The Captains – GW38 (Final)

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We have finally made it! The final gameweek of the season is here, and not only is the title still up for grabs, most of our leagues have reached the grand final! Whether you’re looking to make up ground or hold your lead, I’ve got the options for you. Let’s take a look at the final captain options of the season, plus some handy POD’s to select in your teams…

The Contenders:

Sturridge – Perhaps (realistically) he is the only other contender to the 4 options to follow. He has the ceiling to match them on his day, and he has a point to prove after going missing recently. Other possible options have both tougher fixtures and nothing to play for. Liverpool will come out firing and if you’re after a real gamble, Sturridge could possibly be worth a risk with the armband. Certainly worth trading in.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – It would be just wrong to not have him number 1 after the season he has produced. After starting at a price of just 11, I picked him up for 10.9. He hasn’t left my team since. He needs 7 points to become the first player I’ve ever witnessed reach 300 point in a single season of fpl, I’m not sure if Ronaldo ever reached the same feat. He will also be chasing the Premier goalscoring record, as he is currently equal with Ronaldo and Shearer on 31. He left the pitch in tears on Monday, and I can see nothing other than him taking savage revenge against a hopeless Newcastle at Anfield. Rodgers will drill it into his players that the season isn’t over just yet, you just never know. I will certainly be captaining Suarez, I would hate to be on the end of another 10+ point loss by over complicating things! Pick him with confidence.

2. Toure – Yaya has taken his game to another level this season, he hasn’t just done an incredible lung busting run for a goal once every month, he’s producing that kind of quality week in week out. The guy is a freak, and with the title on the line he will be one to step up. Certainly a great captaincy option this week, make sure he’s in your team for a start.

3. Dzeko – Finally it’s the biggest surprise of them all. I’m sure the only reason we didn’t have Dzeko in our teams was because of his teammate Aguero. He nailed 4 goals and 25 points during the double gameweek to make him the differential of the week. If you can fit him into your squad then definitely do so. If you have the balls to make him or captain, or even need to make a heap of ground on your nearest opponent, then he may even be your man for the armband. Just know if you go down that path, it’s probably going to end up all or nothing.

The Punt:

Aguero – If only we could rely on him. I’m confident that if he hadn’t gone down injured against Everton he would’ve had a 20+ point gameweek, been a brilliant captain option and a lock for this week. However you couldn’t script what happened, yet another injury means it’s at least the third time he’s burnt us this season. It’s extremely concerning, and in any other situation I wouldn’t touch him. However Man City are fighting for the Premier League. Even though Pellegrini says he has a fully fit squad, it just seems incredibly risky for Aguero’s world cup plans to start him. Personally I do think he will start, hopefully being subbed out to a champions farewell. Really I have no idea what’s going to happen, he could start and score a hat-trick or he could just as easily bench and score us 1 point. Massive punt if I’ve ever seen one, I’ll be holding him though.


It’s about time I touched on some other options away from the armband, so here’s a few guys I like the look of if you’re chasing some late points…

Adebayor – Spurs are playing Villa at home, meaning anything could happen. Many of us are looking for a third striker option, and Adebayor may just be the one to smash out double figures. Eriksen is another option in midfield who could have a massive last gameweek.

Hazard – At one stage there is no way we would’ve conceived the idea of having Hazard as a POD, however this is the week. He is back to full fitness and will start against Cardiff. If you’re after a diferential in midfield, you could do a lot worse than the second highest scoring midfielder of the year. Wouldn’t surprise me if he kills it and we look back on ignoring him with regret.

Wickham – I know many of us had him for the double gameweek, however many will be tempted to tarde after his failure midweek. His first failure for 5 games I might add. Sunderland play Swansea at home and will look to go out with a bang, I’ll be starting him on my field after resisting the temptation to trade him to Sturridge.

Lukaku – He loves a final gameweek, as we learnt last year after bagging a hat-trick of the bench. This may be his final game for Everton and he will be keen to go out with a bang, I expect him to at least get on the scoresheet, if not more. You could do a lot worse.

Lastly I want to send a slight warning about Arsenal players. They have their biggest game of the season still to play with the FA Cup final to be held next weekend. Most of their stars will be wrapped in cotton wool as there is nothing to play for, I have no idea what will happen in that game. Just be wary.

So that’s it from me! Thanks to everyone for your immense support this season, I’ll be writing a season summary next week with contributions not only from our writers, but our resident stars in the top 20 worldwide! Good luck to Shauno and Colesy on their fight for the top spots in Australia and good luck to everyone else still pushing on for league titles, or even just pride (like me). Let’s hope for a high scoring finale, see you all next week! Cheers.

17 comments on “The Captains – GW38 (Final)

  1. Shaun Curnow

    Congrats Colesy on taking out #1 spot in Australia! Me taking 4 point hit to get Hazard cost me in the end, fell 2 points short after my 66.. Kinda annoyed, last minute i switched C onto Hazard after having it on Gerrard all week and switched Mannone on for Howard. Thats 16 points I lost there! Ah well, you run the risk with my strategy and it always doesnt come off!

    But to finish 17th overall is still quite unbelievable. Massive thanks again to everyone involved in FPL Addicts, been outstanding all year and without a doubt major factor in me finishing so high.

        • baysietoff

          Great stuff lads!!! Congrtats again on a couple of amazing seasons.

          I wonder how many times throughout the season a decision like this happened and you lost a chunk of points over it 🙂

          • kingcolesy

            Could easily of come first from just a few I can think of lol.. 🙂

          • Shaun Curnow

            Cheers… I can tell you, the 25 points I lost by captaining Coleman last minute and not Yaya in one the double game weeks hurts just as much!! Do those two differently and I’m bout 40 points better off and sitting in 4th spot!! That one still haunts me 🙁 but on other end of scale I captained Coleman couple times on massive gut feel and he scored and clean sheet so it goes both ways!

  2. rostie

    Well done to both you guys on your amazing rank!
    Unfortunately we would all be lot better off with the advantage of hindsight…oh well 😉

    • kingcolesy

      Rostie, how’d you go in your first year? Im sure you killed it, and bettered my 90k which I was happy with 😉 Tho I went from 60k > 90k last 7 weeks due to AFL lol 🙂

  3. ozgunners

    Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to say a big THANK-YOU to Matt, Baysie, Nick, Andrew and the rest of the FPLADDICTS crew for making this a fantastic site.

    I am sure I can speak for everyone who has visited this site on the regular basis that all the great helpful information that you guys have provided us, has been very much appreciated.


  4. brandonpietie

    Thanx to all the FPLaddicts… this season was a great one. Here is too an even better one next season. I’m aiming for #1 globally next season LOL. Cheers mates

  5. Viper086

    Awesome stuff guys, cracking year which i didn’t think you could have playing fantasy EPL. Learned a lot of things and I am well and truly an addict now. See you all next year.

    On to AFL now, watchout for Vossy’s Vixens!

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