The Captains – GW36

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Welcome back to another edition of the captains. After a relatively straight forward week last time out, we have some big decisions on our hands. The big 3 forwards obviously stand out, but there could be some potential elsewhere with no player really standing out. Let’s take a look at the options…


Mata – He should be in your thoughts with a home game against Norwich. The United players will surely want to prove a point and I think they’ll win comfortably. Unfortunately he’s too inconsistent for my liking, there’s also a teammate of his right in the frame. Not for me.

Eriksen – I guess his form warrants consideration, however with the other alternatives available I’d still just stick with him as a POD.

Gerrard – It isn’t as stupid as it sounds. Gerrard loves the big stage, and there will be no bigger stage for Liverpool than this Sunday against Chelsea, almost playing for the Premier League title. It’s extremely risky, however if you’re getting desperate it could be worth a shot.

Podolski – If you’re after a POD in the forward line, consider this guy strongly. I have just watched the Eagles lose the un-losable so I’m now apoplectic, to put simply he’s a great option to have but having him as a POD is enough risk.


1. Rooney – My number 1 pick this week is Mr Rooney. He had a shocker last week and has a point to prove, just like every United player. Norwich at home should be the perfect chance for the Red Devils to bounce back, I’m strongly expecting double figures!

2. Aguero – He is certainly pushing Rooney for the number 1 spot, however Crystal Palace’s incredible resistance at the back has me concerned. Without Silva I reckon City might struggle, so I just couldn’t put the armband on him. Definitely a fair option.

3. Ramsey – A bit of a surprise at number 3 this week, but he’s sure earned his spot. Arsenal should put Newcastle to the sword with a fit squad to select from, and Ramsey showed just how dangerous he is last week. If you want to be a risk taker then this could be your guy, definitely a midfield option though.


Suarez – For the first time all season Suarez has missed the top 3, there is no doubt he’s a punt this weekend. His appalling record against the top 4 is what concerns me, he hasn’t hit double figures against them all season. Perhaps 6th time lucky? I’m certainly not going to trade him, however I’d look elsewhere with the armband this week. This could come back to haunt me…

So that’s it from me this week. I’ll leave you with my differential pick for the run in, and that’s Samir Nasri. Silva looks to be out for the season, so it’s his chance to take centre stage. He scores better statistically without Silva in the team and could be a perfect straight swap with City’s double upcoming next gameweek. Toure is of course back in contention, but I’m hesitant without penalty duties. Good luck with your trades and captains! Cheers.

14 comments on “The Captains – GW36

  1. rostie

    Sorry Matt, I picked west coast to win which explains why they lost. I will resort to darts next week.

    Captain is going to be crucial this week. Not sure who I will go for being rooneyless but have all the others….maybe Suarez will be a POD

  2. kingcolesy

    Took a 4 point hit to get lukaku to Rooney in this week for capt. Bit worried about him coming off injections couple weeks ago. Let’s see how it goes, good luck to all.

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Rooney’s toe issues prompted me to choose Ramsey…it’s gonna be painful to wait until Monday though

      • Shaun Curnow


        Thank god for Rooney & Mata though, with Coleman/Howard/Lukaku/Eriksen spudding it up they got me to 50 with Aguero, Zabaleta, Nasri and Gerrard to come! Live ranking is THIRTEEEEEEN (in the Huddo voice!) but no doubt will drop down by end of gameweek.

        • Louie K

          Bought Rooney in for Sturridge myself and gave him the armband. Had Mata for a few weeks now.

          Ranking up to 2,393 overall which is a career-best for me.

        • kingcolesy

          Hah! Day later I get that thirteen huddo call lol. Buddy franklin 13 goal call. 🙂 yeah there’s this spurs guy who has capt on Ramsey, could cause waves in our 1-2 battle in aus

          • Shaun Curnow

            Haha better late then never!! 🙂

            Oh that cheeky man, he came from nowhere! Let’s hope Ramsey doesn’t fire a single shot…

  3. kingcolesy

    Nice, what you guys think to pulling the trigger on lalana & Coleman, to Evra and yaya? I like baines better but he will have to go instead of Coleman in the next hour and half due to price rises. I don’t like taking hits this late but it still might be worth it. Or other trade. Just ward to Evra

    • kingcolesy

      first week without yaya toure in my team for a long time, and he trolls me with a 14point haul! Time to trade him back in! Hindsight should of never traded him out.

      • Shaun Curnow

        Think you’ve got me in overall ranks race mate, i just cant make up any ground. Stuck around 20th for last 4 weeks…. 14 points behind you now.. Also 20 points off top 10 so just gotta hope i can finish top 15-20 from here.

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