheet today.

3. Toure – It is a massive risk, but I cannot deny his home form. Averaging over 7 points per game at home, I can’t see Southampton stopping the Man City train, Toure’s lung busting runs will be too much for them to handle. Always a chance to go huge, but captaining him ahead of the League’s top scorer is still not worth it in my opinion.


Sturridge – Sturridge has slowed up since Suarez has returned to the striker role, however he’s always a chance to get on the end of Luis’ handy work. He looked very dangerous against Sunderland a couple of weeks ago and has it in his locker to beat Suarez, probably the only person capable of making that claim. It goes without saying, you’re taking a punt on him!

That’s it from me this week, once again I’m sorry lads for the rushed work, I’m doing my best! Hopefully I can get some free time in a couple of weeks for the run in to the end of the season. Good luck!

8 comments on “The Captains – GW33

  1. Who?

    Great stuff Matt! I went with Suarez this week. I have two free trades this week, but I don’t know where to use them. One option would be to trade Lallana to Silva, but that would mean I’d need to downgrade Azpilicueta to someone cheap, and get a rotation going with him, Chester, and Chambers. I have 0.3M and my team looks like this:

    Ruddy (Davis)
    Zabaleta, Coleman, Azpilicueta (Chambers, Chester)
    Lallana, Gerrard, Hazard, Yaya (Colback)
    Suarez, Lukaku, Sturridge


  2. Shaun Curnow

    Emmanuel Adebayor could be an option for remainder of season, scored 2 this morning and Spurs have an easy run on paper……. Also Erikson could be sneaky option at 6.6, or Ramsey at 6.9 for run home for those after midprice option.

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