The Captains – DGW34

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One of the toughest captain decisions of the year is here. With SAS missing out on the double and a tough fixture against Man City, we must look elsewhere with our armband. With a DGW for both Everton and Man City in particular, let’s take a look at a fresh set of captain options…


Aguero – He is returning for City’s top of the table clash against Liverpool, however we must still have questions over his fitness. He has broken down twice after making an early comeback, and even if he starts against Liverpool surely he will be benched for Sunderland. I for one will be monitoring his progress throughout the double and bringing him straight in if he performs, however I suppose you could gamble on him early if that’s what’s required. I’m not sure captaincy is wise though, very risky…

Ramsey – He’s not so much a captaincy option, but probably a solution to our Hazard problem. He will free up the cash to bring in Aguero, and with some very easy fixtures in the run in he will be an absolute bargain if he can re-create even half his early season form. I’ve taken the plunge. Other options for Hazard include Gerrard and the ever consistent Lallana. Even though Mata has a blank this week, I reckon he must be brought in with United’s comfortable run home and a DGW, so bear him in mind also…

Suarez – Even though it all seems against him this week, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he still outscored most captain options. He just loves Anfield, and I get the feeling Liverpool v Man City will be full of excitement. However one thing Suarez hasn’t done is perform against top 4 opposition, so I guess this is his chance to prove us all wrong. If you ever wanted Suarez as a POD captain, this is your chance. I will be playing it safe with the double chance.

Dzeko – If you’ve taken the risk with him then good luck, however Aguero’s return put things into disarray. Not a captaincy option.

TOP 3:

1. Lukaku – I am usually the first person to rule out Lukaku as captain, so let me further explain the method to this madness. He has gone 2 games in a row without a goal or assist just ONCE all season, so it’s a fairly safe bet he can gain some kind of returns. When he gets a run of form, he will capitalise most of the time. For a team pushing for a top 4 spot, Sunderland (A) and Crystal palace (H) are simply mjust wins, and surely Lukaku can get on the board in those 2 relatively easy fixtures. Even Spurs put 5 past Sunderland. It’s a big risk no question, and I’m ignoring the 2 City midfielders at my own peril, however there’s just a couple of factors about them that I don’t much like. At this stage, I’m running with Lukaku as captain…

2. Silva – Before I got news of how bad Silva’s ankle has been troubling him, I had him down as number 1. He’s still contending. However it wouldn’t surprise me if Pellegrini took the measure to rest him midweek against West Brom, or at least substitute him early. He has scored double figures just 3 times this year, with a highest score of 14. However these negatives aside, he’s still a great option thanks to his consistency, however he doesn’t have the scoring potential of the 2 players mentioned around him. Consider it safely banked points. One thing I do like is his record against top 5 opposition, compared to Toure he has a far better chance to get on the board against Liverpool. He has 2 goals and 2 assists this season against those top teams, and Liverpool’s defence has been anything but solid. I can really see Silva causing them havoc, and if he gets a start against West Brom he’s a serious contender to be the top scorer of these 3.

3. Toure – We won’t forget what Toure did last DGW, pumping out a massive 31 points over 2 games. An interesting point of note is that he’s scored just 1 goal against top 5 opposition, and that was a penalty against Arsenal after Aguero had gone off injured. Clearly he sits deeper in the big games, and against SAS things shouldn’t be any different here. The second point is that with Aguero’s return, he may lose penalty duties. This is a confusing one, he has scored 6 this year and hasn’t looked like missing one of them, but we can only go on past results. If you captain him you’re really looking towards their home game against Sunderland, and fair enough too. However he hasn’t scored more than 1 goal from open play all season. It’s a tight call at the top, a really tight call. Thankfully his ankle concern has been waved away, so he will definitely play both games. I must admit he has more scoring potential than Lukaku and Silva, and it really may just come down to who takes the penalty if Man City get awarded one. I’m not totally decided on my final decision as of yet, it could still be any of the top 3! However at the moment I’m sticking with Lukaku…


Coleman/Baines – I presume we all have at least 1 of these 2, and if you do they must be seriously considered for captaincy. With a lack of solid forward options, and 2 relatively easy fixtures against Crystal Palace and Sunderland, at least 1 clean sheet is surely on the cards. We know how they both like to get forward, and how well defenders are profiting from the new bonus system, so it is very plausible that they could easily score double figures without too much sweat. Anything more would be a bonus. Personally I will never captain a defender, but I guess if you were going to, this would be the week to do it.

So that’s my thoughts on the DGW. It’s going to be an extremely tough captaincy decision, and an extremely important one! If you have any transfer queries just let me know in the comments, good luck to all for the double! Cheers.

28 comments on “The Captains – DGW34

  1. Shaun Curnow

    Such a hard week to pick captain… Gut says Coleman but head says Lukuka…. Really dont know. Coleman is due for goal and they should keep clean sheets, although Everton do like to leak late goals to ruin clean sheets!!

    • baysietoff

      I’m all over Coleman! He looked amazing last week against Arsenal. Easily one of the best full backs going around at the moment and our defence has been looking pretty good even with Stones looking a bit dodge at times.

  2. Holly

    So glad you said lukaku, ive also got nasri, Gerrard, Dzeko, and Suarez so thought i was being daft but that’s definitely made up my mind : )

  3. Dan

    Went with Baines..had it on him early in the wk and kind of forgot about it with all my attention being on various forms of DT.

    Nice to read this and see I’m not totally nuts

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    I went for Lukaku myself but I’m not feeling very happy about it. It just seemed like the most logical option based on fixtures and form…but he’s quite unpredictable

  5. Shaun Curnow

    Jeez not great night for captain choices! At least Coleman got clean sheet but his yellow card probably cost him bonus points!

    My trade of Abeyador backfired, cant believe he missed a penalty! But trading in Eriksen with 4 point hit made up for it. He really is on fire and at his price must have with their fixtures!

    Currently on 40, and upto 12th overall.

    • Shaun Curnow

      Just had a look at the top 50 teams… I am literally the only team that doesnt have Saurez. haha

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Never will I get a Spurs player again, brought in Ramsey in the same price bracket. Hopefully he has something to say about that “must have” tag 😛

      • Shaun Curnow

        haha im thinking of going Yaya-Ramsey….. Anyone know how long he is out for.. Getting rid of him means i can get in Aguero as at moment i cant cos have too many City players!

  6. Dan

    48 so far for the week, Puncheon, DIstin, Ward and Baines (c) getting it done so far.

    Up to 16k which Im fairly happy with, but got a feeling Im gonna regret not getting Aguero though. Have 9.5m itb and a FT but decided to keep Dzeko for one more week

    • rostie

      Haha, what a game. I literally jumped out of bed when coutinho scored…go reds!

      Yaya’s injuiry is going to cost most of us a lot of points.

  7. Richey

    I actually gave Puncheon the Captain’s armband over Lukaku… Can’t believe it’s working out!

      • Richey

        Ha! Happy days right! I’m battling two mats for first place so I’m trying some PODs. So far so good anyway…

  8. Bio Eden Hazard

    Anybody fancy a punt on Sterling before Mata next week? Gerrard seems like the obvious choice but the kid is on fire right now…

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    O.K week. Captained Yaya and it went down hill from there. Finished on 56 and picturing what could have been….

    Anyway, already bring in Eriksen and looking to go Yaya to Mata or Nasri… Not too sure but it looks like he is already gonna drop very soon!

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