Dream Team – GW35


It’s getting harder and harder coming up with new and exciting ways of starting this Dream Team article ever week… I’ll let the picture do that for me. What a cracker!?!

I hope we all had a great Easter break and got heaps of choccies to munch on! If you caught some of the EPL games this weekend you would’ve been rewarded with some great performances. Liverpool solidified the top spot with Chelsea losing at home for only the 2nd time in Jose’s 2 stints as gaffer (with the ref holding no blame whatsoever, apparently). Mr Moyes’ tenuous grip on gainful employment took a battering at the old lady that is Goodison Park, and Man City gave a professional performance away to West Brom overnight. Arsenal turned back the clock to when they actually looked like a team that gave a hoot and in turn kept hold of 4th spot by the slimmest of margins. The upcoming round looks like it could be a belter as well… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… 

Speroni (4.8m) – Awesome stuff by Crystal Palace. I keep on about it but not enough good words can be written about the turn around they’ve experienced under Mr Pulis. If we’ve learnt anything from this season it’s that more often than not a change in manager can have a profound effect on a team. We’ve seen Sunderland go from defensive sieve to defensive wall, whilst Tottenham went the complete reverse. Keep this in mind for next season and don’t be afraid to jump on, or off, when a team loses it’s gaffer. Speroni got another 9 points from their cleanie and a couple of BPs.

Baines (7.5m) – Standard. Outside of two lean spells this season (one of them he was injured however!) Bainesy has been quietly going about being the best left back in the EPL and his FPL scoring has matched that. He had his best game by far with 15 points from a goal (penalty), the cleanie and a completely underserved full BPs (read on…).

Coleman (7.0m) – This is a travesty. Anyone who watched this game will agree without a shadow of a doubt that Coleman was the best player on the pitch, by some way. But because Baines scored a penalty he gets full Bonus Points… Flawed system. He did score a handy 11 points from the clean sheet, an assist and a couple of BPs (should’ve been 3, boooo).

Fonte (5.5m) – Remember the time when Southampton defenders were must haves? As is the case with every single season there is always a team that jumps out of the blocks and strings together a heap of quality defensive performances, but then falls away dramatically. Last season was Stoke… Remember them? Southampton are still capable but are impossible to pick when they might get a clean sheet so would make any owners frustrated. This 9 points was from an away clean sheet and full BPs.

Sterling (5.8m) – Did anyone jump on? Sterling put in a…. sterling performance (sorry) last round and was able to back it up this week with 2 goals, an assist and full BPs for a huge 18 points. If Liverpool manage to hold on Sterling will play a big part of that, and is massive value.

Ramsey (7.2m) – Welcome back!!! There was chatter around the regular FPL haunts during the week regarding whether we should pull the trigger early and trade Ramsey in. If anyone did, then 16 points says well done! He was back to near his best with a goal, an assist and a couple of BPs and showed just how much he has been missed. Great value at this price, if Arsenal do keep hold of 4th spot you just know Ramsey will be heavily involved in that.

Jedinak (4.3m) – Seriously underrated player is Jedinak, but in no way fantasy relevant and I doubt he ever will be. This week’s Jonjo Award winner scored 11 points from a goal and full BPs.

Eriksen (7.1m) – It’s really hard to believe Eriksen was dropped for those 4 games… Any longer than 4 minutes is too long and probably shows why Sherwood won’t get the gaffer gig full time. This weeks effort was 11 points from 2 assists and full BPs. That’s 57 points in 6 games since he got his spot back in the team. Crazy.

Bony (7.2m) – Yeah right. Fool me once… Etc. Etc. Don’t fall for this. Although… Swansea do have 2 home games against Villa and Southam… No. No. No. 13 points this week from 2 goals an full BPs.

Podolski (7.8m) – Form. Form. FORM! Podolski is averaging 8.8 points from his past 5 games and with some “gentle” fixtures ahead there’s nothing suggesting this should stop. 13 points from 2 goals and full BPs. Great price, great value and may give you that extra money to get the next bloke in…

Aguero (12.5m) – Welcome back part II… Man City missed Sergio Aguero even more than Arsenal missed Ramsey. His goal and assist helped steer the ship back to familiar territory, i.e. goals galore. You’ve got some big decisions ahead, like how do you get Aguero into your team! If Man City are any hope of taking out the title much will rest on his shoulders. 12 points from the goal, assist and full BPs. Handy for those that had him over Suarez…

Update on the fight for top FPLAddict! Colesy punched out a 78 to sit 10th (or number 1 in Australia!) while Shaun posted a Suarez-less 83 to finish the week 22nd (or 3rd in Australia!!!). Only 17 points separate them! Too exciting.


47 comments on “Dream Team – GW35

  1. 81 points this week!!! Thank you AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOO (c)

  2. baysietoff says:

    Moyes gone! The grim reaper always wins…

  3. Bio Eden Hazard says:

    84 for me this week. Thank you Aaron Ramsey!! Having hesitated for hours between him and Sterling, I was gutted after pool’s performance, but it turned out pretty well actually

  4. kingcolesy says:

    Nice write up, nice picture! Already done a premature trade this week as I was on holiday, gl to me. Want top 10 tho for sure!

    • Shaun Curnow says:

      Keep it going mate! Im just treading water at around 20-25 lately, pretty frustrating! Abeyador to Rooney for me this week. Also tempted Silva-Ramsey but not sure i want take another 4 point hit.. Then I also have the Evra issue, just isnt playing with injury and whatever else. Thought id hold him for their double, but now just wasting space. Think i’d prefer DeGea who will play both games in the DGW.

