Dream Team – GW37!

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Manchester United v Sunderland - Premier League

This is it… The end is upon us. Not sure about you all but it’s a couple of weeks too late! This past double game week ruined me and all the ambitions I had about top 1000 rankings have gone out the window. You know you’re done when you had two players shortlisted for each trade you’ve made for the past few weeks, and you picked the wrong one every time…

Looks like our boys Colesy and Shaun could probably share those sentiments, both taking dents in the rankings. Our condolences, but you’ll smash it this week! Top spot in Australia is there for the taking.

Mannone (4.6m), Alonso (4.5m), Brown (4.3m), Vergini (4,2m) and O’Shea (4.8m) – I’ve been overly negative when it comes to Sunderland, with good reason, but I’ll give credit where credit is due… They have been pretty good the past couple of months haven’t they? That said, even in our wildest dreams could we have imagined them going to Old Trafford and taking home the choccies, and a clean sheet to boot. Man Utd have been horrible all season, but they’ve shown a bit since Giggsy has taken over. Just not in this particular game! The entire defence of the Dream Team is made up of Sunderland players after 2 cleanies and a scattering of assists and BPs. With their remaining game at home to Swansea making for a good point scoring opportunity, if you’re in the market have a look at any of these guys! We’ll give the Ryan Bennett Award to… Santiago Vergini. Photo above.

Yaya (10.4m) – The Player of the Year award must have been close… With Man City having Aguero and Silva out for chunks of the season a very good argument could be made for Yaya Toure to be given an NBA style MVP award, if there is one. Without Yaya in the form he’s been in, and to be so consistent, I highly doubt Man City would be the frontrunner to take out the title. Over the two games he scored 17 points on the back of another goal and a couple of assists. Will be amongst the points if they smash West Ham this week.

Larsson (5.4m) – Our second to last Jonjo Shelvey Award winner had a huge game last weekend with 17 points from a goal and an assist. He’s always been a beast on set pieces but this just wasn’t his season. I wouldn’t bother…

Arnautovic (5.1m) – Arnautovic arrived on English shores with a scouting report containing two entries. 1. Absurdly talented. 2. Absurdly troublesome… Thankfully, for Stoke, the second of the two didn’t really eventuate to any great degree but unfortunately neither did the first. That is until recently. The past month he’s started to put together some great form and is looking like the player they assumed they’d signed. Although it’s probably too late to draft him in now, he’ll be very high on my shortlist for next season! This week he scored himself 13 points from a goal, an assist and full BPs to give a four game total of 31…

Dzeko (7.4m) – It’ll be interesting to see what Dzeko does in the offseason… He’s definitely not first choice, but he will play a heap of games due to all the competitions Man City will be playing in and the injury record of the other strikers. Will that be enough to keep him happy? When he’s been given a decent run in the team he usually looks like scoring, but I reckon I could score goals in this team! He dominated the DGW with 4 goals and 6 BPs from the two games to be by far the best player in the round. Will Aguero play this week? If he does, I think Dzeko warms the bench.

Weimann (5.7m) – How has he not done this more regularly? Granted I haven’t made it a huge priority to watch Aston Villa too many times this season, but when I have Weimann has always looked really dangerous, or completely non-existent… If he can narrow the gap between his best and worst he could become a very good striker-cum-winger. He scored a couple of goals and 15 points over their 2 games. Watchlist for next season, but no for now.

Wilson (4.5m) – Thanks Giggsy! Thanks a bunch. It’s fantastic for the kid to come out and have a debut to remember for the rest of his life scoring a couple of goals and 13 points… But what about us? Your little squad rotation crap screwed over a lot of us FPL managers.

With only one gameweek left, and one free trade left it’s a good opportunity to go completely left field. If you want in, put your trade down below and the leftiest of left field choices wins a prize! To qualify the player must have less than 5% ownership…


Note; prize may not exist.

12 comments on “Dream Team – GW37!

  1. rostie

    Wow…. What a week!
    Liverpools disappointing end to the season and the worst GW of the year have left me pretty flat….I took a lot of hits to bring Rooney, Ramsey, Evra and Aguero in over the past 2 weeks for basically f all nothing and dropped over 5k in rank.

    Anyway rant over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for your efforts in hosting such a fantastic website. It has helped me enormously in my 1st year of FPL and I am sure everyone who reads your articles would agree they are absolutely top shelf.
    Keep it up next year.

    No doubt we will chat in AFL circles via RDT and AFL fantasy.

    Cheers Rod
    aka ROSTIE

  2. boges11

    What a terrible DGW. You know it was sh** when your highest scorer was your GK, lol. I dropped 100k places.
    Awesome job all year to you FPL Addicts boys, massive thanks for all the hard work you all put in.

  3. Shaun Curnow

    Good luck everyone in final gameweek! Can’t quite believe we are here, still in shock with how I’ve gone. Still no idea how I’ve done it. Whats been frustrating is in last 5 weeks my ranking has been 20, 25, 22, 20, 21. Just been treading water and unable to make any ground. Top 10 looks out of equation now, i’m 19 points away from 10th. But I am 22 points ahead of 50th so unless I “do a Liverpool” then looks like ive at least locked in top 50 finish!

    No idea on what do this week though, my gut all week has been Ozil/Giroud but just worried they’ll rest guys for the FA Cup… Aguero probably needs to go as doubt he’ll play. Hazard another option, looking for nice POD to try make up some ground… Aguero/Salah to Giroud/Hazard? Although thats another 4 point hit! haha.

    Also take this opportunity to ask the community for some input. I’m going to writr bit of an article on my FPL Season, so is there anything you’d like me to touch on or questions you’d like to ask?

    Colesy if you read this, send us a message on twitter or something (@stkildathunda) . Would love to also get you involved!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Great thinking Shaun! It’d be good if you went through some of the trades that came off and some that went seriously wrong. I get a feeling that some people can get disenchanted when they make a few wrong decisions whereas I doubt anyone has had the perfect season!

      Re trades… I like Newcastle to put 5 past Liverpool 😛

      • Shaun Curnow

        Nice one. Will Definently have look through! Yeah agree people do get disenchanted when they make wrong move, but think key is to just realize it’s long season & you can easily make it up. It’s a marathon not a sprint as they say!!

        Haha yeah that would be nice if Newcastle did that! Also would sum up arsenals season if they went down to Norwich!!

  4. Richey

    Absolute disaster for me at 41pts! But my girlfriends team (who I manage and I’m pretty sure she has forgotten even exists) scored 84! I gave her captains armband to Dzeko and played Remy over Rooney…

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