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Southampton v Cardiff City - Premier League

That was a looooong game week… I don’t know about any of you but this round didn’t quite go to plan in the FPL world, don’t even get me started on the real world! Some of the great hopes in Yaya and Davey Silva didn’t quite fire as expected and those that traded early for Aguero wouldn’t exactly be popping bottles of champagne. Just a quickie this week as it’s a long weekend coming up and I need to get the party started…

FYI – Coles = 71 points up to 9th and Curnow = 66 up to 17th, BOOM! 

Speroni (4.8m), Dann (4.0m), Ward (4.5m) – Tony Pulis for gaffer of the year? It won’t happen but he’s done an amazing job with this team! They have the second best defence in the EPL since he took over, only bettered by Chelsea. They have a 50/50 run home where they face Man City and Liverpool which is going be tough for them to get too many defensive points. All three of these profited from clean sheet points with Speroni and Ward getting full BPs and Dann popping up with a goal.

Cala (4.5m) – I’m not even going to waste my time googling this guy. 15 points from a goal, a cleanie and full BPs. This is as close to Ryan Bennetting as you’ll ever get. I found a photo though, so that’s what he looks like!

Pieters (4.8m) – It’s going to be a tough run home for Stoke, they play 2 teams in Fulham and Cardiff who are both fighting against relegation and will be going all out for points. That coupled with Stoke already being safe doesn’t bode well for good defensive performances. I’d steer clear of Stoke entirely. Pieters scored 14 points from a goal, a cleanie and full BPs.

Baines (7.5m) – Basinesy is one of the inform defenders at the moment and at this price you’d be expecting regular points. When we look at defenders we should always glance at the upcoming home games first, they’re more likely to be clean sheets than away games. It’s not good reading. Man Utd and Man City. The away games don’t look too flash either in Southampton and a Hull team who may be playing for EPL survival on the final day of the season. This past week Bainesy scored a total of 11 points from a cleanie and an assist.

Puncheon (5.2m) – We shouldn’t be overly surprised with this as he went through a similar purple patch back in January. Over the two games he scored 2 goals, an assist and a massive 6 Bonus Points. He’s probably shown the best value over the season and if you managed to get on him when he went through his two point scoring periods you’d be over the moon, but he did nothing in between them!

Silva (9.9m) – Not bad from one game missing the draw against Sunderland last night. I’m not entirely sure of his immediate future but hopefully Nick can enlighten us in his news wrap! Man City still have a game in hand so hopefully it’s not too bad. 12 points from a goal, an assist and a couple BPs.

Bolasie (4.9m) – If we had a quintessential Ryan Bennett Award winner above, then here’s your stereotypical Jonjo Shelvey Award winner! He’s done bugger all this season but decided to turn up this round with 11 points largely on the back of 2 assists. There isn’t a radar big enough for Bolasie to be on…

Wickham (4.6m) – Connor Wickham has been promising this for 4 or 5 years and has only ever shown glimpses of what he could be. This is probably just another flash in the pan performance however so don’t do anything silly. 15 points from 2 goals and full BPs.

Podolski (7.7m) – A question for our Arsenal supporters out there… Why doesn’t Podolski play as a  striker? Not all the time but he’s got to be better than Sanogo, surely… He scored a couple of goals and full BPs for 13 points.

That’ll do me for this week… How did we all go this week? I only managed a 59 which is poor considering I was expecting 100! The trigger has already been pulled, Yaya to Eriksen and have a handy 4.8m in the kitty waiting to see how Sturridge pulls up.

Happy Easter!

29 comments on “Dream Team – GW34

  1. Dan

    Pretty happy with my wk, up to 13k with 95. Puncheon was a masterstroke :). (though want smart enough to captain him, Baines did ok though)

    Had some big pts on the bench too with Marshall’s10, Terry’s 8 and Sterling’s 7 all benched. Can’t believe Zabaleta scored a DGW donut lol

    A ridiculous 9.6m in the bank, most likely to use on Dzeko>Aguero.

  2. kingcolesy

    Nice work, was lmao when you pulled up to say thats a picture of Cala. Glad you also get my name right with the e before the s! You wont believe how many people spell my name colsey!

  3. juramentado

    Great week 89, up to 26K thanks to Punch and a bonus this week was my AF score 2349 which helped me with my H2H against the one and only Baysie 🙂

  4. Shaun Curnow

    Nice work mate! I actually dropped to 25 overall 🙁 A lousy 66 after being 60 before last nights games!! My 7 double gameweekers resulted in 6 points with thanks to no show from Yaya/Silva and an amazing 0 from 180 mins for bloody Zabaleta! Also Coleman (C) & Howard conceding 3 goals didnt help.. Only positive is Lukaku (who i actually do have) didnt fire a shot which meant I didnt fall too far in rankings cos 95% of top sides had him captain

      • Shaun Curnow

        all good mate, they did take a while to update… But on positive side it does make me look better saying 17th 😛 haha.

        Notice the #1 ranked team shot out to 21 point lead now, was only handful points before this week. Would have to think its all over up the top end. Although with everyone having Saurez, and given his hattrick record vs Norwich everyone has to captain him… So if he doesnt fire and Aguero scores a few I can make up some ground! Now wouldnt it be nice if Saurez misses a penalty and then gets red carded within 5mins? You know for the good of my ranking… 🙂

  5. Steed

    Assuming that Silva and Sturridge both DON’T play, Worth trading Aguero and Mata in or should I spend my money elsewhere?

  6. Bio Eden Hazard

    Terrible week for me…ended up with a 52. All my boys let me down 🙁 I’m gonna need to play extra smart for the few remaining weeks.
    I was thinking Yaya –> Sterling and Sturridge –> Aguero. But it seems Sturridge may play?

    • Shaun Curnow

      Way Sturridge is performing last 6 or so weeks id be jumping off that sinking ship mate! Get Aguero, especially with their double coming up! Also look at Salah at 5.5 from Chelsea as a nice little POD…

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Mmmh cheers mate I am looking for a differential indeed, which is why I was looking at Sterling. The kid is on fire right now but if Sturridge makes it he may have less chances.
        I must admit a Chelsea midfielder is tempting too but Salah looked a bit clumsy last week-end

        • Shaun Curnow

          2 goals and an assist in 240 mins, in form and looks locked in with no Hazard. I only saw highlights but looked like he had quite few chances last week? Only need him to perform at home, for me he will rotate based on fixtures as he is technically my first bench player at moment!

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            Aargh you’re right Shaun but you’re messing with my mind…So my plan now is to go for a relatively cheap midfielder to afford a strikeforce of Suarez, Aguero and Rooney…what do you think of that?
            That relatively cheap midfielder could be Salah or Ramsey…

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        I agree with Shaun…but I’m definitely gonna try and leave some room for Rooney for the DGW

        • Shaun Curnow

          Yeah try leave room for Rooney for double. I’m hoping to go into double with Rooney/Aguero & Abeydor or Lukaku up front… Depends on cash and fixtures to who I keep!

  7. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Great stuff as always Baysie 🙂 at least Im stuck with you until basically forever (assuming FPL Addicts DT leagues run for that time hehehe :))))))))

    Still don’t know who that guy is but he looks frighteningly like young Berba…. :/

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Cheers mate! Well we’re stuck with each other for at least the AFL season haha

      I know! I had to double check when I found that photo. He’s like a Berba / Joe Cole love child 🙂

  8. Bio Eden Hazard

    Guys I can’t decide between Ramsey and Sterling…I’m inclined to go Ramsey, which will still leave me enough money to get both Aguero and Rooney

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