Dream Team – GW36

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Swansea City v Aston Villa - Premier League

There was a sense of getting back to normal to this week… It feels normal having a two normal gameweeks in a row, with normal games, on normal days. The results were kind of normal too… All the top teams that should get clean sheets did, plus the other top teams that don’t usually get clean sheets didn’t. You could suggest that it was nearly predictable… Which only means that the upcoming gameweek is going to be a POD belter!

Onto the battle between Sam and Shaun… I’ll update this when the powers that be finish updating the tables but they both scored very similarly (62 v 65), but with that part of the table being extremely close there will be a little movement in rankings… The bloke currently 2nd in Australia only posted a 57 (choke?). Unfortunately Sam got smashed by Everton’s self-imposed capitulation a little more than Shaun did by having Bainesy, as well as Coleman. Both of the fellas picked an outstanding captain option in Rooney! Well played.

Schwarzer (4.5m) – Firstly, well done to Chelsea. I know a lot of people out there will bag them for playing such a negative “anti-football” style in this game, but it’s a results driven business at the end of the day, and they got the result they needed. Also, the fact Jose told EVERYONE at the end of last year that this was the style he was going to play, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone… Particularly Rodgers! On to Schwarzer… It’s been a relatively calm season when it comes to the top goalies playing regularly so it threw a spanner in the works when Cech was ruled out for the rest of the season. How many of us actually considered Schwarzer as a worthy trade? Barely anyone by the looks of it but a few thousand have jumped on since this game… He’s a very good option to free up some cash with games against Norwich and Cardiff to come. This week he scored 11 points from their “double bus” inspired clean sheet, full BPs and a heap of saves.

Koscielny (5.5m) – Arsenal look like they’ve gotten their act together just at the right time to save their season, and it’s partly been on the back of an improved defence. 2 clean sheets in 2 games and a high possibility of a couple more means any of their defenders are back in the mix. The “must have” defender for most of the season in Koscielny was amongst it with a goal, the cleanie points and a couple of BPs for 13.

Clyne (4.1m) – A Ryan Bennett Award winner isn’t usually a very good choice of trade. This weeks winner definitely isn’t… The lack of job security coupled with Southampton’s remaining fixtures having goals galore written all over them are a couple of red marks too far. Clyne picked up an assist to go with a couple of BPs and a clean sheet to score 11 points. Nope.

Jones (5.8m) – This came straight out of Caretaker Manager 1.01. When you haven’t got time to try new things, revert back to the tried and true. In came Rio, Vidic and Evra to the team that was humili beaten by Everton and to shore up what has been a pretty dodgy defence for most of the season. And the rewards were immediate, albeit against an ordinary Norwich. Jones picked up an assist to outscore his defensive partners but to be honest any of them could be viable options for the remainder of the season. He scored 10 points from the cleanie and assist.

Shelvey (5.1m) – It is with great pride that I sit here before you with the opportunity to present you all with this weeks Jonjo Shelvey Award winner… Does this mean the award reverses back on itself and no longer exists? He was well overdue for a massive game and he definitely provided that. He knocked up a huge 16 points from a goal, 2 assists and full BPs for his owners. Swansea have an entirely unpredictable last couple of games, home to Southampton then away to Sunderland, so I can’t recommend any Swans players…

Yaya (10.2m) – Yaya’s back! If you hadn’t realised that Man City talk a load of bollocks when it comes to injuries by now then this should be the clincher. What started life as a potentially season ending groin injury turned into a 2 week break, then straight back into the team and straight back into bulk point scoring form. His comeback game got any managers out there who held firm 14 points from a goal, an assist and full BPs. Get around him!

Ozil (9.5m) – Ozil isn’t really overly relevant anymore. His performances have tapered off so dramatically that any sort of form now should be taken with a pinch of salt. Arsenal have gotten back to some goal scoring form however and with some generous fixtures left they should all be considered, but the likes of Ramsey will be more popular due to the lesser price. Ozil scored a goal and an assist on his way to 14 points, including full BPs. Cue a huge final 2 games then?