      • baysietoff says:

        You might find all the old blokes back in the team now Giggs is in charge?

        • Shaun Curnow says:

          Yeah maybe, worth keeping in mind..

          • kingcolesy says:

            I was planning to bring in Evra for DGW, vs NORWICH cant be too bad. a lazy assist and CS would score you 12points. A no show last week doesnt look promising tho, I see your point.

            • Shaun Curnow says:

              I reckon DeGea could be sneaky option as goalkeeper instead.. He’s at least locked into both games unless Giggs is worse then Moyes at team selection! Couple clean sheets, few saves and bonus points could see very easy 18-20 points! But of course that would mean Utd have to keep a clean sheet for a change!

  5. ozgunners says:

    Great write once again Baysie. Hard to believe Moyes is gone when you think Furguson hand picked him.Goes to show you don’t perform, your goneski!! Baysie any idea who is in line for the ManU job?
    Well done to Colesy and Shaun!!

  6. Shaun Curnow says:

    haha had a chuckle at the “Saurez-less” line!

    As Lou Richards used to say…. We have a ring-a-ding-ding affair on our hands!!

  7. Bio Eden Hazard says:

    So now that Moyes is out, do we have more faith in united players?

    My initial plan was to go lukaku –> Rooney this week but seeing their poor performance this week-end I wasn’t sure. Now with Moyes out…

    • Shaun Curnow says:

      Rooney must have for their run home. They have 3 home games including 2 in the double!! All against “lower” teams… Not much lower then United but still, think with change of manager they’ll be looking to really impressive cos think alot change in players will happen over the offseason.

      • baysietoff says:

        There’s a question… 2 out of Rooney, Aguero and Suarez? Not all of us can afford all three. I’m leaning towards the first two.

        • Shaun Curnow says:

          You really need to ask me? #saurezless

          Just basically cos the other 2 have double gameweek to come, whereas Saurez doesnt. It’s massive bonus. Just depends who your 3rd striker is and how you spend the extra cash. I reckon a forward line of Aguero/Rooney/Podliski is way to go, especially the form Pods is in.

          • baysietoff says:

            Haha yeah I know…Just putting it out there for the community… I’m rolling with a 5 man midfield at the moment so only plan on playing 2 strikers anyway. Gerrard, Ramsey, Mata, Eriksen and Silva looks great on paper! My 3rd striker was a bit of a speccy on Grant Holt that didn’t quite work out haha.

            • Shaun Curnow says:

              haha yeah i know. Be interesting see if others could bring themselves to run without Saurez!

              Yeah looks awesome on paper, im running a 3-4-3 at moment with Rooney/Aguero/Lukaku up front. But would love to squeeze Ramsey in but just cant work out way to do it unless i trade Silva or taking massive points hits as i want to also get rid of Evra…

        • mattcraigdt says:

          Benches are made for sitting on, my no rotation policy has helped me get all 3!

  8. nburk53 says:

    Awesome as per Baysie! Things really hotting up now. A forward line of Suarez, Aguero and Rooney sure is looking nice as I log in 😉

  9. Viper086 says:

    looking at Lukaku –> Rooney and then Silva –> Ramsey or Eriksen. Personally leaning towards Ramsey with their run home a little easier but he scares me with his injury history. What do you guys think?

    • baysietoff says:

      Spurs have decent enough fixtures, and he is in form… I went with both coz I was too scared to make that decision though haha

      • Bio Eden Hazard says:

        Ahah same for me, I got both. I’m just missing Sterling right now but I have a feeling that Silva is gonna have to go….well actually I’m thinking Nasri may be a better replacement for him

  10. Rakshit says:

    Who is a better shout out of Evans and Smalling for the dgw ? Also, I have Eriksen and have just about enough money to upgrade him to Ramsey. Eriksen has been doing really really well recently but Ramsey has better fixtures. Should I pull the trigger or not?

  11. Liam says:

    Eriksen had a back injury for those 4 games, it wasn’t headline news but there was some press about it. Was rather frustrating I held thinking it was nothing

  12. N1qQ45 4R3 K1ng5 says:

    Great article Baysie 🙂 Get a gig on DTTalk maybe?

    Can’t believe I missed all the fun though! You guys chatting away like there is no tomorrow!

    FYI I have that exact same midfield Baysie, but now with Silva injured… Nasri?!!

    With Moyes gone Giggs will be in two minds. Play Vidic for his last few games as a man united player, or start the partnership for next season of Smalling & Evans?
    Fletcher should definitely keep his spot Nani will go back to the bench and make way for Valencia unfortunately 😦 Chicha may even get some starts but. I highly doubt it.

    (Also… For the starting. Wouldn’t mind some reallllllllll cheesy jokes!)

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1ng5 says:

      But what’s more important is, United may actually start playing better now as Giggs is making them go back to old ways (i.e SAF ways) 😀

  13. Bio Eden Hazard says:

    Is Nasri the obvious replacement for Silva or do we need to scratch the surface?

    • Bio Eden Hazard says:

      I see a lot of Mata love too for example…

      • Shaun Curnow says:

        Lot love for Mata cos of their double gameweek next week.. Also 3 home games and lower teams in run home. I think Mata better option then Nasri but if u have Mata then get on Nasri.

        • Bio Eden Hazard says:

          Frankly I’m not 100% convinced by either of them. What I may do is Silva –> Sterling this week and Lallana –> Nasri or Mata for the double. Wht do you think?

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