The Captains – DGW37

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Welcome back to the captains for another week. There will be changes of plans for many with word of Rooney struggling to get up, let’s take a look at the options bearing in mind 4 teams have a double gameweek. We have a massive decision on our hands this week!


Suarez – For the second week in a row Suarez doesn’t make the top 3. With both Manchester teams having a double gameweek and Liverpool travelling to a solid Crystal Palace (Never thought I’d say that), it seems too risky to captain Suarez. Sturridge could be in line for a return and even though you can put him down for a goal, I can’t see it being enough.

Ramsey – Unfortunately the gamble didn’t pay off last week, play it safe. Or at least don’t play it stupid.

Welbeck – I can see him being a decent POD this week with Rooney possibly missing Sunderland, however RVP’s return to the selection table has me concerned enough to pass.

Rooney – The big news of the week is undoubtedly that of Rooney’s illness and more importantly, groin “tightness”. Whatever that means. I can’t see him lining up against Sunderland and with united’s season well and truly over, I’m not so sure he’ll be rushed back against Hull. I’m going to hold him at this stage, however captaincy is now out of the question.

TOP 3:

1. Aguero – Aguero flies up to number 1 on the back of Rooney’s injury, and he’s a fair option to have. He’s got the second highest points per game of any player this season, and provided he doesn’t get injured during each of his fixtures you would have to think he’s odds on for at least double figures. Man City are in a position to win the EPL and Aguero will be the one to step up, I’ll be on him for sure.

2. Mata – If you’re needing to make up some ground then perhaps Mata is your man. If Rooney does indeed miss then I can’t see Juan being held back on the bench, he should come straight into that central midfield role and thrive. He’s in some incredible form right now and with 2 easy games at home to Sunderland and Norwich he seems a very worthy captaincy option. I like it.

3. Toure – Of course after his previous double gameweek score of 31 Toure has to be right up there in captaincy contention. We can’t forget that 2 of his goals came from penalties which may be handed to Aguero, however he proved last week that he doesn’t need them. Another armband option for those looking to make up some ground.


Silva – Word is that Silva has made a miraculous recovery and will be deemed fit to play today against Everton. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the bench, however considering the magnitude of the game he may just be rushed back. Great option if you can trade him in, however there’s always the risk that he will start from the bench in either game. Playing more than 120 minutes seems unlikely. Worthy punt.

Good luck to all this weekend, let’s hope our captaincy options pay off. It’s going to be an important one! Cheers.

9 comments on “The Captains – DGW37

  1. Shaun Curnow

    I cant remember a more horrendous double gameweek, or even normal gameweek.. What a way to ruin a season! Ryan Giggs has killed alot teams, must not like Mata at all. Has only played him for 96 mins the last 3 games….. I had the triple this morning Mata (C), Evra and Rooney as no shows.. I only have 1 point on bench to cover Rooney.

    Was upto 19th and only 4 points behind Colesy and being top Australian and 45 points clear of 50th.. Now im in some trouble if Yaya goes big tomorrow morning. I looked locked into top 50 spot before this morning now who knows.

  2. kingcolesy

    Ever since the first game this GW has been rediculous. Just kept holding my nerve in posting til it was ended. Took a hit from Coleman to Evra. Bad trade! Dont even want Evra for last week 😛

    • Shaun Curnow

      Ouch! That hurts mate.. Yeah Evra has been my worst trade, he just seems play every 3rd week…. Next week picking guys that will play is going be hard I reckon.. Might just have close eyes and hope for the best

  3. Shaun Curnow

    Jeez Yaya scoring and assisting in last 5mins really really hurts! Was all going beautfully for me with Zaba & Nasri assisting.. Didnt need Yaya scoring, that will hurt the ranking i think.

    • MattyZach

      Yep. Safe to say that this week has been the worst DGW ever.

      I played a head to head who had Rooney (C) and Dzeko (VC) talk about kissed on the!

      • Shaun Curnow

        Oh wow now that’s just plain unlucky mate.. I’ve had look through few of teams around me and heaps them have like 8 points sittif on bench as cover for Rooney… So annoying!

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