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My own FPL future is non-existent now. I don’t really care. I’ll still try because hell, I’m sitting around 5000 but it means nothing. I can’t win, it’s just about basic respectability now. All I care about now is the dogfight which has snuck up on us at the top of the table between two of our FPLAddict regulars! We have Sam Coles in the blue corner sitting handsomely in 10th overall, and in the red corner Shane Curnow gaining him at express speed in 20th, and only 13 points behind. It’s nearly as exciting as the race to fourth spot in the EPL! Good luck to you both and let’s see a clean fight…

On to this weeks Dream Team…

Foster (4.7m) – This is only West Brom’s second clean sheet this year, the other one occurred on New Years Day. This latest occurrence led to their opponent’s manager getting sacked. That kind of says it all… Foster profited from their rare lapse in conceding goals every week to score 9 points.

Rosenior (4.0m) – Question… Would it just be easier if your cheapest defender didn’t score huge points like this? It feels easier not having the option of playing him. Many of us have Rosie as their D5 and they’d be guttered to have 12 points sitting on the bench. He got himself an assist, as well as a clean sheet and full BPs to help him on his way.

Mariappa (3.9m) – We have a Ryan Bennett Award winner right here… Well done son. Palace’s defence has been pretty darn good in recent times but I do have concerns whether they can keep it up. They have some tough games ahead and if they get to the point where their EPL future is safe they might take a well deserved breather… 10 points from the cleanie, an assist and a couple of BPs.

Demel (4.6m) – West Ham’s well regarded defence has gone a little sour since mid-February but they are still winning games so I don’t think the fans will mind! We do mind however because it means that they can no longer be considered as viable trade options. Demel scored 9 points this week but it was on the back of a goal and a couple of BPs. No.

Mata (9.2m) – Finally part 2! This is what 40m buys you… As opposed to whatever rubbish Fellaini is serving up for 30m. Mata played his second huge game in a week and a bit to push Man Utd to another big win and keep Mr Moyes employed for a little longer. It’s absolutely no coincidence that Mata’s form has followed his move back into the centre of midfield with RVPs absence and I would be hugely surprised if he’s pushed back out to a wing! He scored a brace and assisted another on his way to 19 points. Now the big question… Do we hold him through the bye?

Puncheon (4.9m) – It’s been a lean spell for the player that dominated the EPL during the month of January. He returned to form with 16 points from 2 goals and full BPs. Palace have a tough finish to the season with games against Everton, Liverpool and Man City so it’s a no from me.

Eriksen (6.6m) – Gun. There’s no doubting Eriksen is one of the signings of the season but I suppose when you buy as many players as Spurs did preseason you were bound to get one of them right… He ran the game last night and looks like a must have, particularly at this price and with Spurs’ easier remaining fixtures. 15 points from a goal, 2 assists and a couple of BPs.

Gerrard (9.4m) – I’m not going to have a whinge about Gerrard getting full Bonus Points for scoring 2 penalties, because I have in my team. But you can imagine what I would say if I didn’t…

Salah (5.5m) – The Egyptian Messi announced himself on the big(-gish) stage with a match winning performance against Stoke this week. He celebrated his first start in the EPL for Chelsea with a goal, an assist and full BPs on his way to 14 points. Depending on how big your ahem’s are will decide if you take the plunge or not. He’s got absolutely no job security and has huge competition for a spot in their attack… But that price? But again, you never take a risk on a Jonjo Shelvey Award winner do you?

Adebayor (7.6m) – After having a couple of games off Adebayor burst back into contention with 2 goals against an ordinary Sunderland. He’s definitely one to watch and should be very high on your list of options. His 2 goals and full BPs got him 13 points.

Lukaku (8.9m) – It’s hard to believe Jose doesn’t want this guy… He has all the tools at his disposal to be one of the best. Yeah he does have some shortcomings but he’s far too young to use them against him. Wherever he ends up at will have a beast of a striker for the next decade. He demolished Arsenal with 12 points from a goal, an assist and full BPs.

Some other notable performances… Dzeko put his hand up, depending on how long Aguero is out for, with an 11 point game. Another Man City DGW option in Nasri did similarly with 10. Chicharito gave Moyes something to think about with 10 as well. And a sneaky POD could be Holt from Villa in the absence of Benteke with a decent 8…

Only 5 more GWs to go! Remember Man Utd and Hull have a bye this week, which is offset slightly by Man City and Sunderland having an extra game each. If Spurs can put 5 past Sunderland one can only imagine what damage Man City can do!

33 comments on “Dream Team – GW33

  1. Shaun Curnow

    Cheers mate, shame that you are over it. But 5000 overall still remarkable effort! Well done.

    haha yeah the contest between me & colesy all sudden heated up in last couple weeks. Managed to get on a roll and think pretty much everything has fallen my way… Massive week this week though, have 3 City & Everton players but also need get rid of Rooney and then decide if I hold Evra/Mata who have a blank!! Problem is will want all 3 for Utds double..

    At this stage thinking going Rooney to Adebayor or Giroud as their fixtures next couple are good. Then go back to Rooney for the double… Or go Rooney to one those and then upgrade Delph to Erikson who is almost must have at moment with his price and fixtures.. Then maybe take punt and go Sturridge to Rooney for double as Sturridge really out form (4 of last 6 weeks has scored 2 points…)

    Can go Rooney/Chambers/Delph to Adebayor/Erikson/Flanagan over next couple weeks! Leaves Flanagan/Ward/Erikson as my bench!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Possibly badly worded on my part! I’m over my team because I’m more excited about you guys!!! I still reckon my midseason aim of top 1000 is more than achievable.

