2013/14 Season Review

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So the 2013/14 season has come to a conclusion, and what a brilliant year it has been. We had an intense title race, record breaking scoring and 2 site regulars up in the top 20!  Here’s a word of thanks from everyone involved, as well as some tips from the fpl masters.

A word from Baysie

First up, thanks to all the community for making this such a great season. There were a few times where it did start to get a bit much, but the massive amounts of love we got here at FPL Addicts from you all managed to push me through the low times! Onto my own season… It kind of mirrored that of Liverpool’s if I’m honest. Up to a few weeks ago I was looking the goods to break into the top 1000 (which relatively speaking I was happy with), but I slipped up, took a few too many risks and fell away dramatically… Still 20k out of 3.2 million participants is a good basis to smash next season!

Lessons learnt for next season (in 97 days!)… 1. Outside of the DGWs none of my transfer hits worked out. I’ll continue to chase the double point opportunities but not for regular gameweeks… 2. Take more risks with clubs that have changed managers. Teams like Sunderland, Palace and Spurs were potential gold mines for those that jumped on as soon as they got new gaffers. 3. The “Never Again List” has been renamed “Nearly Never Again List”, thanks to Yaya Toure. 4. Leave your pride at the door. I missed the early season Lukaku form because I didn’t think he would play as much as he did, and I probably overrated Jelavic’s preseason form. 5. I’m happy with my tactical plan of having an even spread of defenders for the first part of the season as opposed to having a cheapie or two. Particularly after we were all running with 4 or even 5 man defences for the first couple of months! 6. Preseason signings are not the answer. It’s better to stay with the tried and true than chase unknown quantities… It was staggering to see how many of the big money transfers were absolute failures!

Looking ahead… The World Cup will have a massive impact on the EPL. After such a long season most of the better players will be jetting off to Brazil to play even more football. Fatigue will have to set in at some stage and players will need to be managed. Whether that be late starts to the season or rests throughout, it will make the job of ensuring we field full teams every week so much more difficult. A word of warning… Don’t get sucked into World Cup form! It very rarely translates into domestic form. That’s all from me! See you in a couple of months

Baysie 🙂

A word from Nick

Well what a season it’s been! A season full of ups and downs in the Premier League with Manchester City eventually claiming the title, and deservedly so. Any team that is as ruthless in front of goal as they are should deserve to win the league. It would have been nice for Liverpool to win the league but when you give up a 3 goal advantage to a newly promoted team in the space of 10 minutes, you’re not really worthy. As a passionate Chelsea fan it was disappointing to see yet another season slip away, really cementing the fact that we need a world-class striker. News of the alleged signing of Diego Costa when I woke up this morning was fantastic news, now for it to become true! To Fantasy Premier League now, and it was a season full of ups and downs for me, with most of my time being spent playing catch up:

nicks results

As you can see I was pretty much out of contention by gameweek 5 when I slipped over 540,000 places in terms of overall ranks and continued to drop for a further 2 gameweeks. By about gameweek 7 I had well and truly hit rock bottom as a manager, facing the sack from the board I had to bounce back. Copping a lot of abuse from other managers in my main cash league I had to think of a way to rise up the rankings. A few 100+ scores scattered throughout the season helped me with my quest of winning my main league but I’m still left disappointed with my overall finish.

2323 was my final score, which left me ranked at a disappointing 54,678 overall. I fell around 6k in rankings over the final gameweek, which was disappointing to end on (gee I hate seeing those red arrows!).

For those interested, I made it to the last 512 people in the Cup… probably the only highlight of my season!

Season 2014/15 Targets:

Just thought I’d finish on a brief list of people I will be keeping my eye on for next season as potential candidates for my initial team.

  • Lallana – A simply fantastic season this year has him as a good option for next season. Quite a few rumours are suggesting he is on his way to Liverpool, if true I still think he would be a fantastic fit and a great option in Fantasy Premier League
  • Michu – A disappointing campaign plagued by injury has resulted in Michu being the forgotten man this year. An absolute ripper season last year shows what he is capable of when 100% fit so look out once he regains full fitness. Hopefully a handy price drop makes Michu a tasty midpricer for next season.
  • Costa – If he does make the move to Chelsea I think Diego Costa is an absolute lock. He is such a clinical finisher and will be Chelsea’s number one man, no two ways about it. Let’s just hope he’s not ridiculously priced…
  • Arsenal Striker – Arsenal need a world class striker, that is something there is no disputing. They got Ozil, now they just need someone to finish the amazing work he does. Giroud isn’t cutting the mustard at the moment and surely Wenger knows it. Benzema, Remy and Manzukic have been linked as possible targets, all clinical strikers that would be worth a punt in terms of Fantasy Premier League.
  • Walcott – Injury hampered his season and eventually cut his season agonisingly short. I’m not sure he’ll be ready for the first gameweek but once he returns he will be a fantastic pick, as shown during this season.

Anyway that’s it from me. Thank you for all your wonderful support throughout the season, it’s been a pleasure writing 38 additions of the News Wrap, hopefully providing some half decent information! A World Cup over the off season has the majority of us licking our lips, we’ll be sure to create a FPLAddicts Fantasy World Cup league and get everyone together to continue the great banter. Keep checking the site for more details on how to enter! Cheers!

