The Captains – GW35

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Welcome to a quick fire edition of the captains. Why you may ask? Because there is only 2 real contenders!



In all honesty, is anyone going to consider anyone but the top 2? Silva is injured, Toure is injured, Sturridge is surely out and others have some tough fixtures. Keep it simple!


Suarez – Suarez is playing Norwich this week, so this should mean only 1 thing. Captaincy is almost a must. He has bagged an incredible 11 goals in just 5 games against them, and just to top it off Sturridge is likely to miss out as well. When Sturridge was injured earlier in the season, Suarez returned 11 goals and 9 assists for 100 points in just 9 games. Need I say any more? He could go massive, just remember his 24 against Norwich in GW14… Anyone but Suarez is a punt this week!


Aguero – And the only punt worthy of consideration in my mind is Aguero. He is the only one capable of a big enough score to challenge Suarez, if by some small chance Luis doesn’t return big. It would be a massive risk, but he will be critical for City if they are to beat West Brom at home and keep their title chances alive. I can see him going big, but I’ll be sticking with Suarez. If you need to make up ground, perhaps this is where you should look.

A pretty easy call to make this week. Good luck to one and all!

16 comments on “The Captains – GW35

  1. Shaun Curnow

    Saurez missed penalty and red card in opening 5 mins please 😀 haha

    Aguero captain for me, its the week i can really make massive move if Saurez somehow has shocker and Aguero goes nuts. With everyone else in top 50 with Saurez they’ll have him captain….

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