      Sounds like you got too many options haha. I gotta admit I have Sturridge in my sights to get rid of. I like Lambert now with Rodriguez out?

      • Shaun Curnow

        Oh haha! Yeah top 1000 still achievable, you can realyl make up lot ground with 1 good week.

        Yep way too many options and thoughts going through my head at moment! Need try stick with my gut… Yeah was eyeing off Lambert aswell, quite few options around that price. Just looked and Sturridge not far off price drop aswell…

        • kingcolesy

          yeah you really smashed it over the past few weeks, my sudden rise was about 2months. Couple good weeks in a row and you could go from 5000 to 1000.

    • Liam

      I would be pretty bloody happy with 5000 as well trying to claw my way there right now. Setting the bar a bit high baysietoff I can’t believe we have two writers / readers in the top 20 its insane I am happy enough with that.

      I would go Adebayor over Giroud Shaun, Giroud looks tired and arsenal are playing some terrible football.

      Great point about wanting united players but the blank beforehand, idk how Rooney will pull up from this toe injury he seems to lose fitness extremely quickly.

      I had eriksen but it wasn’t enough to get near your monster score this week, best of luck battling it out at the top.

      • Shaun Curnow

        It’s great reflection on how awesome this site is mate. All comes down to advice we all get, all you guys should be proud of your work this season.

        Yeah was leaning to Adebayor since his return.I think with keeping Utd guys it all comes down to your depth in team… If I trade Rooney/Delph to Adebayor/Eriksen then i can field strong side with Ward being my “worst” player on field but he has the double! Chambers would become my emergency.. So with good depth it can be advantage as then wont need trade Utd guys back in!

        Team this week with above 2 trades (4 point hit) would be:

        Coleman, Zabaleta, Ward
        Silva, Yaya, Gerrard, Eriksen
        Adebayor, Sturridge, Lukuka

        Bench: Mannone, Chambers, Mata, Evra

        and still have 1.7 in bank for later use 😛

    • Liam

      slight knock I wouldn’t pull the trigger on that one unless his named as a definite out next weekend

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Really does show the quality that you guys produce week in week out Nick, its actually amazing. Even so deep into the season (and with DT up and running) you guys are going as usual and it’s helped a lot mate. Hopefully it keeps growing and you guys can be one of the best in the business!

    Also, Adebayor over Giroud definitely Shaun. The way Arsenal are going they probably might not even make the Champions League! May be a bit of inspiration but they are simply too tired now after a stunning start. With Ozil & Ramsey returning soon, they could come back with a slight hope though, COULD.

    Also, no matter what, congrats to the two of you (Colesy & Shaun), amazing effort all year round and very helpful contributors all season, hopefully you go from strength to strength in FPL to DT and the return league next season (if I make any sense that is ahaha!)
    Probably the most unique player in the comp though Shaun grats on that!

    • Shaun Curnow

      Cheers mate and I 2nd your thoughts on website.

      I’m going to pull the trigger and get in Adebayor now, more i thought about it more i agree that Arsenal really arent looking good at moment. Will be interesting to keep eye on Ramsey, played little bit on weekend so if he gets back to early season form at 6.9 he’s a bargain again.

      haha yeah my strategy and gameplan is out there, but somehow it works. Alot of luck has fallen my way but then this game is all about luck really. Thanks and good luck to you for remainder of season.

  3. MattyZach

    Well done again guys! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the website all season.
    I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments from the likes of Shaun Curnow. The advice has been invaluable!

    Any thoughts on what to do with Hazard? I was thinking about trading Mata due to the blank, but I don’t want to be doing that if Hazard is likely to miss this weekend!

  4. Viper086

    Couldn’t agree more with all the praise that everyone is giving, you guys really are all addicts! First time I have ever done FPL (longtime AFL Dter) and i have loved it. Currently ranked 4150 and it has all been from the advice on this site.

    Thanks for the great articles, really makes the time pass by at work!

  5. mattcraigdt

    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, makes it all worth it! Our writers have done an immense job and thanks to Shaun, Colesy and everyone else who has contributed in the comments all season. Exams are over on Thursday so I should probably start pulling my weight again! It’s great to see so many of you still going in such a long season, let’s finish off strong 😀

  6. Who?

    Fantastic work by all the writers this year! I would definitely not be as high as I am (still not very high) without you guys! This sounds mad, but before this season, I’d never seen any soccer matches outside of Australia, and I still haven’t seen an EPL match, only the odd Champions League match. I am purely going on everyone’s advice on here. Also, thanks to all of the regulars that have helped out this year, makes the site a lot better, and almost a community now.
    Now, who would you recommend fielding this week: Chambers v Cardiff, or Colback v Everton and Man City? I think that Southampton will keep a cleanie, so I’m leaning towards Chambers. Cheers!

  7. rostie

    Hi everyone,
    I am on a well earned holiday at the moment but are still following the articles and comments regularly.

    I would personally also like to thanks all the writers and contributors on such a great site.

    My first year like others after many years playing afl dream team and hovering around the 3k mark at present. Being a passionate liverpool fan also it has added a lot more enjoyment to the season.

    Great to see you all in the dt/ fantasy leagues also

    Rod (aka ROSTIE)

  8. rostie

    Ok question time!
    Went a little early with a trade to Puncheon for a 4 point hit. Currently have hazard on the pine. Do I trade him to mirallas for DGW and another hit and a further 0.7 loss in value or hold tight, play puncheon and go mata next week?
    Is his injury 2 weeks?

    • Richey

      Yeah I’m wondering that too…

      If he comes back, would he play 90mins in both both games? I can see him playing the 2nd half of the Liverpool match if City are struggling. And not much else.

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