A word from Colesy

First off thanks for creating this site two years ago. I’ve been hooked onto fantasy soccer since. I’d like to thank all the community and the writers too, they’ve helped a bunch! I know there’s a few having there first crack at it this year, and that only makes you better for next year. Last year was my first year and I got 90,000, so a jump to 15 is kind of incredible. That was on the back of last years knowledge. The articles on the site about the championship teams coming through really helped me out immensely too in the beginning, re Brady.

I think the key to my success was the wildcard and not picking Michu early on when Swansea had good fixtures. I think the wildcard at around round 4 was the one of the biggest things to help me to where I got to. Also Hernandez, for getting injured and me unconfidently picking Ramsey proved to be a winner. That said, best trade, Hernandez to Ramsey, followed by RVP to Suarez. Worst trades would be Wildcard 1 > Jose Enrique and also WC2 > Ramsey, also Coleman to Evra for a hit a couple weeks ago.
Next year I if I get the time, I’m going to look for teams with 5 out of 6 games in a row that arent against top 4(7?) teams. That should prove to be a winner, I did that this year and it sure saved me time worrying about who I’m going to field for weeks whilst also saving hits!
All the best for next season!

A final word from Matt

I’m sure you’ve heard enough of how grateful we all are to have such a wonderful community, whoops you just heard it again! On to my season, which in relative terms was a great success. I wasn’t lucky enough to have such an incredible jump up the rankings like Shaun and Colesy, maybe I’m just a slow learner! However learning I am.

fpl careerrankings fpl 201314





After steadily increasing every season, I finally cracked the top 10k this season! If the trend continues I should go even higher next season!

After a slow start I actually managed to peak in the top 2k during GW21, before a run of 10 consecutive red arrows (yes, 10) halted my charge. To finish right up the top you have to maintain that form all season, not an easy thing to do. I was stubborn with players like Toure and Hazard and messed up those captaincy calls after Sturridge returned, ultimately costing me a higher finish. The longer I play, the more I understand the game. We learnt this year that newly transferred players simply cannot be trusted, and have to earn their spots. My final lesson to be learnt is to reduce hits. I may or may not have taken 32 hits throughout the season, culminating to 128 points lost. The less said the better!

We did however spot the bargains of the season in Coleman and got on Ramsey and Lallana early. Most pleasingly was our recommended structures held up throughout the season, so hopefully most regular readers managed to break into the top 100k! We’ll be even better prepared next season to make our league one of the best! Let’s make the Australian leaderboards our own.

There’s plenty to look forward to next season as this years bargains move on and we get mostly fresh faces in our Rate my Team posts! I can’t wait to get back into pre-season research, but for now let’s enjoy a well earned break. We’ll be back bigger than ever next year, make sure you spread the word to your mates!

Thanks to everyone for making this site what it is today, I look forward to seeing you all back next season! Cheers.

38 comments on “2013/14 Season Review

  1. Dan

    Cheers guys, great site and nice little community forming. Hopefully we can get the Addicts League into RDT top 10 🙂

    My 2nd season playing, improved on 47k ranking last year to 11k this year, just slipping outside the top 10k with a horror last round. The DGW were where I really made up ground during the year, was out to 400k plus at one stage.

    Thanks to all the writers, must be good advice if everyone is ranking so highly

  2. Holly

    Thanks guys, was very helpful in keeping my team in a respectable position & keeping me up to date with injury news & reminding me of double game weeks etc.
    You clearly know your stuff 🙂

  3. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    Yeah, not going to lie, this site’s coverage was invaluable. I was doing really well at the start (top 100k, not bad for my second season), but then I went away for 6 weeks and dropped to bloody 1.3 millionth or something horrible. However, due to the fantastic insight, analysis and advice that this site gave, I managed to pull my ranking back to around 700k, which is still terrible, but better than nothing.

    As a writer with a website myself, I know how hard it is to motivate yourself to keep churning out the articles sometimes (especially multiple ones per game-week for thirty eight game-weeks!) but you guys did an amazing job. You never missed a round and always delivered with your trademark humour and wit. To all the writers here, give yourselves a huge pat on the back; you deserve it!

  4. nzgsw

    Didn’t find this site until a few weeks in, when I was ranked 2.0M+ (and haven’t commented before). But thanks to you folks, I ended up finishing with 2407 points, ranked 8259. Will certainly join the Addicts league next season.

  5. Richey

    Great job boys! Crushed my mates this year, this site was my secret weapon ha! Can’t wait for next season to begin.

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Matt, Baysie and Nick… ILY! Your work has been great this year and invaluable and easily the best fantasy stuff I have ever read, no joke you guys are wondrous! Your originality and humour was very nice and consistent throughout the whole 38 game weeks and I really appreciated that.

    Did quite bad this year, but hope to jump up in the rankings next season (3rd time lucky), looking forward to a better year next year!

    Well done to Shaun & Colesy, great contributors and very good themselves, grats on a very well deserved ranking and hopefully you can both push top 10 next year!

    I know you probably won’t see this (a bit late hahaha) but still, recognition is utterly deserved for you three, incredible work, thanks again.

    PS. Baysie! Keep going mate! Freakin’ 9th in RDT, brilliant!

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