Mata (9.7m) – The hype was worth it! Mata was one of the most popular players that have been or will be picked up for Man Utd’s upcoming double game week and his form over the past month has been outstanding. This week he posted 13 points from 2 goals and a couple BPs. From just 31 minutes on the field… This is a concern… Does Mr Giggs see Mata as a starter? If he doesn’t and he keeps coming on from the bench he won’t be able to keep this sort of point scoring up…

Wickham (4.6m) – Yeah why not… If you really are a risk taker you could do worse than get Wickham in for Sunderland’s double game week. I’ve always avoided strikers that go on completely unexpected goal scoring runs, as it never lasts. If you’re able to use the money you save on him elsewhere then it could be a great trade, if not then I wouldn’t bother. Massive 16 points from 2 goals, an assist and full BPs.

Rooney (11.7m) – He may be carrying an injury but Rooney on a pitch in any state of fitness has beast potential. He’s been sporadically smashing it over the past couple of months and this weeks 13 points from 2 goals and full BPs would have been welcome for those that pulled the trigger a week before their DGW. With Mr Giggs in charge Man Utd may well score a heap of goals over their last few games and Rooney will get amongst the points as a result.

Bony (7.3m) – Ugh. He had to go and do this didn’t he? Another couple of goals and BPs for a 12 pointer to give 25 in 2 games. If you compare this form to Wickham’s, it’s the opposite. This is completely expected! It’s that just we’ve been waiting all bloody season for him to do it… I expect some of us will try and chase this form and I wouldn’t think negatively of you if you did, but he’s burnt me a few times this season (yes a few) so I’m staying well away.

With two gameweeks left before it’s all over, we’re blessed with another double game week coming up. Of the more relevant teams, Man City and Man Utd are going to be very popular. But don’t completely disregard the others in Sunderland, Hull, Aston Villa and West Brom! A quirky POD could give that last boost up the rankings…

24 comments on “Dream Team – GW36

  1. Viper086

    Clyne has been the only player that i have had since the start of the season. He is so hard to catch

    • Liam

      His one of my favourite players certainly as far as right backs go in the pl. Unfortunately he has had a number of injuries and never really found a good run of form in the team so hasn’t been a reliable fantasy asset.

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Disappointing week, only went up couple places to 20th. Colesy dropped to 14th but he has a 14 point lead on me!

    Going be long couple weeks, ive got 8 double gameweekers this week so fingers crossed i’ll be able make a move. Not holding Yaya hopefully wont come back to haunt me… At least Nasri ended up getting an assist!

    Lukaku to Wickham for me this week 😀 His form just too hard to ignore, only expect a return in their 2nd game though… Also since have 4.9 in bank now thinking 4 point hit to go Chambers-Koscielny so i dont have field Coleman vs City this week!!

  3. rostie

    Not getting Rooney this week was an epic fail! Especially considering I chose to hold off until this week to save a hit…none of my captain options scored over 2 points.
    34 points dropped me from 2.5 to outside 5k overall😟
    You owe me this week Rooney

  4. kingcolesy

    Dropping toure was just darn nasty, late hit to get in Rooney for lukaku was biggest saving grace this week, other wise I’d be 22 points less!

  5. Louie.K

    Lukaku to Aguero for me this week which will give me six DGW’ers. Only problem is Bardsley is one of them. He has fallen out of faovur ATM.

      • MattyZach

        It would be an extra couple of trades to do the following; Salah>Amalfitano and Olsson>Jones.

        Now that Rooney is out it might throw that out though! Thinking it’s worth gambling to keep him since there isn’t many alternatives.

  6. Shaun Curnow

    Rooney OUT!!!! Will miss at least first game of double gameweek apparently!!! Mayhem for everyone….

      • Shaun Curnow

        Very true. Do you gamble he plays at least one game or trade to RVP who is apparently big chance to come back… I’ve already used one trade and need do one more, not keen on using another to cover Rooney..

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Corrrrr… That would be a trade to bust it wide open! RVP has no form to back so it’d be a big call. Rooney will play one game I reckon.

          • Shaun Curnow

            Yeah ridiculously massive punt…. Would be 8 point hit unless I trusted havig Coleman on field vs City.. Hmmm will we find out teams before lockout! Probably not I guess

          • nburk53

            Rooney is still a sniff to play. RVP has been missing for 6 weeks with no match fitness…Is he really going to be risked first game back when United have 3 dead rubbers remaining? Especially when Chicharito and Welbeck are available.

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